From left to right: Mr. McSnivels, Guava Guttersnake and Crudy Do-no-good

The villains are three competitors who appear on Apple's story about the Berry Bitty Great Race. Their names are Mr. McSnivels, Guava Guttersnake and Crudy Do-no-good.


McSnivels, Guava and Crudy are portrayed by Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry respectively.

McSnivels has a thin black moustache. He wears a red-black striped undershirt and red pants.

Guava has black stripes below her eyes. She wears a black shirt with red sleeves, white shorts and red-black striped tights.

Crudy has an eyepatch on her left eye. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants.


The villains were envious at Apple for winning 199 races, and were determined to stop her from reaching the finish line. Apple felt there was something sinister about the way they smiled back at her, but did not know they had no intention of behaving in a sporting way.

The villains used every foul trick they could think of, setting various traps and obstacles in each stage of the race; however, Apple and Tea Time Turtle managed to overcome all those obstacles.

The villains behaved improperly not only toward Apple and Tea Time: when they reached Fran's fruit stand, Guava and McSnivels took a coconut peel sled without permission, and Crudy snatched a popsicle from Fran. Fran protested that was stealing, but the villains taunted her.

Eventually, all the nasty tricks did not help the villains: Apple and Tea Time reached the finish line first. Furthermore, the Berrykin judge chided the villains for the treachery and dastardliness they displayed that day. They feigned innocent, asking mockingly how could he know they cheated. To their surprise, Fran, the yodeling twins and the rescue dog appeared as witnesses and confirmed that they cheated.


  • Crudy: Fair-shmair, see if I care!


  • McSnivels: Stealing-shmealing, after that peeling!


  • Crudy: One bad turn deserves another!


  • It is unknown if the villains knew each other before the race, or met there for the first time and decided to join forces against Apple.
  • Mr. McSnivels and Guava Guttersnake are as arrogant as Spencer from Thomas & Friends, while Crudy is as Devious as Diesel.