Rocky and Vanilla were on the lake shore, flying their Remote Control, R/C, airplanes. Vanilla has a Berryzone Orisair and Rocky has a Berryline BF-51 Berry Bird. They were having great fun until Princess Berrykin and Berrykin Bloom were walking onto the planned runway. Rocky
tries to warn them but were too deep in their conversation. Out of heart, Frostie picks them and takes them somewhere more safe. They were able to land safely but Princess Berrykin and Berrykin Bloom were most upset with what just happened. "I apologize that Frostie had to do that to you, but you were on the runway" Rocky explains. "What is a runway" Berrykin Bloom asks. "A runway is just a stretch of land for airplanes to take off and land" Vanilla explains. "And what does this so called airplane look like" asks Princess Berrykin. "A plane kind of looks something like this"Rocky says as he shows the princess his plane. "But there are more types of plane besides ours" he continues. "Hmmm... what an interesting machine, what's its purpose" she asks. "These planes are just for fun" Vanilla said. "I never seen anything like it" Berrykin
Bloom says. As he walks to the front "Ah" he screams. "What's the matter" Rocky asks. "This one looks like a monster" he explains. "What do you... oh the shark face, it won't hurt you" Vanilla explains. "Why is this scary face on the plane" Princess Berrykin asks. "That was meant to scare birds away because they would run into planes and cause them to crash" Rocky explains. "This can possible help with seeing our plants" Berrykin Bloom says. "And it can help in other ways" Princess Berrykin continues. " That I don't know about that" Rocky says. "These are interesting machines I must say and you say these things can fly?" Berrykin Bloom asks. "Yes sir" says Vanilla. "Can I have a ride on one of these planes?" "Umm.... Sure" Rocky says.

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