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The Littlest Berrykin
Littlest Berrykin



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Mar 23, 2013

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The Littlest Berrykin is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


While Blueberry and Huckleberry narrate their new play, the girls imagine themselves as the cast.

Episode Review

Strawberry comes by a little baby Berrykin struggling to reach a small strawberry hanging some feet above it. She helps it while it explains that it wished to give it to Blueberry as a present for reading to them during story time. Strawberry leaves to visit Plum, who is in the middle of trying to decide which play to put on for the berrykins. Strawberry comes inside and tries to tell her that she has an idea, and points out that the berrykins have a favorite story, but she doesn't know what it is. Plum doesn't want the surprise to be ruined, so they decide to call Blueberry to ask her what the mystery story is.

At Blueberry Books, the berrykins are on their way out the door, thanking Blueberry for reading to them. She says farewell to them, just as Strawberry sends her a message and they begin to talk. Blueberry reveals the story and tells Strawberry to come by so that she could borrow the book.

When the girls arrive, Blueberry reads it to Plum and
Strawberry. They see that no one has ever put it on as a play, so Plum asks Blueberry and Huckleberry to adapt it into a play. In no time, Huckleberry comes by and in due time, they begin to go over what they made to the others. Huckleberry reveals that they plan to make Orange the narrator, then he begins to read.

The king and queen (played by Blueberry and Huckleberry) were planning on retiring and leaving for a more tropical region. But before they could do this they had to pick one of their three daughters to take over for them. It began one day as the three Princesses were playing a game of croquet. Lemon (called "Lemonella" in the play) believes she should be picked due to being the oldest sister, but Raspberry argues (called "Raspbelina" in the play) that just because she happens to be the eldest doesn't mean she is the most fit for the job. She then complains about the heat as two little berrykins come by to fan her off. Raspberry then claims that she's the prettiest, so she would be better suited. She and Lemonella then claim Strawberry (called "Strawberrita" in the play) would never be picked for being so slow and young.

When her sisters start arguing, Strawberrita tries to calm them by saying that their parents will make the right decision when the time comes and whoever isn't picked should be supportive of the one who is picked. Neither girl likes this idea and they storm off to ask their parents who would be picked. Annoyed by their bratty and disrespectful behavior, Lemonella and Raspbelina are scolded by Blueberry (their mother in the play). She decides to reward whoever can bring back the royal golden berry, deciding they as the most suitable for the Ruler.

Before the girls leave, their parents point out that they can take one berrykin with them but they have to do the work themselves. Lemonella and Raspbelina are quick to grab a berrykin and take off. But Strawberrita is approached by a little berrykin who would like to help Strawberrita, but worries she isn't very useful. Strawberry doesn't listen to such words however, and she picks her.

Eventually, the princesses come to their first challenge, getting past a troll gate keeper who stops them from crossing. He asks to be given a toll, but the girls try to convince him that he has to do whatever they want since they are royal princesses. He calls them rude until the girls decide to just leave and go another way, but they get stuck in a bramble bush.

Strawberrita and the little berrykin walk on by until they arrive at the toll booth, where Strawberrita politely explains that she doesn't have a token for the toll, but she really needs to get by and asks if he would let her pass if she would promise to pay him another time. He agrees and lets Strawberrita pass because she was polite to promise him to pay him.

Eventually, they come to a big lake and their only options
include walking around the big lake, or taking the boat that belongs to another berrykin. The littlest berrykin suggests that maybe they could share their lunch with the boat owner and maybe she will let them use the boat instead of walking around the entire lake. Strawberrita likes the idea but she plans to share the food, even if the berrykin will not let them use her boat. The berrykin pirate accepts their offer and they all sit down for a picnic.

Meanwhile, the mean and nasty sisters have found their way to the lake and they demand that the pirate berrykin should take them across the lake. But she refuses and insults them as they rudely talk down to her. Eventually when she realizes how late she is, the berrykin takes off so the angry princesses force their berrykin aids to get them across the lake. Even after they point out that they would be stealing. But before they can go anywhere, Raspbelina and Lemonella argue so much that they fall out of the boat and make their berrykins pull them by using rafts.

Elsewhere, Strawberrita and the littlest berrykin have found the royal golden berry. But it's too tall for her to just reach. Her mission at hand is momentarily sidetracked when Strawberrita notices some vines nearby and investigates them, worried that they need water. So she and her berrykin aid run off to fetch some water for the poor plants. Raspbelina and Lemonella come by just as she takes off. They also see the royal golden berry and force their berrykins to fetch it for them. But as they struggle to reach it, Princess Raspbelina gets an idea. The nasty princesses try to chop down the plant, but accidentally start a mini avalanche of strawberries and take off for the hills.

Strawberry returns with her basket filled with water. As she dumps it onto the wilting plant, part of it coils up like a seat and lifts her up to the golden berry, allowing her to take it for herself.

Back at the royal kingdom the three princesses' parents await any news from them. As they wait, they have the dogs play chess. The girls return and instantly put the blame on each other while demanding a do-over instead. Strawberrita reveals that she has got the royal golden berry and shows it to her parents for proof. Raspbelina and Lemonella claim that she cheated, but they are scolded for lying and being so rude whenever the toll-taking-troll and pirate show up and defend strawberrita. King Huckleberry informs them that the berrykins had come by to give them reports on how their daughters did.

It's then Strawberrita claims she doesn't deserve the golden berry and explains to everyone that she had someone helping her the entire way. She gives the royal golden berry to the littlest berrykin and in a brilliant flash of sparkling light, a fairy appears.

The fairy introduces herself to everyone and
begins to talk about how wonderful Strawberrita is, as well as points out that she passed her final test and is the only princess worthy of becoming the new ruler of all the land. This is enough for the King and Queen, so they grab their packed items and take off their crowns before leaving as Cherry takes one of the crowns and places it onto Strawberry's head. All of the berrykin and animal subjects cheer while her sisters take off in anger. After Strawberrita promotes the littlest berrykin to royal council, the story comes to an end.

Except as it turns out, the nasty princesses left in search of a new kingdom that was ruled by a prince but by now its growing dark, and they keep finding themselves stuck in bushes full of brambles. As a result they keep arguing.


  • (Plum leafs through a fairy tale book)
  • Plum: (aloud) Huh. "Beauty and the Berrykin Beast"? Nah... Berrykins are too cute to play beasts. "The Berry Sleeping Berrykin Princess"? Huh.
  • (Strawberry enters)
  • Strawberry: Hiya, Plum.
  • Plum: (sighs) I'm still trying to find the perfect Berry fairy tale to do as a surprise play for the Berrykin kids.
  • Strawberry: Well, I just heard they have a favorite story.
  • Plum: They do? Which one is it?
  • (Strawberry is about to answer)
  • Plum: Wait! Don't tell me! Is it... "Goldilocks and the Three Berrykins"?
  • Strawberry: I'm not...
  • Plum: Wait, wait. "The Berry Frog Prince"?
  • Strawberry: Uh, no, but I...
  • Plum: Wait. I know this. I know it. Uh, it's... "Little Redberry Riding Hood"!
  • Strawberry: Uhm...
  • Plum: "Jack and the Berrystalk"!
  • Strawberry: I don't...
  • Plum: Ah, I give up. Which story is it?
  • Strawberry: (chuckles) I don't know.
  • Plum: What?! I thought you said the baby Berrykins have a favorite story.
  • Strawberry: Well, they do. I just don't know which one it is.
  • Plum: (shakes her head) Well, we can't ask 'em. It'll spoil the surprise. How do we find out?
  • Strawberry: (smiles) I think I know who to ask.
  • (Strawberry calls Blueberry)


  • Princess Lemonella: (pointing at the yellow Berrykin) Step lively. You’re coming with me!
  • Yellow Berrykin: Ye... yes, your highness.
  • Princess Lemonella: That's "your ROYAL highness" to you, buster!
  • Yellow Berrykin: Uhm, yep, sure thing, anything you say, your... your high royalness... royal high... ness...
  • Princess Raspbelina: (points at a pink Berrykin) You there! Let's get going!



  • It is preferable to be kind and polite to others, rather than try bossing them around rudely.
  • Never underestimate someone who seems incapable of doing things by their standards.


  • Plum mentions various fairy tales, whose titles are based on the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales: Beauty and the Berrykin Beast; the Berry Sleeping Berrykin Beauty; Goldilocks and the three Berrykins; the Berry Frog Prince; Little Redberry Riding Hood; Jack and the Berrystalk.
  • Orange has no speaking lines in the episode.
  • Orange and Plum are the only Berry girls who do not take part in the play.
  • This is the third in a row and final fairy tale themed episode of the season.
    • This time, however, it is not based on any of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales.
  • The play appears to be based on the tale about princess Coconut Cupcake, which Blueberry reads to the Berrykins on the opening scene of "Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins".


  • When Blueberry talks to Strawberry, she claims she had gotten a text from her. However, Strawberry called Blueberry, didn't send her a text message.
  • As Raspberry and Lemon approach the boat, all seven life jackets are inside the nearby cabinet. But a moment later, two of the jackets are missing. When Lemon goes to grab two of them, the two that were missing are back in the cabinet.