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The Berry Lucky Day



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Apr 20, 2013

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The Berry Lucky Day is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Huckleberry Pie has a string of good luck after finding a supposed good luck charm, only to discover that it belongs to Cherry Jam.

Episode Review

While wandering through the berry patch in the morning, Berrykin Bloom comes across a four-leaf clover and thinks of himself as lucky as he picks it. He then hears someone singing from a distance and sings along. He then hears the singing again, this time on a note not usually heard and he tries to sing along on that note but is unsuccessful. It's then revealed that it was Cherry Jam who was doing the singing. When she hears the other dogs barking, she asks Cinnapup if she wants go play with them and to go ahead and do so.

Later on however, the dogs only get in everyone's way, trampling over Berrykin Bloom's four-leaf clover and almost over Bloom himself,

Lucky me!

who dejectedly calls the dogs a menace to society and to plants, and knocking Orange over while she's carrying produce, and rushing out in front of Plum while she's on her motor scooter, causing her to swivel out of control and crash inside Strawberry's cafe. The dogs then run off again with Lemon commenting on how much energy they all have and Strawberry suggesting that they go after them before they get into any more trouble. The dogs then encounter Blueberry and start excitedly barking at her and jumping at her grocery bags before Strawberry, Plum, Lemon, and Raspberry catch up to them. The dogs then run off again and lead the girls on a wild chase. When the girls fail to catch them, Strawberry wishes that they had a place all their own to burn off all the energy they had, such as a dog park, and suddenly gets the idea to build one. The girls all agree it's a great idea, with Blueberry suggesting that they ask Huckleberry Pie for help as his shelter for homeless pets has a dog park. Strawberry then calls Huck, who says that he'd be over tomorrow in the morning.

The next morning, Strawberry and Pupcake find Cherry practicing her singing while the other dogs are listening. Strawberry is impressed and asks Cherry how she is able to sing like that. Cherry says that it's mostly the practice and hard work, but the ability to properly hit the high notes comes from a pink crystal on a chain she claims is a good luck charm. Strawberry insists that her singing comes from more than just luck, but from patience, practice and confidence. Cherry however insists that she was never properly do the high notes before she found it one day while walking through the country and now keeps it with her after she recorded her first hit record with it. However, when she puts it in her pocket, it fall out a hole and when she sings again, she misses one of the high notes, sending all the dogs except Cinnapup into a frenzy and causing them to run off with Strawberry chasing after them, leaving Cherry confused while Cinnapup holds the charm in her mouth.

Cherry later finds Strawberry trying to calm the dogs down and tells her that the reason she missed that high note moments earlier was because she didn't have the charm on her, that she
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must have dropped it when she put it in her pocket. Strawberry on the other hand, continues to insist that the charm had nothing to do with it. Just then, Huck pulls up in his van and presents Strawberry and Cherry with some sketches of the proposed dog park which include a puppy playground, a fountain to drink from when thirsty, and some places to cool off in the shade. Strawberry and Cherry approve of the plans and ask if he'd help the Berrykins build it, hopefully within a week so they could have a grand opening which would include a big gala, food, and music. Huck reluctantly agrees to do so and to begin immediately.

However, as the berrykins build the dog park enthusiastically with Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl vowing to help him build with
the highest degree of craftsmanship and perfection as it's the berrykin way, Huck seems nervous about something. As Strawberry shows up to check on Huck's progress, Ed and Earl asks Huck if he wants the support corners to be 14x93s or 72x67s. Huck simply says that it needs to be safe and not fall down, causing Ed and Earl to assume he meant the 72x67s. Strawberry senses Huck's growing anxiety as an alarm goes off and Ed and Earl summon him. It seems that the wall's slightly crooked, but they can't agree on whether or not it's off .0003 straight and level or .0002. When Huck says it looks like a 3 to him Ed says that the whole thing needed to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. It's then revealed that Huck is so nervous is that he's afraid of being branded a fraud, which he thinks he really is because everything he builds ends up crumbling down, from a doghouse, to a fence, to a tree house, and dreads what everyone would do if they found out.

Back at the construction site, Huck tries to build the wall himself, hoping he'd get the hang of it practiced hard enough without anyone knowing. However, not long after he built the wall it ended up crumbling down, waking up Strawberry in the process, who goes to check on the construction site. Huck then confesses to her that he's not really the great builder they all think he is and that he thought he could be with enough practice, but as she can see, it didn't end well. Strawberry reassures him that not everyone’s good at everything and that building things is like everything else, it requires patience, practice, and confidence. She also mentions reading somewhere that a good building is like a good friendship, it needs a strong, solid foundation and when you build from a good base, you get something that lasts forever. Huck takes Strawberry's words to heart, realizing he needs practice and patience and a good solid foundation, while relenting that some plain old luck would also come in handy. It's then he finds Cherry's lucky charm beneath the rubble and thinks of it as a lucky find. As he tries building the wall again, he finds it strange that it doesn't crumble. He continues to rebuild the wall and when it still doesn't crumble, Huck thinks his luck is starting to change for the better after he found the lucky charm underneath the rubble. Huck starts to believe the charm really is lucky. Ed and Earl are left in awe when they see the wall built perfectly "the berrykin way". The following morning Huck beats everyone at badminton, horseshoes, and basketball, leading him to believe in the power of the good luck charm.

However, as Cherry prepares to practice her singing, she notices the charm is missing and begins to panic. Meanwhile, Strawberry and the other girls are with Huck, who's explaining to them that the dog park is nearly finished, that all that's really left is to finish the entryway. Just then, Cherry shows up sobbing, saying she's lost her good luck charm, describing it as sparkly crystal on a chain that she can't sing without. Strawberry continues to insist that Cherry doesn't need luck to sing, but Cherry still thinks that she can't hit the high notes without it. Huck's heart sinks as he realizes that the charm that Cherry described is the one he has and realizes it belongs to Cherry. Huck then runs off not sure what to do, he knows it belongs to her, but he thinks it's lucky for him and believes that giving it back would mean he would be a klutz forever. Just then, Cherry walks by still
weeping over her lost charm. Huck approaches her and suggests that maybe Strawberry was right, maybe she doesn't really need the charm to sing, but continues to insist that she unable to hit the high notes without it. Huck then tries to explain everything, but before he can, Ed and Earl approach him and announce that the Berrykin Builders' Guild has decided to make him an honorary member of the Society of Extraordinary Engineers - a rare honor. Huck, on the other hand, doesn't feel like he deserves it, because deep down he thinks it was all luck, but Ed and Earl insist that no one deserves it more than him.

Back at the dog park, Huck promises himself that he'd give Cherry back her charm after he laid the final stone into the entryway. However, before he can, he notices Cherry still weeping; who explains to Huck that she won't be able to sing at the park's opening due to not being able to find the charm that supposedly enabled her to sing the high notes. Huck then gives the charm back to Cherry, who's ecstatic to have it back and proceeds to try singing after putting it in her pocket, and finds she's able to hit the high notes again, and Huck says that tomorrow he would confess that he's no engineer, that it was all luck. However, Cinnapup finds it on the ground and gives it back to Cherry, who then discovers that she has a hole in her pocket. Realizing that she was still able to sing and hit the high notes even though the charm wasn't on her person, she begins to believe that maybe Strawberry was right about not needing the charm to sing, only patience practice, and confidence. She then tries singing while Huck holds the charm, and gets the same results. Huck then hands the charm back to Cherry and places the final stone in the entryway, and it doesn't collapse after he removes the supports. When Strawberry and the other girls show up, she exclaims to Strawberry that she was right; she and Huck never needed the charm; that hard work works better than luck. With that, Huck declares the dog park finished, and as Strawberry and the girls rush in, Cherry breaks the charm in two and gives one half to Huck. The day ends with Cherry putting her half of the Charm in a special case and Huck hanging his half on the rear view mirror of his van.


  • Cherry and Huckleberry learn that they do not need to rely on luck; what it takes is practice, patience and confidence.
  • Huckleberry should have told the girls he has no experience in structural engineering; lack of knowledge in a specific area is not something to be ashamed of. He wanted to help them, but could have contributed to the project in other aspects, like by taking part in the building process itself.


  • Cherry: (singing the high notes until Cinnapup arrives) What's up, Cinnapup?
  • (Cinnapup barks, as if she wants to play with the other dogs)
  • Cherry: You wanna go play with your friends?
  • (Cinnapup is barking again)
  • Cherry: Well, go on! Have fun!


  • Lemon: Those little guys have a lot of energy.
  • Strawberry: I think we'd better go get them before they get into anymore trouble.


  • (the girls try to get the pups, but in vain. They all fall down)
  • Lemon: They do have a lot of energy.
  • Strawberry: (sighs) If only they had a place to burn off some of it...
  • Blueberry: Like where?
  • Strawberry: Like... a place where they can play. A place all their own. Like a park, or a... hey! That's it! A dog park!


  • Strawberry: (calls Huck) Hello, Huck. Strawberry!
  • Huckleberry: (talking to the phone) Hi, Strawberry, how are you?
  • Strawberry: Oh, fine, fine. I'm here with Lemon, Plum, Blueberry and Raspberry.
  • Huckleberry: Say hi.
  • Strawberry: Huck says Hi!
  • Lemon, Raspberry, Plum, Blueberry: HI, HUCK!!! (giggle)
  • Strawberry: We were wondering if you had time to come down here.
  • Huckleberry: Well, sure. Why?
  • Strawberry: Well, we could use your advice on a little problem. Or rather, seven little problems.
  • (the puppies run toward the girls)
  • Huckleberry: What kind of problems?
  • Strawberry: What kind of problems? This kind!
  • (the dogs running around the girls while Scouty barks at Strawberry's phone)
  • Strawberry: See what I mean?


  • Cherry: Morning, Strawberry!
  • Strawberry: Please, don't stop. I loved listening to you sing. It's berry beautiful. (laughs) They enjoy it, too!
  • Cherry: Thanks! (sings, hitting high note)
  • Strawberry: How in the world do you sing like that?
  • Cherry: (puts the guitar down and shows her charm) Well, I practice a lot... but I couldn't hit that high note without this. My good luck charm.
  • Strawberry: I think your singing is more than luck, Cherry. It comes from all the practicing you do.
  • Cherry: I found it one day when I was taking a walk in the country. (puts the charm in her pocket) The next day, I recorded my first hit record.
  • (the charm falls through a hole in Cherry's pocket, but she fails to notice that)
  • Cherry: I could never hit the high notes before I had it. Now I keep it with me whenever I sing.
  • (Cherry sings, but her singing is poor. The puppies howl at the discordance)


  • Strawberry: (tries to calm the puppies) Pupcake, heel... settle, Chiffon... here, Henna... oh, Pitterpatch, please?
  • (Cherry and Cinnapup approach. Suddenly Cherry notices that Cinnapup carries the charm in her mouth. She bends and retrieves it)
  • Cherry: Look, Strawberry! I didn't have the charm! Must've dropped it when I was putting it in my pocket. That's why I couldn't hit the high note.
  • Strawberry: Cherry, I really don't... come here, Marmalade! I don't think your charm had... Scouty! ...had anything to do with... oh, Pitterpatch!


  • (Huck arrives)
  • Strawberry: Oh, it's Huck, just in time!
  • (Cherry sighs)
  • Huckleberry: Looks like you have your hands full!
  • (Tom Tom comes out and bumps Strawberry. She falls backwards)
  • Strawberry: You can say that again!


  • Huckleberry: (pick up Cherry's charm) Well, there's a lucky fine nice. I wonder where it came from?


  • Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl: The Berrykin way!


  • Cherry: My charm is gone? I had to find it, I had to find it.


  • (Cherry is sobbing)
  • Strawberry: Cherry, what's the matter?
  • Cherry: My good luck... charm... I c-can't find it.. anywhere!
  • Orange: What's it look like, Cherry?
  • Cherry: This big, on a chain, crystal, beautiful, all sparkly, and I can't sing at all without it!



  • In this episode, it was seen that the girls like playing many sports and games. Also, it was seen that they have a "basketball court and ball" even though there are no boys/males living in Berry Bitty City.
  • There is a small similarity to the Thomas & Friends episode: Percy's Lucky Day.
    • Cherry had a lucky charm like Percy. Cherry had the charm bracelet, and Percy had Stephen's lucky horseshoe, and they both dropped their charms.
    • The only difference to how they dropped their charms was: Percy's wheels were gummed up by pumpkins and dropped it on a platform, and Cherry had a hole in her pocket, which left Huck to find it.
    • The only difference on what Cherry and Percy did with the charms was: Cherry split her charm in half, and Percy didn't believe in lucky charms anymore (even though they both knew it was their own luck in the end).
    • The only difference to what Cherry and Percy did without the charm was: Cherry sang the high notes when she remembered what Strawberry said, and Percy got his mail delivered on schedule, brought the Duchess of Boxford's parcel and helped Bill rescue Ben from toppling down a hill (Which was because of their own luck).


  • Cherry's tour bus is much closer to the construction site than Strawberry's house. How come the noise Huck made at night woke up Strawberry, but not Cherry?