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Too Cool for Rules
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Oct 22, 2010

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"Too Cool for Rules" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


After repeatedly forgetting to follow the rules and being chastised, Plum decides to make up her own silly rules. But in the process she learns a lesson when the others get revenge by making worse rules.

Episode Review

One nice, sunny day a group of Berrykins is heading to the pond to go on a picnic on the other side of it. They find the ferry floating away from the dock, and try to pull it back in, but then they see the rope wasn't tied. They try using a handmade raft from their lunch items to get to the boat - but two get stuck in the muck at the bottom of the pond and in their attempts at helping, the others get stuck too. 

Luckily, Strawberry forgot to pack them the dessert she made and arrives just in time to help save the Berrykins. She gets the boat back to the shore and sends them on their way before spotting a purple cellphone. She grabs it and heads off, bumping into both Orange and Plum on their way to Blueberry's book meeting. Strawberry hands over the phone and brings up what happened, with Plum fairly certain she tied it- so she doesn't care all that much. Strawberry reminds her that the rule is to tie it with two knots, but instead of listening Plum makes a joke before stating that the rules Lemon made were useless. She decides to stop by Orange Mart on the way to Blueberry's to hand out some invitations.

Jadeybug is impressed not only by the number of invitations but that Plum wants to send them through Extra Special Super Urgent Ultra Fast Delivery. Which means she can use a special stamp that she's quite excited about.

Everyone is pleased by the invitations, except for Strawberry and Blueberry, since Blueberry had already signed up to use the Cafe that berry night. Strawberry assures her that it will still be her night and wonders if Plum forgot to sign up or if she simply didn't check. She has to be fair though, so while she feels badly for Plum she goes to deliver the bad news.

Upon arrival Strawberry explains the situation. Plum never signed up to use the Cafe that night, and since Blueberry is already using it she simply can't just sign up now either. Plum tries to bargain with Strawberry to get that night but Strawberry refuses, saying she has specific rules and Blueberry followed them, so it's only fair. Before going, she apologizes and offers to modify Plum's invitations, but Plum angrily asks her to leave.

Over at Lemon's Salon, Orange brings up the brand new joke invitations with Raspberry. To their shock, Strawberry reveals that Plum was being serious though. While nobody suspects this is a petty attempt to get revenge, they realize the rules are clearly made up on the spot. To get inside, they must now wear a yellow hat, knock three times, and guess the password.

Despite Strawberry's warning, Lemon, Raspberry, and Mr. Longface arrive for their dance lesson and are forced
to knock and guess the password, but are turned down for not having yellow hats. Leaving them to be rather upset and annoyed by the sudden rule change.

That evening, everybody notices that Plum didn't show up for book club. Strawberry calls Plum to check up on her, but Plum claims she is just too busy with dance practice to show up. Concerned, Strawberry pays her a visit the next day to try to get her to come to her senses. Unfortunately, Raspberry, Lemon, and Mr. Longface made up their own silly rules in order to get back at her, so she was unable to do anything she had planned.

With no other choice, Strawberry proceeds to hold an emergency meeting and calls them over, explaining that this is only making matters worse and its not fair having to make Plum due such silly things - even though she tried to do it to them. However, this only aggravates everyone and they try to enforce the rules on everyone else; not just Plum.

But after a while of being avoided all together, Raspberry, Lemon, and Mr. Longface realize their plan backfired, so they dismiss the bad rules and are quickly forgiven. Strawberry is happy, but without Plum understanding the error of her way, it's not enough to fix things.

By now, Plum goes to deliver her new invitations but everyone refuses them because of her silly rules. Desperately,
Plum decides to rid of her rules - but only for that night.

That following evening, a break is held and everyone decides to get a drink and enjoy the snacks when Plum notices puncture marks in the floor. While observing them, she realizes they came from Jadeybug's heels and she quickly scolds her for this, stating that everybody knows it's against the rules to wear anything with a heel in the studio. But Jadeybug tells her that because she rid of all of her rules, she didn't know they were still forbidden. She feels badly for what she did, admitting she never understood that rule and takes her heels off.

It's then Plum finally realizes that there are reasons for rules. Jadeybug and Strawberry offer to help Plum refinish the floor to let her continue and she appears surprised. She was pretty mean as of late, and was being rude, but she has learned her lesson from this, which makes everyone happy.

This lesson has apparently stuck, as shown when Plum has to remind others to tie at least two knots with the rope attached to the boat when bringing it back to the dock. 


Plum learns that while some rules may not make sense, they are usually enforced for good reason. Her carelessness led her to almost hurt the Berrykins, and after Jadeybug accidentally ruined part of her flooring she sees that rules are important.

Lemon, Mr. Longface, and Raspberry learn that seeking revenge after being wronged by someone else only provides more fuel and worsens a problem.


  • Plum: One knot, two knots. Knot that it matters.


  • Plum: I think it's a silly rule. But don't tell Lemon, I do "knot" want to get in trouble.


  • (Mr. Longface, Raspberry and Lemon try to guess the password to Plum's studio)
  • Lemon: (whispers to Raspberry) Bet you it's a ballet dance step! (loudly) Plié?
  • Plum: (chuckles) Nay, nay! Sorray!
  • Mr. Longface: (whispers) It's her favorite pie. (loudly) Ahem... is it... Gooseberry?
  • Plum: My favorite pie, but not the password!
  • Raspberry: (irritated) Hmm! How about... ridiculous?
  • Plum: (opens the door) Ridiculous it is!
  • Raspberry: I'll say...



  • According to the schedule this was how the months events were planned: Lemon has two nights, Strawberry has three, followed by one for Blueberry, two for Raspberry, and one for Orange.
  • Custard shows that she is good at playing Board Games when she easily beats Mr. Longface.
  • This is the second time Lemon's ferry appears, following "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow".
  • Raspberry's Rule: Only stepping on the polka-dot print of her carpet.
  • Lemon's Rule: Wear a green hat, and whistle while hair and nails are being done.
  • Attending Plum's recital were: Two plum berrykins, three raspberry berrykins, a butterfly, Bosley BookwormPrincess Berrykin, Mr. Longface, Kadiebug and Sadiebug, Orange, Raspberry, Lemon, Jadeybug, Blueberry, and Strawberry.
  • This episode reveals that Plum's favorite pie is Gooseberry.