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Top Talent
Cute Lemon



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Dec 3, 2011

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Practice Makes Perfect

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A Star is Fashioned

Top Talent is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The girls prepare for a talent show, and Lemon rejects any assistance with her performance.

Episode Review

Cherry Jam awakes one morning to see a bunch of Berrykins playing outside of her tour bus. After the Berrykins explain their reasons for being there, she explains she can't make another recital because she has to get back to Berry Big City for her next tour, considering she's canceled her other one.

Meanwhile, the tearful girls are busy packing some things for Cherry and while they are sad, they do not want her to feel bad and stay in Berry Bitty City in order to keep them happy, so they wear happy expressions. Once Cherry gets off her bus to say goodbye, she bursts into tears and admits that she's very sad to leave. The other girls get emotional, cry and hug Cherry. She promises to come back soon. However, when she starts the bus, it suddenly begins to stall and behave weirdly, ending with the bus's engine breaking down in a cloud of black smoke! 

Berrykin Bruce and his crew come to fix the bus. He informs her that it will take two or three weeks, due to the custom part that must be ordered from Berry Big City Motor Parts. Cherry is not upset to hear that, for she likes so much Berry Bitty City and its residents, and wouldn't mind to stay more.

At Strawberry's Cafe she is trying to enjoy her tea when the berrykins come back to her and ask again for a Recital. But she suddenly gains an idea to hold a talent show instead and meet up to discuss what they wish to do. Such as Raspberry playing her keyboard, Plum dancing a special two part dance, Blueberry putting on a mini-play. Strawberry goes on to say that her and Cherry plan to sing a duet, when she suddenly comes in and announces that a talent scout will be coming to see them. It's then they are reminded about the book club they originally came to discuss, but Raspberry quickly gets them back on track about the Talent Show. Lemon meanwhile, seems to be off in her own little world.

Later that day, Berrykin Bloom sees Lemon with a pretty painted image. He ask her about it, when she states she plans to finish it today. Unfortunately, Berrykin Bloom had trimmed the images she was painting from. She doesn't seem upset and instead drops her canvas and takes off.

Meanwhile, Cherry and Strawberry are practicing when Orange, Plum and Raspberry come in. She is still practicing while they move her keyboard in. She also brought in their costumes and is asked to handle the lights for the show while Plum makes dances for Strawberry and Cherry's performance.

That night, Lemon is busy trying to turn her hair into animals, she tries a giraffe first, then turns it into a penguin when she suddenly gains another idea! Add a scent! Suddenly someone knocks, so she goes to see Blueberry asking what she is up to. She smells something bad, then ask Lemon who informs her she accidentally mixed the wrong things and Lemon then goes on to explain her topiary plan when Blueberry guesses its a skunk, due to the scent. She then offers to wash "him" out. But Lemon tells Blueberry it's a penguin. Blueberry explains that she came to ask Lemon for help, the berrykins can't remember their lines. But Lemon tells her she can't, it's a competition after all.

That next morning, the girls are busy setting up. While the berrykins are moving wood, they accidentally take Raspberry's keyboard but nobody seems to notice it. It's then Princess Berrykin comes by wearing a giant flamingo hat. She explains how Plum ask her to help her with her dance, when Plum reveals she is the humming bird and begins to fly about in the air.

Later, Strawberry knocks on Lemon's door with Cherry and stares in surprise at the odd sight. Lemon reveals her next animal, a zebra. Strawberry asks about scheduling an appointment but Lemon refuses since she still needs to do her work. She closes the door on them and makes them leave.

Sometime later in the day, Strawberry asks about the missing Raspberry and Lemon. Raspberry is busy working on her dress, while Lemon is still working on creating the perfect animal hairstyle. She is now making a pink
Pink kitty
kitty, including a tail. However she doesn't like it and tries another, this time a blue elephant. She tries yet again, but decides to take a break when she sees Raspberry crying on the nearby bridge. Upon approach, Raspberry explains that her keyboard has gone missing and she doesn't know where it could have went. Lemon asks her why she didn't come ask her but Raspberry said that since Lemon has been so busy, she didn't want to bother her and Lemon offers to look when they go to the Talent Show site, Raspberry shows her the lights she did and what the others did while setting up, which inadvertently makes Lemon begins to feel bad that she didn't do any help, so they go to check Raspberry's Boutique instead. As they look, she tells her she gave up her entire afternoon helping, Lemon insist its alright since they're friends when she suddenly sees the pretty dress Raspberry made. Raspberry then plays the recording from her performance from the Recital when Lemon suddenly gets an idea on how she can still perform.

Later that evening, the talent show is on way when they see the ladybug talent scout and the show begins. The judges Bookworm Bob and his cousins Bart and Boris are sitting among the crowd. A berrykin yodels, then Princess Berrykin plays her tuba. While Berrykin Bloom is telling his jokes, in the back it's shown that the girls are helping Lemon model. Then it shows Cherry and Strawberry playing, Orange juggles, Plum swings around the stage with Princess Berrykin, for Raspberry's turn she has her music from the Recital play while she models her dress she made, along with Strawberry and Cherry.

So now it's time for the judging, 3rd place goes to Raspberry, 2nd to Lemon, and 1st place is Berrykin Bloom for his comedy.

After the show, Lemon apologizes to Raspberry for losing when suddenly the ladybug comes over and hands her a calling card, saying that she would like for Raspberry to contact her soon to discuss her beautiful outfits. The episode ends as Raspberry celebrates her win.


  • (Cherry starts driving away, but her bus breaks down)
  • Strawberry: (humorously) Well... it's just like you said, you're back before we know it.


  • Cherry: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm glad I get to stay in Berry Bitty City longer!


  • Raspberry: I did make nine mistakes, but I got it down to seven, and yesterday I got it down to six!


  • Raspberry: It's going to be dreamy, magical, dreamagical!


  • (Blueberry tries to guess what kind of animal Lemon's hair looks like)
  • Blueberry: A skunk...?
  • Lemon: A penguin!
  • Blueberry: Oh! A penguin... of course, want me to help you wash him out?
  • Lemon: I'll take care of HER, myself.



Lemon lets her desire to win the talent show take over everything else, including her friendships. She learns that winning may be important - but friends are more important. Focusing on winning will ruin the fun.


  • Orange reveals that Cherry likes tangerines; Blueberry reveals Cherry likes snap peas, while Raspberry made her a special knit ribbon and Lemon made a Cherry-Vanilla soufflé hair scent.
  • This is one of the few episodes with the word "hate" being said.
  • According to the hanging clock near the Cafe's front door, when Cherry brings up her idea its going on 2:00 pm.
  • Blueberry was the only Berry Girl who did not participate the talent show.
  • The first appearance of Berrykin Bruce in the show.
  • Ironically enough, this isn't the first time than a Berry Girl cried on Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures Cartoon. But this is the second time on the show that the six of the Berry girls cry, following "Starlight, Star Bright" (Cherry alone), "Lost and Found" (Strawberry alone) and "Strawberry's Berry Big Parade" (the rest of the girls).


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