The Wanderberry is a berry special berry found only during Berryfest. It is a precious object featured in the episode "The Berry Best Choice". A princess (real or temporary) has the abilities to find such a fruit.

Once the Wanderberry is plucked or eaten, a brand new one will suddenly sprout in some other town or land, randomly. The next one will be smaller at first, but it grows to be just as big as the previous. Its history is highly mysterious.

When one wishes to eat it, they simply pluck an orb off of it and chow down!

The Berry Best Choice

As Strawberry had been elected the town's Princess for a special Parade and event due to Princess Berrykin being unable to do it herself, it was up to Strawberry to find the Wanderberry. She had found it and they struggled to move it around and they chose to rest it somewhere for the night, but when they found it the following day it was gone! A bunch of rabbits had messed up the party and taken off with the berry but Strawberry wasn't discouraged just yet. She was sure that the one that sprouted the day before might have been grown enough by then so they went to try to find it.

After Strawberry decides she wanted alone time with so many problems going on she soon came across the next Wanderberry but upon finding out that the whistling she kept hearing was coming from a poor injured and hungry bird, she chose to feed it to the bird instead of taking it back for the Party.

It is said that due to her kind heart, a third wanderberry sprouted right by her home and they managed to use it for the party!


The Wanderberry is a berry big object resembling a giant raspberry/blackberry! It is rainbow colored with multiple orbs either Blue, Lilac-purple, Fuchsia-pink, light red, yellow, or orange. It grows on a green, vine-like stem.


  • As a Wanderberry is a fruit, it's possible one could use its orbs to bake or make drinks with.
  • It is unknown if each different colored orb of a Wanderberry tastes any different from a different color of orb.
  • The colors of the Wanderberry are the signature colors of the main characters.
  • A Wanderberry is nutritious and has healing properties.