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Episode Information

Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone?
Blueberry imitates Patty





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Air Date

Oct 29, 2010

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Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves

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"Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone?" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Blueberry's preoccupation with a fictional detective hero causes Strawberry to open a missing-persons case to reconnect with her.

Episode Review

Blueberry narrates that something mysterious is going on. As this occurs, Custard is laying down on one of the chairs outside of the cafe.

At the Library, Blueberry is reading a book aloud while pacing around. She keeps interrupting Bosley Bookworm, who is trying to sleep. She can't help but keep reading - but before she knows it, it is already morning. She claims not to be able to help it, since the story is just too addictive.

The very next day, Berrykin Bloom heads over to see the Glimmer Berry when he comes across quite the shocking sight.

Meanwhile, Strawberry and the group are heading to the beach

Someone is missing...

to go swimming when she notices Blueberry isn't there. Orange mentions that she's been missing a lot recently, and Raspberry recalls that they were supposed to go on a picnic the day before, and she also canceled a hair appointment. Strawberry and Raspberry go to investigate when they see a bunch of boxes, books, and odd images of a girl everywhere. Bosley crawls out of the nearby box as Blueberry hands a big stack of books to Strawberry, who struggles to keep the books up while trying to find a place for them.

Kindly, Strawberry asks Blueberry what she's been up to lately, and expresses concern towards the books after noticing Blueberry's obsession. She remains ignorant though, then claims to be envious over not being as smart as Patty. Raspberry tries to perk up Blueberry by saying she is really smart; even though her memory could use some work, and Blueberry apologizes for not really being around all that much. She promises the next time that they hang out she will be there though, so Strawberry and Raspberry take off to let her get back to work.

Outside, Berrykin Bloom meets up with the girls and makes them come to the Berry Works with him, to show them what he found. The trio stare in shock at the very bright, clashing sight before them and he explains that it is an odd plant infecting disease known as Plaidus Spotus. It colors the plants weirdly and he runs off to try to figure out a cure.

Later, the berry girls decide to go on a nature hike and they stop to go over the checklist first. Upon realizing they do not have nature guide books, Plum mentions that Blueberry was supposed to bring them and she isn't there either so the girls head over to see if she is home. A sign is on the door that says, "Gone Detecting".

Suddenly they see Blueberry in an all brand new attire and she
explains that she wishes to be exactly like Patty Persimmon. Then she demonstrates her "keen" detective skills by announcing they are going on a nature hike (as if she had no idea about that). Plum asks sarcastically "How'd you guess?" and reminds Blueberry she promised to bring nature guide books. Blueberry apologizes for not bringing them, since they were boxed up, to make room for Patty Persimmon books. She turns down the invite, despite being tempted with some blueberry muffins, stating that Patty doesn't like them.

Plum comments that Blueberry is getting too carried away now and they try to think of a way to remind Blueberry of the other things she enjoys doing. Strawberry happens to spot Berrykin Bloom and asks him about an update regarding the disease - but as it turns out, it has began to spread. This gives the girls an idea to move the plants nearby to keep them from getting the illness, and by the time they finish it is going on sunset.

Strawberry decides that they should do something fun the following day, since they did so much work. With that, the girls agree and they all turn in for the night. But as Strawberry is heading home she bumps into Blueberry; who is investigating a closed-up flower. She thinks it may be because they feel sad, but Strawberry informs her that they always close at night. But Blueberry takes credit for her figuring this out, so Strawberry gets an idea and tells Blueberry a clue to find the disease-ridden plants. She assures Blueberry that she can probably find help in her old books, but Blueberry refuses since this isn't what Patty does. She insists that someone is probably just painting on the flowers, then decides to camp out all night to find the guilty party.

The next day, Raspberry and Strawberry meet up to see even more plants are gaining the disease. They find Blueberry sleeping underneath a big leaf, who wakes up to see the two girls there. She claims they must be responsible for painting the plants, but Strawberry reveals it is actually morning and Blueberry fell asleep.

The berry girls continue to chat about the problems lately and with sadness voice that Blueberry no longer acts like herself. Strawberry is getting more ideas and she leaves to find Blueberry, to reveal that she has a mystery in need of solving. Blueberry agrees to help out, since Patty can juggle at least ten cases at once. So Strawberry explains that someone is missing, they like blue, and on Wednesdays would be at the Cafe for Book Club.

Later on, Blueberry calls everyone to Strawberry's Cafe. She informs them that she thinks she has nearly found the person they are missing and continues to ask more questions to find out that the girl likes blueberry muffins and loves to read. Blueberry manages to figure out it's a girl they're looking for, but after a moment, she realizes that Strawberry tricked her. The girl that was missing had been herself.

Strawberry explains what led her to do this, but she is unable to say anything else because the girls are forced to head back to the plants again. The weird disease is only getting worse and spreading further, so Glimmer Berries are unable to be harvested; which means they won't have any power for Berry Bitty City either.

Once again, Strawberry mentions that Blueberry may have something they can use in one of her old books and she quickly gets to work. She looks in many old books and puts her Patty Persimmon books elsewhere before finding what she was trying to find. She starts to mix together some items that will fix the plants, then she grabs a dropper and tests it out.

As it works, the girls cheer and thank Blueberry for the help. They are delighted to have their blue friend back to normal.


Blueberry learns that while it is fine to idolize someone, she should do it in a healthy way. She was blowing off her friends, and for a while lost her true self for the sake of emulating Patty Persimmon. After she snapped out of it, she was able to get back to being herself - and helped find a cure to save the plants.


  • Raspberry: From a fashion sense... plaid and polka-dots together are awful...


  • Blueberry: As Patty would say, it's time to get a clue or two!


  • Blueberry (repeated line): AHA!


  • (the girls get ready for the nature hike)
  • Strawberry: Let's make sure we have everything we need for the nature hike. Lunch?
  • Orange: Check.
  • Strawberry: Binoculars?
  • Lemon: Check.
  • Strawberry: Guide books?
  • Plum: Uncheck. Blueberry was supposed to bring them.
  • Strawberry: She forgot to bring them?
  • Orange: She forgot to bring herself.


  • Blueberry: Ahem... ahem... ahem... well, my keen powers of deduction tell me that you're... going on a nature hike!
  • Plum: (sarcastically) How'd you guess?
  • Blueberry: It was no guess. I asked myself: why would these girls have butterfly nets and binoculars?


  • Blueberry: You're probably wondering why I called you here today.
  • Plum: Because... eh... we're having Book Club here today?
  • Blueberry: Besides that.
  • Strawberry: You... eh... figured it out who's missing?
  • Blueberry: AHA! It's because I almost figured it out who's missing. Just a few more questions, and this case will be closed like a door slammed in a strong wind!



  • For the first time in the show, any Berry girl is shown with her hair in pigtails.
  • This is the first episode where a girl is shown to prefer her namesake food item.
  • Patty Persimmon is mentioned for the first time on the show.
  • It was implied that Blueberry was going to rid of her Patty books. But in later season episodes she still owns them.
  • The title of the book Blueberry is reading at the opening scene is "The case of the missing friend", which relates to her own situation in this episode.
  • Blueberry showed very poor detective skills:
    • She tried to solve a "mystery" that was a perfectly normal phenomenon - why flowers close up. Her guesses were foolish, saying that they were sad or embarrassed.
    • When asked to solve the mysterious thing that happened to the plants, her conclusions were also very foolish, that they were bored or someone painted on them. All she did was guess, she didn't properly investigate.


  • When the girls first see Blueberry in her new image, Lemon is holding a butterfly net. A moment later, she is holding a bag of food instead of the net.

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