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The Berry Scary Fun Adventure



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Apr 13, 2013

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The Berry Scary Fun Adventure is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The berry girls go on a camping trip, but are scared of the possible creepy creatures lurking outside.

Episode Review

Berrykin Bruce and his crew are still trying to find the source of the power outage with hopes of doing so by dawn. Meanwhile at Orange Mart, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Orange are packing for an overnight camping trip in the woods to get away from the resulting noise. Raspberry picks up a can of what she thinks says trail mix, but is actually a game of pick-up sticks. Orange then says that she's got the trail mix, along with enough food and provisions last several nights with Strawberry reminding her that it's only an overnight campout and that the power should be fixed by morning so they can move back into town then.

Meanwhile at Lemon's Salon, while Henna is enjoys having all the lights out, Lemon is scared from the dark and frustrated at not being able to find her nail file. When the girls come to pick up Lemon, Lemon starts to have second thoughts about the trip despite all the noise. When Strawberry asks her why, she says she scared to go into the woods because there could be creepy creatures out there from a book of spooky stories she got from Blueberry. Blueberry then reassures her that those stories are only fairy tales and that they're not real, that there's probably nothing to be afraid of out there, while starting to sound unsure of herself and Plum stating that perhaps Lemon has a good point, and that they should maybe instead spend the night at the Berry Bitty Dale Inn. Strawberry then reminds the girls that they've been out camping before and have always had fun doing it. She then reminds them of the relay race and the treasure hunt and suggests that they make the campout into a challenge, by splitting up into three groups, and the group that can campout the longest wins. The girls accept the challenge with team one consisting of Strawberry and Lemon (tent Lemonberry), team two consisting of Plum and Orange (tent Berry Plummy and Orangey), and team three consisting of Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cherry (tent Berry Tough).

In the woods however, Huckleberry Pie was once again having trouble with his Pup-Mobile, a flat tire he was able to fix with help from Tom Tom. Just then, Tom Tom start to smell something, and Huckleberry says that he knows what it is, that they're not far from Berry Bitty City, and if it's not too late, they should stop by and visit as he has a book he'd like to return to Blueberry. However, the street lights go out, causing Huckleberry to take a wrong turn and drive into a dead end road and get lost. Huckleberry then notices a trail and decides to see where it leads. Tom Tom is at first reluctant, but then decides to go once Huckleberry says that it will be an adventure, and that he has snacks.

Meanwhile at Blueberry, Raspberry and Cherry's tent, the girls are trying to keep their minds off the possible creepy creatures that might be out there so they can win the challenge. Cherry suggests singing a campfire song, but Raspberry is concerned that the creature might hear them. Just then, they hear something howling, prompting Cherry to suggest that they turn out the light so the creature doesn't see them which Blueberry does. However, as she does, Huckleberry at his present location starts wondering what happened to the light he was following and continues to follow the path.

At Strawberry and Lemon's tent, Strawberry is enjoying herself, but Lemon is still scared. Strawberry suggests that they roast
marshmallows to get their mind of the possible creatures out there, which Lemon agrees to. While gathering sticks to roast marshmallows with, Lemon thinks she saw a creepy creature, but because she didn't get a good look at it, Strawberry suggests that it might have been a non-creepy creature like a bunny rabbit, which Lemon agrees with. However, when they get back to the tent, they find their marshmallows gone. At first, Strawberry thinks that Pupcake and Henna might have taken them, but when she sees that they didn't, Lemon starts getting scared again.

Meanwhile, Huckleberry's flashlight starts to run out of power, but he doesn't mind, as it means more adventures in the dark. He and Tom Tom then decide to take a little snack break.

At Plum and Orange's tent, Plum and Orange remain calm and cool as they play a game of horseshoes. Plum then accidentally throws a horseshoe too far into the bushes. Before Plum goes out to get it, Orange notices Marmalade is missing, who then shows up soon after. Orange tells her not to wander off as she and Plum go looking for the horseshoe. When they fail to find it, Orange says it's as though something swallowed it up, which greatly disturbs Plum as she thinks a creepy creature might have swallowed it. They then scoff at the idea until they hear a munching noise and think it's a creature eating a horseshoe. Unbeknownst to them, it's just Huckleberry and Tom Tom eating their snack as they continue on the trail.


Camouflage is essential for sneaking

Back at Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cherry's tent, the girls are playing capture the flag with Raspberry and Cherry against Blueberry, which ends in a tie as both teams capture each other’s flag. Cherry wants to do a tiebreaker, while Blueberry suggests they have a hot chocolate break first which they all eagerly agree to. After their break however, they notice that the flags have gone missing.

The girls all gather at Strawberry and Lemon's tent and frantically try to explain the weird occurrences that have been happening at each of their tents. After they calm down and explain that some of their items have been stolen, Strawberry suggests changing the challenge from which team can stay out the longest to which team can catch the thief instead. The teams then split up to come up with their own ideas to catch the culprit. Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cherry build a covered moat around their tent, while Plum and Orange surround their tent with rope with cans tied beneath, which Marmalade gets caught in. The noise from afar catches Huckleberry's attention and decides to investigate. Strawberry and Lemon set up a tripwire net trap.

Meanwhile, back at Strawberry and Lemon's tent, Strawberry has a hot chocolate craving, and after Lemon tells her that Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cherry have some, Strawberry and Pupcake set out to ask if they'd be willing to share some with her, being careful not to fall for their own trap on their way out. However, Blueberry realizes that she forgot to give the other teams their hot chocolate thermoses, so she and Scouty set out to do so, while whistling, which catches Huckleberry attention, but when he goes to investigate, Blueberry gets spooked and flees, leaving Huckleberry lost on the trail.


Getting caught in your own trap is really embarrassing...

Meanwhile, Strawberry has reached Blueberry, Raspberry, and Cherry's tent, but is unable to get Cherry's attention due to being so immersed in her song and approaches the tent. When Cherry does notice Strawberry she tries to warn her not to come any closer but it's too late, Strawberry falls into the moat. In the meantime, Blueberry arrives at Plum and Orange's tent, but when she tries to get the girls' attention, they flee outside in a blind panic, getting caught in their own trap. Lemon hears all the commotion and rushes to investigate. Just then, Cherry and Raspberry arrive with Strawberry, who rush over to see if Plum and her team caught the creature, but learn that they only caught themselves, while Strawberry got caught in the trap of Blueberry's team. This causes Lemon to feel somewhat cheated as she and Strawberry's trap hadn't caught anything. Just then, Strawberry and Lemon's trap gets set off, causing the girls to panic before Blueberry recognizes the voice crying out for help as Huckleberry's. After getting him down, he comes up with a plan to catch the thieving creature, by tying bells to

The culprit is caught!

Lemon's roasting stick so when the culprit tries to run off with it while they pretend to be asleep, they'll hear the bells and mystery solved. When the stick gets taken, they all follow the noise of the bells back to the Berry Bitty City fountain and discover that the creature who was stealing all their stuff was none other than Marmalade, who drops the stick into the fountain, which goes down the drain and causes the fountain to become completely clogged up. Berrykin Bruce, Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl then show up and ascertain that the fountain was the source of the power outage.

After they increase the pump's flow, the fountain becomes unclogged and active again, blowing out all the stuff Marmalade put in there: Orange's tennis balls, the captured flags, the horseshoes, and the marshmallows. Another increase to the pump's flow restores power to Berry Bitty City, revealing that the fountain clog was gumming up the juice berry power grid, causing the power outage. The girls are excited to have the power restored, but hope that it doesn't mean the end of their campout. Strawberry reassures them it doesn't, especially since they haven't roasted marshmallows yet.


  • The Berry girls learn that in a scary situation, they should investigate first in order to see what is really going on.
  • Lemon learns not to believe anything she reads.


  • Raspberry: (picking a can) Strawberry, can you read this please?
  • Strawberry: I don't know if the most practical game for a night-time campout is "Pickup Sticks".
  • Raspberry: (giggles) I thought it said "Trail Mix".


  • Strawberry: Is there some other reason you don't want to go camping?
  • Raspberry and Cherry: CREEPY CREATURES?!
  • ​Strawberry: What gave you THAT idea, Lemon?
  • Lemon: Uh... from a book of spooky stories Blueberry gave me.
  • Blueberry: Those were fairy tales. Fictional... as in not real. It should be fine out there... in the dark... still... woods. (looks scared)


  • Cherry: (grabs her guitar) How 'bout we sing a camp fire song?
  • Raspberry: It might hear us...
  • Cherry: "It"?
  • (a howling is sound)
  • Cherry: Maybe we should turn out the light so it doesn't see us?


  • (Plum and Orange are looking for a missing horseshoe)
  • Orange: Who would eat a horseshoe anyway?
  • Plum: Hmm... a creepy creature, that's who. How do you know creepy creatures don't love horseshoes?
  • (they giggle)
  • Orange: So silly.
  • Plum: I know.
  • (a loud chewing sound makes them stop giggling and become scared)
  • Plum: D-did you hear that? Sounds like s-something eating a horseshoe.


  • Lemon: (a blanket over her head) Someone or something is trying to sabotage out campout!


  • (Cherry, playing her guitar, notices too late that Strawberry is walking into the trap)
  • Cherry: No, Strawberry! Don't come any...
  • (Strawberry falls into the moat)
  • Cherry: ...closer.
  • (the splash noise wakes Raspberry)
  • Raspberry: Did we... did you... is there... oh, my! What did we catch?
  • Cherry: (sighs) Strawberry.



  • The power outage, that started in "The Berry Big Relay Race", is finally fixed in this episode.
  • Lemon's fear of "the creepy creatures in the woods at night" is similar to Berrykin Bloom's fear of the Slinking Slinker ("On the Road") and Orange's fear of the Galumphalot ("Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves"): the frightening things are characters from Blueberry's book of spooky stories; particular noises at night (and disappearance of items) make Lemon think that someone roams nearby; her fear catches others; traps are set to catch the creepy creatures, but the girls and Huckleberry get caught; eventually Lemon realizes there was nothing to be afraid of.
  • This is the only part in the power outage story arc in which Huckleberry participates.
  • Henna thinks it's fun when the lights are out at night.
  • It is the only Season 3 episode in which Berrykin Bruce's color is blue - as he is in seasons 2 and 4. In the other season 3 episodes he appears in, his color is green.
  • The trap which Orange and Plum set was the only one that caught the culprit: as soon as they finished installing it, Marmalade got caught in it. At that point they didn't realize, though, she was the culprit.


  • Among the items Orange takes for the campout is sunscreen. Who needs sunscreen at night?
  • What reason did the girls have for bringing a surfing board to the campout?
  • How can Raspberry sleep soundly while Cherry sings and plays a guitar a few feet away?
  • Among the recovered items from the fountain is the bag of marshmallows. The girls still plan to roast them. How come the marshmallows were not spoiled by the water?