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The Berry Long Winter



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March 3, 2012

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The Berry Best Vacation

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The Big Freeze

"The Berry Long Winter" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


With the temperatures dropping, the Berry Bitty City folk prepare for the seemingly harsh winter ahead of them.

Episode Review

One late evening, Blueberry Muffin is telling a story she wrote to the baby berrykins. It takes place on a winter's day, not night, and that it was very warm and almost like spring, but nobody was happy since winter had come and gone much too soon.

It begins as Raspberry laments the lack of winter as she begins to take down her winter fashions display in the window of her Boutique. It's then a few of the berry girls come in to ask if she's begun to make any Spring Fashions yet, which makes her realize that she has to hurry and finish them so that she can have them ready and set up.

Meanwhile, everybody else seems upset and they all go to Strawberry's Cafe. She asks them why they seem upset, as she doesn't see any problems with an early Spring, but they explain how they didn't really get to enjoy winter. They didn't get to play any games, no winter fashions to enjoy, not many winter items sold so they are overstocked.

In hopes to cheer them up Strawberry tells them that they can still play their most favorite game "Capture the snowman's nose" but when they ask how it's possible, she simply points them to the snow cone machine on her counter. With some help from Berrykin Bruce they manage to make some snow with the machine, enough so that everybody can have a "snow day" without freezing! They have a snowball fight, build two snowmen for the game, play pranks, and all sorts of fun events.

The girls then prepare to play their game until realizing the teams aren't even in number. Strawberry offers to be the referee and after she changes the game begins with the six remaining girls.

Raspberry and Lemon trick the other three while Cherry goes to get the carrot and she quickly runs back to their snowman. Cornered, she and Lemon quickly think and manage to score the first point with some quick switching. Everybody congratulates Cherry for being so talented while playing, especially considering it's her first time! Soon some Berrykins show up and ask to play also and to make it fair, all of the berrykins are on one team while the berry girls form the other team.

But soon things become unfair as the Berrykins repeatedly score points. The girls become concerned and they consider how the berrykins play to be cheating and they ask Strawberry about it. But she mentions they hadn't made any rules yet, but it isn't berry fair so she decides to make some rules for everybody to follow. She also asks the girls to think up some rules also. Berrykin Bloom, who was watching suggest that the only rule should be "Anything that's fun". That way, win or lose it's always fun.

And so, everybody begins to play again. In the end the berrykins seem to be winning but the berry girls manage to tie it up momentarily until the Berrykins show up on springs to hop around to play. The berry girls think this is unfair again, so Strawberry then suggests that the teams split up a bit so that they both have a nice, even mix of players. They will both be fair and have the same advantages. But just as they go to play the snow begins to melt.

Hoping to remedy this, they try to form more snow from the machine but Berrykin Bruce tells them that it's too warm to make more snow so it looks like the fun's over for now. Yet again all of the girls, and berrykins seem disappointed but suddenly Strawberry tells them to come back as they go to leave before suggesting that since it is warm out, they just try to substitute the snow mix for something else white and snow-like, something that will not melt. Plum jokingly suggest mashed potatoes, yet Strawberry thinks it's a great idea, so they all decide to use mashed potatoes.

So, everyone goes back to Strawberry's Cafe and they all work together peeling, mashing, and forming a whole bunch of mashed potatoes and make snowmen. Unfortunately, the weather grows chilly and its already late, so they decide to head back to the Cafe to have some Hot Cocoa. They'll just play some more tomorrow.

That evening, something is seen stealing the carrots.

The very next morning, Strawberry and the others find out that all of the carrots have gone missing.

Blueberry examines the "crime scene" to try to find some clues and she is able to determine that squirrels took the carrots. Something that the others had already figured out by this point.

After Strawberry suggests that everyone should try to share their food supply with the squirrels, some begin to grow concerned. A lot of people in Berry Bitty City believe this is a foolish idea and they think it's not worth even attempting out of worry that something might happen. To end this dispute they all agree to vote on it first. Soon, Strawberry asks if everybody voted until she remembers that she forgot to and quickly tries to but finds it too hard knowing that one side will be happy but the other side won't be. But after a moment, she decides to follow her heart and put faith in everyone else to pick the right decision. After she gives her vote, they all go through the ballot slips.

Later that night, Strawberry expresses her guilt and worry to Cherry, terrified that if something bad was to happen and they all run out of food then everyone will get mad at her. But Cherry manages to assure her that she thinks she did the right thing. Everyone loves Strawberry, so even if something like that did happen then they may be just a little upset with her, but they care about her too much to get that angry over it.

Suddenly they hear a bunch of Berrykins and go outside to see what they want, Strawberry believes the worst and thinks they're just going to tell her off but in fact its the total opposite. They came by to inform her that they all agreed to share their extra food and they want to put Strawberry in charge of supplies. After sharing a hug with Cherry, Strawberry agrees.

The next morning, Strawberry is asked if they could play the game again when she suddenly sees a giant blue squirrel! Everybody looks and they find out that the baby squirrels weren't hungry, they just wanted to play the games with the girls and the berrykins! As they do not see a problem with this they all agree to play together and the episode comes to an end as she blows her whistle and the others play the games...


  • (Raspberry packs the winter clothes)
  • Raspberry: (sighs) I barely got these wonderful winter fashions designed and then displayed, and no one even tried or barely seen or tried them on, and now I have to take them all down.
  • (Lemon and Cherry enter the Boutique)
  • Lemon and Cherry: Hi Raspberry!
  • Raspberry: Oh, hi! Did you come to buy some wonderful winter fashions?
  • Lemon: Well, we were looking for something a little more...
  • Cherry: Springy.
  • Raspberry: (sighs) That's what I was afraid of...


  • Blueberry: I, having read all one hundred-twenty Patty Persimmon books.... or was it one hundred-thirty?



  • Even when something goes awry, it can be resolved by making a good use on it: the Berry Girls played winter games with artificial snow and made a potato snowman to replace the one has been melted.
  • When facing a moral dilemma, following what your heart tells you is the right thing to do is the preferable solution, even if others are discontent with your decision.


  • This is the first time Blueberry tells a story.
    • Both this time and the second begin with Raspberry.
  • We get a hint as to how many Patty Persimmon books there are: Blueberry states she's read at least 120 of them and implies there are more.
  • The Comcast description implies the episode is about something that actually didn't come up until the last 5-to-10 minutes of the episode.
  • This episode marks the first time Strawberry wears her referee suit, preceding "The Berry Big Relay Race".


  • Strawberry said that everyone in town should vote. According to the clipboard she held, there were 30 votes (without hers). However, in "Berry Best BerryFest Princess" there were 151 voters.
  • A blue berrykin with the Berry girls has a wrong colored face: he has a deep blue color instead of pale blue.

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