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The Berry Bitty Great Race





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August 1, 2015

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The Berry Bitty Great Race is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Not realizing that the tales told over the campfire are "tall tales", Apple Dumplin tells the tale of a thrilling road race known as the "Berry Bitty Great Race" that she entered and won, which actually turns out to be a true story.

Episode Review

Strawberry and Blueberry compliment the twins for their story from previous episode. While being busy with her film, Apple comments that there is not such place as the dark forest, and she has been to many places. Sour asks sourly if Apple has a better story. Lemon claims it would be hard to top the twins' story. Apple says it would be easy. Strawberry, Sweet and Raspberry ask her to tell the story. Apple sits with them around the campfire and begins:

She was reporting on the Berry Bitty Great Race: it consisted of a cross-country riding, a mountain climb, a hot air balloon race and a sailboat race. She had to enter the race so she could report it.


The bad guys

Apple and Tea Time Turtle exited their tent, and were welcome with applause. They mounted their rabbit steed, while the other three competitors - Mr. McSnivels, Guava Guttersnake and Crudy Do-no-good - rode frogs. Apple did not know the others had no intention of behaving in a sporting way. She felt there was something sinister about the way they smiled back at her. They were envious at Apple and her turtle for winning 199 races, and were determined to stop her from reaching the finish line.

The race began. Apple's steed was slightly behind the other competitors, but they had difficulties controlling their mounts. Apple eats a marshmallow and continues the story:

The villains used the first foul trick: McSnivels and Guava spread broccoli on the ground, in a pattern that led away from the race course. Then they returned to their frog mounts, but it took them three tries to mount them. Like they intended, the rabbit stopped to eat the broccoli, strayed off the course, and Apple couldn't direct it back. Tea Time had an idea: Apple tied a carrot to a long stick, hanged it in the air in front of the rabbit, and that way she lured the rabbit back to the race. Then, the villains' trick backfired at them: a pack of rabbits appeared from nowhere, heading their direction to eat the broccoli. They ran away in fear.

The Berry girls laugh. Lemon asks if that was it for the bad guys. Sour comments sourly if this is the end of the story, they can go to sleep. Apple continues:

The bad guys continue to put obstacles on her way. At crossroads, they reversed the sign, sending Apple in the wrong direction. Soon Apple came to a place where the bad guys placed another obstacle: a large pile of logs blocked

Apple overcomes an obstacle

the way. Using her knowledge of geometry and mechanical engineering, Apple found which log to move in order to clear enough of the pile for passage without making it collapse. The bad guys were angry that they

couldn't delay Apple and approached the obstacle. Suddenly, the remaining logs collapsed, and they ran away.

The Berry girls laugh. Sweet and Strawberry give Apple hot chocolate and marshmallow. Apple continues:

The bad guys' dastardliness at the cross-country race was just the beginning. She and Tea Time were on the second part of the race, walking at mountain path. Suddenly they were engulfed by a snowstorm - the handiwork of the bad guys, who dropped ice cubes from their higher position, and used a fan to make them fall on Apple. Apple found a cave. Strange voices came out of it. Apple hesitated, and the bad guys thought it was a monster and fled. Apple was scared, but she and Tea Time entered the cave, walked through a tunnel and came out at the other side of the mountain.


Elsa and Ilse

They met two girls (portrayed by Sweet and Sour) who were yodeling. They introduced themselves as Ilse and Elsa. They yodeled so bad that Tea Time hid in his shell. They bickered which key to sing - B flat or C. Apple played a harmonica and suggested another key - D sharp. Then they yodeled nicely. Apple used her binoculars to see the next part of the race: a balloon launch. Elsa and Ilsa advised her to hurry there, since she was currently leading. Apple said that since the tunnel was a shortcut, she decided to be fair and wait for the other competitors to catch up. Elsa sneered at that, but Apple insisted that "A race is only fun if it's fair". Ilse and Elsa wished her good luck as she went away with Tea Time.

Sour, like her analogous character in Apple's story, sneers at Apple's above statement. Apple continues:

When Apple and Tea Time arrived at the balloon launch, Crudy was already there. She untied three of the four balloons, then climbed into the fourth and started flying. Apple claimed it wasn't fair, and Crudy answered "Fair-shmair, see if I care!". The other two bad guys arrived and gloated at Apple, but... Apple picked up Tea Time, grabbed a rope that dangled from Crudy's balloon and swung herself and Tea Time into the closest of the other three balloons. The other two bad guys climbed into Crudy's balloon. Apple thought they lost the bad guys, but they rode their balloon close to her. Guava repeatedly tried to puncture Apple's balloon with a large hairpin, but Apple lowered the balloon each time. Suddenly she noticed they were heading into a mountain. She told Tea Time to help her drop the ballasts, but it did not make the balloon light enough to go above the mountain. Apple grabbed the rope and jumped out of the balloon, and that made balloon fly above the mountain peak. The bad guys tried to do the same, but only punctured their balloon.

When the balloon was low enough, Apple and Tea Time

The rescue dog

jumped onto the snowy ground. They were lost at the mountain wilderness, but soon a Saint Bernard rescue dog (portrayed by Scouty) came to save them. He led them to a tropical fruit stand on the mountain.

Strawberry laughs at this unexpected turn of events, and Sour claims it is ridiculous to have a tropical fruit stand in such place. Apple continues:

The friendly seller at the chocolate fruit stand (portrayed by Lemon) introduced herself as Fran. She said that she saw a real treachery going on up there in the sky. Could it be someone was not playing nice with others? Apple said it was pretty much. Fran offered Apple a frozen banana chocolate popsicle. Apple looked around and saw huge fruit peels, in size of boats. She asked instead a banana peel. Tea Time gave Fran the binoculars, and she saw Crudy coming, using the balloon basket as a sled. Apple dragged the banana peel into the snow and used it as a sled. Guava and McSnivels arrived and took a coconut peel sled without permission. Fran protested that was stealing, but they taunted her "Stealing-shmealing, after that peeling!". Crudy arrived and snatched a popsicle from Fran, teasing her "One bad turn deserves another!".

Apple reached the last stage of the race - sailing boats. Quickly, she took Tea Time and rushed to one of the boats, hoisted the mast and sailed away. Guava and McSnivels arrived shortly later, fell to the ground from the coconut peel sled and rushed to the other boat. Crudy lost control of her sled, bumped into Apple's banana peel sled, was thrown away and landed painfully on a branch of a strawberry tree. At first Apple was ahead of Guava and McSnivels, but then they used a fan to make their boat move faster, catching up with Apple's boat and leaving it behind. Apple shouted at them "You're cheating again!" and they teased her. It looked like the bad guys were going to win, but just then they started arguing which one of them should be the winner. They tried to push each other out of the boat, and lost control of it, going in circles, allowing Apple to catch up with them and win the race.

Apple and Tea Time reached the finish line first. The Berrykin judge chided the bad guys for the treachery and dastardliness they displayed that day. They asked him mockingly how could
he know they cheated? Fran, the twins and the rescue dog appeared as witnesses and confirmed that the bad guys cheated. The judge announced that for winning the race, and most importantly for her good sportsmanship, he awarded Apple first prize. He gave Apple a medal and a ribbon.

As the story ends, all the girls compliment Apple. Even Sour says it is the best story, and Apple won first prize for her imagination. Apple surprises everyone by claiming it was not an imaginary story, every word was true. The other girls laugh, thinking Apple is joking. Apple tells Tea Time to bring her scrapbook. She takes from it the medal and ribbon. The girls are highly impressed, but tell Apple she should have told an imaginary story - it's their campout tradition: roasting marshmallows, hot chocolate, sitting around the campfire, telling tall-tales. Apple did not know because she was not around when Strawberry and Raspberry explained it to Sour, and was too busy with her camping video when they explained it again to Sweet two episodes ago.

Apple says that if she can make up a story, the Berry Bitty Great Race is nothing compared to what she could tell in a tall-tale! The other girls laugh. Apple says that as it stands now, Sour and Sweet win first prize for imagination. To their surprise, Apple gives them the medal and the ribbon. They are unsure if to take them, but she tells them it's OK, she won 200 of them. Then Apple asks if she ever told them about the trans-desert treasure at the lost pyramid road valley? She starts telling: "Well, there I was, in the middle of the greatest sandstorm to hit the desert in years..."


  • Apple: And so, we were off. Ahhh, the thrill of the race. The sun in your face, the wind in your hair. The power of your noble steed leaping over every obstacle.


  • Sour: (sneers) "A race is only fun if it's fair"?!


  • (Crudy releasing the balloons)
  • Apple: Hey! You can't do that! That's not fair!
  • Crudy: Fair-shmair, see if I care!


  • Apple: He [the rescue dog] led us to a tropical fruit stand on the mountain.
  • Strawberry: (bursts out laughing) A tropical fruit stand?! On a mountain?!
  • Sour: Is this not getting *a bit* ridiculous?
  • Apple: (sharply) May I continue?
  • The other girls: Oh, yes! Please!


  • (Mr. McSnivels and Guava take one of Fran's sleds without permission)
  • Fran: Hey! Why... that's... that's stealing!
  • Mr. McSnivels: (teasing) Stealing-shmealing, after that peeling!
  • (Crudy arrives and steals a chocolate pop from Fran's hand)
  • Fran: Hey! That's stealing too!
  • Crudy: That's right! One bad turn deserves another! Hahahaha!


  • Apple: Hey! You're cheating again!
  • Mr. McSnivels: (teasing) How else can villains win?



  • Crime does not pay: all the foul tricks the bad guys used either backfired at them, or assisted Apple to win the race. Eventually, the bad guys were humiliated when their improper conduct was exposed in public.


  • The campout story arc comes to conclusion in this episode.
  • Cherry, Plum and Orange have no speaking lines, like they did two episodes ago.
  • It is the first time that bad guys appear on the show - not just mischievous like Kadiebug and Sadiebug or obnoxious like Mavis Maraschino - but really mean characters who are capable of maliciously causing others physical harm.
  • It is the only time Scouty appears on season 4, but not as himself but as the counterpart rescue dog.


  • Apple claims the rescue dog was a Saint Bernard. It did not look like that, most notably its ears.

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