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The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show



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Mar 2, 2013

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.  


Strawberry suggests the Berry Bunch to hold a big dog show, in hopes of raising funds for Huckleberry's pet shelter. It turns to be harder than they had in mind, because each girl attempts to push her ideas and turn it into a competition - rather than a fun charity event.

Episode Review

Strawberry is busy setting up the outside cafe in the Market when Blueberry Muffin comes by to ask if she's seen Huck. They were going to head to the mail together to see if their story had been accepted by the "Berry Bitty Mysteries" magazine. She expected it to come two days ago but it didn't, so she is hoping it will be there today. Too excited, she takes off with Scouty instead of waiting and quickly rush over to Orange Mart, where she incidentally startles Jadeybug. But as Jadeybug looks through the mail, she remembers that she had sent the letter directly to Blueberry Books, as a special delivery.

Upon arrival, Blueberry sees the special delivery bee leaving back to the post office and Scouty points to the letter in Blueberry's mailbox. She reads over it before sadly re-reading it with Strawberry back at the Market: "We regret to inform you that your mystery story is not what Berry Bitty Mysteries magazine is looking for at this time". Blueberry feels even worse knowing how much Huckleberry had been counting on this to help fund his home for homeless dogs.

As Blueberry gloomily mopes, Strawberry sees Pupcake show off and becomes inspired by it, suggesting they hold a dog show to help raise funds. They can invite everybody from Berry Bitty Dale, Acorn Acres, and all of the berry bitty towns. When Blueberry approves, Strawberry goes to speak to Raspberry Torte and Cherry Jam to see what they think. Cherry explains what someone would do during a dog show back in the City, and they both agree to be in it and help out. Raspberry is also delighted with the idea of making a new outfit for Chiffon, and the same occurs at Lemon Salon, as Lemon points out the doggies need hairstyles too. Strawberry agrees but decides to make it optional before she and Orange go to visit Plum Pudding.

Plum finds a problem with this and points it out, stating that the event would be too boring. She tries to offer various ideas on how to make it more exciting - but Strawberry doesn't approve until Plum states it would be too messy if they make it optional. With that, she agrees that they can make all of the dogs do a little dance or something.

Meanwhile, Blueberry apologizes to Huckleberry since she knew how much he wanted this. But he claims it's okay since they can just try again with their new story instead. With that, everyone begins to pass out fliers for everybody around so that they can be informed of the upcoming dog show. All of the berry girls also prepare in hopes of impressing everybody with their own prized pooches.

Back at Blueberry books, Blueberry and Huckleberry have gone through a million different ideas and have littered Blueberry Books with the rejects. At this point, neither of them have any possible ideas and Bosley Bookworm offers them some advice
in hopes of helping them. They go on a walk in hopes of trying to get some and when Huckleberry grows inspired, he explains his idea to Blueberry. Above him are some butterflies; who incidentally are led to believe a monster is loose in Berry Bitty City.

Later, Strawberry is taking Pupcake for a walk, trying to get him to practice for the Dog Show but he wants to play instead. She apologizes for interrupting story time and asks what Blueberry was reading to the little Berrykins before she takes her leave. With Story Time over though, the little berrykins decide to tell their friends what the story was about - but a couple of dragonflies happen to overhear this, as do a few ladybugs. With all of the creatures and citizens starting to worry, they all start to flee Berry Bitty City, unknown to the girls.

At Orange Mart, Orange is practicing with Marmalade again and she wishes a passing by Blueberry and Huckleberry luck after they inform her of what they are doing. Inside, Blueberry asks Jadeybug if she ever found her stamp yet, when Huckleberry manages to find it with ease and returns it to her. She uses the stamp and sends out the new story before everyone resumes their practice once again. It's then noise outside starts to attract their attention, and they spot Plum and her dog practicing together. Everyone is impressed by this, but they start to feel envious and push their dogs further.

By now things start to get tiring for everyone. Orange is unable to make Marmalade dance because it wants to chase its tail, Chiffon is too afraid to jump through its hoop, and Cinnapup
ignores the obstacle course Cherry sat up in favor of digging. As Strawberry pays Cherry a visit to see this, she decides she must sit down and have a chat with everyone to get them to realize how out of control this is.

When she has them all meet up, Strawberry is surprised to see how unhappy they look. Plum arrives and asks to perform first, unaware of the tense air surrounding everyone. Strawberry points out that Pitterpatch is missing his leash but Plum claims he doesn't need one since he's so well trained. Then she begins to turn on the nearby sprinklers before they start to dance and perform. Just as she starts though, Pitterpatch decides he doesn't want to perform and starts to dig and through mud with the other dogs. In the girls attempt to stop the out of control dogs, they start to feel better.

At Lemon Salon, Lemon scolds Henna for playing instead of training, as well as the fact she's covered head to toe in mud. Plum is also really embarrassed by the turn of events, considering the fact she was somewhat of a braggart and only looked like a big fool. Strawberry admits to how much fun the mud fight was however and Plum apologizes for acting like a big show-off this entire time. Its then Strawberry reveals an idea she had, to let Plum put on a solo opening performance; that way she and Pitterpatch can still dance, but nobody will feel the need to turn it into a competition again.

Back at the Market where everybody is setting up, Raspberry shows the cute new dog styled hats she made for the berry girls to wear during the show. But the mood takes a turn when Orange runs over and reveals she hadn't sold any tickets, much to their alarm. They can't figure out why nobody from any other cities or towns would show up, especially since they gave out fliers to everybody. So they decide to ask Jadeybug, who claims she did send the letters out, except for the citizens of Berry Bitty City. By now its too late to send them though, as all of the berrykins have left for the berrykin picnic. Sadly the girls realize with no choice they must tell Huckleberry that they failed to raise any money again.

Blueberry and Huckleberry try to determine why only one ticket sold when she is suddenly contacted by someone on the phone. It's Mr. Toad Simmons, the editor of "Berry Bitty Mysteries" magazine, where Blueberry and Huck have been
sending their story ideas to. He explains that the former story she sent was rejected because its writing style resembled Patty Persimmon novels too much, which he had seen over and over again and was looking for something new and original, and reveals how happy he is with their original ideas and they discuss how he wishes to publish it the following month, but only if she is still willing to sell it.

And so, because they couldn't really have the dog show the Berry girls (and boy) all meet up anyway to watch Plum and Pitterpatch perform their dance together. Blueberry notices how serious Huck looks and he reveals to her that he's been inspired by a brand new idea and he begins to go over it with Blueberry. The episode comes to an end as she confirms how much she likes it.


The berry girls learn that rather than get competitive, they should focus on having a good time and working together to make sure others have fun and complete their given tasks.

Meanwhile, Blueberry learns that instead of copying good, established stories she should come up with her own original ideas.


  • Strawberry: I think it's time to let dogs be dogs, and Plum be Plum.
  • Plum: Plum be Plum? I mean, me be Plum? I mean... Plum be me? I mean... (shakes her head) what do you mean?


  • Raspberry: Look Strawberry, I made these fabulous, fantastic, chic, hats.
  • Strawberry: The... dogs are supposed to keep these on during the show?
  • Raspberry: (giggles) No, they're for us.


  • Strawberry: Pupcake just gave me a idea.
  • Blueberry: He did?


  • Orange: You're a show stopper, Marmalade.


  • Cherry: Good girl, Cinnapup.
  • (Cinnapup licks Cherry's face. Cherry giggles)


  • (Lemon washes Henna)
  • Lemon: Henna, this is going to be a sensation! You'll look like a star!
  • (Henna barks cheerfully. She shakes her head, spraying shampoo on Lemon, Orange, Strawberry and their pups)


  • (Raspberry dresses Chiffon for the show)
  • Raspberry: Oh, goodness! This is so cute... charm... darling. You will steal the show, Chiffon! Yes, you will!


  • Huckleberry: Wow, Plum and Pitterpatch are so... advanced.


  • Strawberry: Oh, Pupcake, we're suppose to be practicing for the show. It's not play time! This is berry serious. Now let go.
  • (Pupcake snatches the leash from Strawberry and runs away)
  • Strawberry: You silly. Come back with that.


  • Cherry: Okay, show time! Step lively!
  • (instead of show jumping, Cinnapup starts digging, covering Cherry with dirt)
  • Cherry: I said show time, not dig time! This will not win any ribbons.


  • (Blueberry and Huck are sitting in the Market, thinking aloud about ideas for a story. Two ladybugs approach, overhearing them)
  • Blueberry: There is no escape from the monster in the Berry Patch.
  • (the ladybugs think incorrectly that Blueberry is talking about a real monster)
  • Ladybug #1: (to her companion) Monster in the Berry Patch? Why did we ever decided to visit Berry Bitty City? I thought you said that it was peaceful here.
  • (before Ladybug #2 can respond, Strawberry approaches)
  • Strawberry: Welcome to Berry Bitty City and the Marketplace Cafe. Would you like a table?
  • Ladybug #1: No thanks. Lost our appetite.
  • (the ladybugs fly away)
  • Strawberry: (confused) Huh?


  • Lemon: (to Henna) Such behavior! Rehearsal is NOT playtime!


  • This episode is a sequel to the previous one.
  • This is Jadeybug's first speaking role in Season 3.
  • Marmalade's vocal pitch sounds higher than it did previously.
  • This was the only episode in the series to feature speaking dragonflies.


  • On the scene in which Cherry tries to make Cinnapup jump over obstacles, the tour bus has its original
    appearance, as before Berrykin Bruce modified it on "On the Road".