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Trading Sizes
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Nov 2, 2010

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Manners Meltdown

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Trading Sizes is episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Raspberry accidentally causes trouble when she enlarges the Berrykins to make her work easier.

Episode Review

Strawberry is making her rounds around Berry Bitty City, checking out the Berrykins at work and eventually coming across Berrykin Bloom, who informs her of an experiment he's working on. Strawberry wishes him luck, then goes further ahead to see Raspberry. Who begins to tell her of the new perfume she's been working on as she takes a few petals from a flower nearby. Strawberry soon leaves as Berrykin Bloom resumes his testing.

Unfortunately, neither he nor Raspberry notice the sparkling petals as they float by and into Raspberry's perfume.

Later, in Quilting Club the others ask where Raspberry could be, but she soon joins them and reveals what Princess Berrykin wanted to ask her: the berrykins need suits and she asked her

My eyes hurt...

to make them. Raspberry does not seem to mind the task, but she seems troubled due to how small they'll need to be made. The others are sympathetic but she assures them she can do it despite minor challenges.

However, as evening rolls by, Raspberry finds herself quickly exhausted but she still has a lot more suits to make. It's then she gets an idea involving somehow making the berrykins larger after she notices her perfume. She believes this to be a nice gesture, since they'd also be able to make more jam this way. Raspberry calls the Berrykins and sprays one of them to show the others the effects of her growing perfume, and they all love it right away. She complies with their requests afterwards, and uses it on them too.

However, the berrykins soon cause a small amount of chaos as they run about, just as Princess Berrykin and Strawberry walk by. The other girls soon join them and ask Raspberry if she had seen anything. She denies it until a large berrykin suddenly shows up with her perfume bottle.

Meanwhile, with Berrykin Bloom, a Berrykin is bothering him while hiding in a bush.

Back at Strawberry's Cafe, Raspberry explains her reasons for growing the Berrykins as Berrykin Bloom and the Princess come inside and discuss his missing/not working spray. They begin to talk about how the perfume could have caused this, but neither of them seem to have the slightest idea. Strawberry tells them they'll just have to work together in order to make more special perfume.

After a bit of time Strawberry tries one of the sprays on a mannequin to watch as nothing happens. Nobody understand why it won't work until Berrykin Bloom shows up to see the spray. He notices the sparkles floating in it and asks Raspberry to capture some in this new perfume. She does so and tries it on a hat - which shrinks it down.

The girls prepare to take off when a golf ball suddenly flies at them and hits the perfume, knocking it over and spilling onto the girls, causing them to shrink too.

Raspberry and Berrykin Bloom continue to try to work on a perfume that will work, but all it has managed was changing colors in the Boutique. Another spray causes the hat she tried earlier to completely vanish.

Princess Berrykin mentions they need to get the berrykin's small soon or else the towns juice will run out. This causes Raspberry to feel guilty for what she had done and offers to help make things right. Orange asks who will run the shops in the mean time as the Berrykins are shown to try to do work in the Cafe. At Blueberry Books, this repeats, with a Berrykin who has no clue how to sort any of the books until one suggests they do it by color.

At the Berryworks the girls are struggling to do the berrykins work. Plum mentions how they make it look easy but it is in fact, not. Princess Berrykin tries to help them but to no use. Raspberry and Berrykin Bloom keep trying with the perfume and spraying a blue berrykin, they cause him to shrink to his normal size!

It's then the rest of the berrykins asked to be sprayed also and soon everything returns to normal. The Berrykins resume work as Raspberry returns her friends to normal and begins to feel saddened by the turn of events, apologizing for trying to change the berrykins just to make things easier for herself. Seeing that she learned her lesson, Strawberry notes that none of them ever realized just how hard the Berrykins work in the city. They deserve to be appreciated a little more and cites that because of Raspberry they learned this.

The girls decide to head back to Raspberry's Boutique to help her with the rest of the outfits.


  • Strawberry: Good morning, Berrykin Bloom.
  • Berrykin Bloom: Good morning, Strawberry Shrotcake.
  • Strawberry: What are you up to today?
  • Berrykin Bloom: I'm creating ways to make flowers in different sizes, both very big...
  • (Berrykin Bloom points at the flowers on his left, which are very big)
  • Berrykin Bloom: ...and very small.
  • (Berrykin Bloom uses the water sprayer on the flowers on his right, which are small)
  • Berrykin Bloom: Even if you don't have a whole lot of room, you can still have plenty of flowers in bloom!
  • Strawberry: (chuckles) That's a very clever idea!


  • Raspberry: You see, to make 'em water tight, they need little itty, bitty, teensy, weensy stitches. Too tiny for my sewing machine, and they're so hard to see.


  • Orange: I never thought I'd be looking up at a Berrykin.


  • Raspberry: The Princess needs me to help run the Berryworks. And besides, I'm much too small to reach any of the flowers.
  • Strawberry: That's not so! Even though we're bitty...
  • Plum, Orange, Lemon and Blueberry: ...we can do big things!



  • Raspberry learns that while she had a lot of work and it was hard, she shouldn't try to cut corners to make things easier - because in doing so, it may inconvenience others.
  • The girls also learn to appreciate the Berrykins for all of their hard work.



  • Back in "Babysitter Blues", Blueberry mentioned the powers from a Berrykin only work on Berries. However, the Berrykins in this episode had powers like the Baby Berrykin and their magic was able to change colors over anything.
  • Near the end, Strawberry refers to Raspberry's growth mix as a potion. While she is technically right, it was referred as a spray or perfume throughout the entire episode.
  • Why didn't Raspberry wear goggles when sewing the suits, like the ones Lemon wore on "Practice Makes Perfect" when painting the Princess' toes?

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