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The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff



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May 11, 2013

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The Berry Biggest, Berry Baddest Bakeoff is the final episode of Season 3 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Berrykin Bloom grows a new fruit. As a reward, a ceremony is scheduled to be held in his honor. The girls decide to show him their appreciation by baking cupcakes for the ceremony, but get carried away.

Episode Review

At the cafe, Strawberry gives her friends a cooking class. Each of them describes what ingredients she added to the basic recipe. Suddenly they hear a commotion outside. They exit the cafe, and watch with awe: Berrykin Bloom arrives with huge fruit that resembles a watermelon with pale and dark purple stripes, strawberry achenes and pineapple leaves. He calls it "Sparklestar Waterpineberry", explaining it is the result of his plant breeding experiments. With the help of Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl, the girls and Berrykins taste the new fruit, and find it delicious. Raspberry says it reminds her of watermelon, strawberry and pineapple together. Princess Berrykin praises Berrykin Bloom for the finest achievement she ever witnessed. To mark the occasion, she declares that tomorrow is Berrykin Bloom Day with a ceremony in his honor. Everyone cheers. Berrykin Bloom is both excited and embarrassed of the great honor.

Strawberry suggests to surprise Berrykin Bloom on his special day. Raspberry suggests that she and Plum will decorate the gazebo, and Cherry will be in charge of the music. As for the rest of the girls, each of them will bake for him a cupcake with the flavors of the fruit he grows.

Back at the cafe, Strawberry bakes a cupcake. As she is about to fill it with a tablespoon of strawberry jam, she finds that the jam is missing. All she finds is a trail of jam stains. Following the trail, she sees that Pupcake ate the last two jars of jam. She chides Pupcake gently for his gluttony, saying he's going to get a tummy ache for for sure, and goes to Orange Mart to get more.

Orange is busy baking at the back room. She tells Strawberry she can help herself. When Orange comes out of the back room, covered with flour, she is surprised to see Strawberry taking several jars of jam. Orange wonders why Strawberry needs so much jam for one cupcake. She figures incorrectly that Strawberry intends to bake an enormous cupcake, and decides to do the same. Blueberry comes, holding the cupcake she baked, to borrow some sprinkles. She is confused to see Orange carrying two sacks of flour, and reaches the same wrong conclusion Orange did about Strawberry.

Strawberry sees Blueberry dragging a giant banana. Blueberry explains it is for her cupcake. She tells Strawberry that Orange is going to make a huge cupcake, and so is she. Strawberry assures her it is just a misunderstanding. After all, how much cupcakes can Berrykin Bloom eat? At that moment, Orange arrives with a gigantic cupcake on a cart. Lemon and Plum join them, each holds a cupcake of ordinary size, and they are surprised too to see the size of Orange's cupcake. Orange claims that Berrykin Bloom deserves the most special cupcakes they can make.

Suddenly, Berrykin Bloom approaches, thinking that he heard someone calling him. The girls quickly throw their cupcakes away. Blueberry make up a lame excuse for the banana, that she takes it up for exercise. After Berrykin Bloom leaves, the girls decide that he should be distracted. Blueberry calls Huckleberry and asks him to do some "guy things" to distract Berrykin Bloom. Huckleberry is uncertain how to do it. As Berrykin Bloom arrives, Huckleberry picks him up and runs away, shouting loudly. Berrykin Bloom is shocked at the unexpected development.

Blueberry points out that Orange's huge cupcake will make the cupcakes of the other girls look petty in comparison, but Orange is too stubborn. Strawberry tries to reason with them, but they do not listen. Orange and Blueberry go away, each thinking aloud how to outdo the other. Blueberry decides to team with Plum. Strawberry sighs, commenting that this going be the berry biggest, berry baddest bakeoff ever.

Strawberry thinks how to make her cupcake special without

"Would you like to be a cupcake model?"

getting carried away. She decides to shape her cake like Pupcake. She takes Pupcake and Custard outside, places Pupcake on a stand as a model, and starts kneading the dough. However, Pupcake is more interested in a butterfly that flies around him, and keeps moving. Strawberry tries to use Custard as a model instead, but the kitten does not cooperate either.

Orange nearly finishes making her cupcake. Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl arrive and gape in disbelief at the huge cupcake. Orange places a cherry on top of the cupcake, and it breaks to small pieces. Orange sighs and says she probably used too much plaster, to the astonishment of Ed and Earl. She asks them to help her. Earl is unsure, saying that he never baked anything before with a plaster, but Ed whispers to him that they can lick the frosting.

Meanwhile, Plum and Blueberry try to make a cupcake of inflating materials, each of them is working on one part of it, but this fails too: the part Plum works on collapses. Scouty bites and tears the part that Blueberry works on, and the air comes out of it.

Lemon, like her friends, has difficulties: she makes a cupcake in shape of a girl's head, but the stool on which the cupcake is placed - breaks. Lemon runs away in horror, and the cupcake rolls after her.

Huckleberry tells Berrykin Bloom about the "Gentlemen's Diversion Club" and persuades him to join, starting with ziplining. Berrykin Bloom feels this club is too rough for him, but goes along anyway. Soon (judging by his screams of horror) he has second thoughts, finding himself participating in various sport activities like water skiing, bungee jumping, climbing high plants and football, that he finds rough in contrast to his quiet life so far. He keeps asking Huckleberry if this is enjoyable, and Huckleberry assures him it is.

An hour before the ceremony starts, Cherry and Raspberry come to the gazebo to prepare the final decorations. They stare in astonishment at the three huge cupcakes their friends made: Lemon's cupcake resembles a beehive; Blueberry and Plum's - a circus tent; Strawberry's - a volcano, made of sugar and strawberry jam for a lava. Raspberry comments that they got carried away.

Then Orange arrives with a huge statue of Berrykin Bloom, dragged by four berrykins. Ed and Earl install a lever, turn it and make the statue move its head and right hand. Suddenly, a smoke rises from the neck of the statue. Ed opens the gear box

"How did that fork get inside the gear box?!"

and immediately finds the source of the malfunction: a fork that Earl used for tasting the icing. The statue collapses on top of two of the cupcakes, all of them are ruined. Strawberry's volcano cupcake is unharmed, but the bump causes it to erupt, covering the whole area with stains of jam. All the decorations are ruined. The girls look at the mess glumly, realizing it is because they tried to outdo each other. Not much is left to do but clean the mess.

The mess is cleaned just in time when Huckleberry and Berrykin Bloom appear, messy and dirty, as a result of getting lost and stepping into muddy puddles and thorny bushes. Only then Berrykin Bloom reveals - quite ironically - that he does not like cupcakes, only fruits and vegetables.

The ceremony is held to the delight of everyone. Berrykin Bloom receives his award - the royal rutabaga - and thanks the crowd. He announces that it was quite an unusual day for him, and he is not sure why he was invited to the Gentlemen's Diversion Club, but these were the best twenty-four hours in his life. He heartily thanks Huckleberry for the experience.


The girls learn that when we try to show our appreciation or thanks to someone, it doesn't matter who has the best gift. The most important thing is just being a true friend and showing how much we care for the person.


  • (opening scene: Strawberry gives her friends a cooking lesson)
  • Strawberry: I'm berry excited to get started! Now that we've tackled better basics and basics of berry flawless baking, I am certain you are prepared for today's class: creative cupcaking! (chuckles) Are you ready to cupcake?
  • Blueberry: Yeah!
  • Orange: Let's do it!
  • Raspberry: Whoo-oo!
  • Lemon: It's on!
  • Strawberry: I've got our ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, all this fresh strawberry jam. So... let the baking begin!


  • Strawberry: Berry creative! Orange is putting mint leaves and chocolate chips in her batter for a mint chip cupcake creation. I'm putting real midst of strawberries in my cupcake to make it extra moist and tasty. How about you, Lemon?
  • Lemon: I'm replacing some of the oil in mine with an apple sauce. Adds flavour and... (sniffs) mmmmm... apple fragrance.
  • Strawberry: (sniffs Lemon's bowl) Mmmmm! Blueberry, how about you being cupcake-creative today?
  • Blueberry: I'm adding ground zucchini.
  • (the other girls look at her strangely)
  • Blueberry: Well, I've read about it in cupcaking blog. It's good. It will taste like nuts and cinnamon.


  • Strawberry: I have a feeling this is going to be the berry biggest, berry baddest bakeoff ever...


  • Strawberry: I know, I'll make a Pupcake cupcake!


  • Blueberry: (about Berrykin Bloom) Oh, he's so humble.


  • (Berrykin Bloom's statue starts shaking. Berrykin Ed opens the gearbox and finds a fork inside)
  • Berrykin Ed: Earl... how come there's a fork in the gearbox?!
  • Berrykin Earl: (embarrassed) Eh... 'cause I was all done eatin' frosting!



  • Cherry is absent most of the episode.
  • Cherry and Plum have no speaking lines in this episode.
  • In their cupcakes, the additional ingredients used by the girls included:
    • Orange: Mint leaves and chocolate chips for a mixed-chip cupcake creation.
    • Strawberry: Real bits of strawberry to make the cupcake extra tasty.
    • Lemon: Applesauce to replace some of the oil to make the cupcake apple-flavoured.
    • Blueberry: Ground zucchini, having read in the cupcaking blog that it would make the cupcake taste like nuts and cinnamon.
  • This episode shows that the Berrykin Princess is not exactly flawless when it comes to manners.
  • The fourth wall is broken in this episode when Strawberry's volcano cake became in erupt and the jam lave covered the screen and slid down in the screen changing the scene.
  • The final appearance of Chiffon and Scouty in the show.


  • Raspberry comments going to ask Plum for help decorating the Gazebo, and asking Cherry for help making up some music. But Plum was right there with her, unlike Cherry. Raspberry could have just asked her right there on the spot.
  • Ed tells Earl "I got four words for you" but he says only two words - "frosting licking".
  • Huck says that he and Berrykin Bloom got lost all night - but night has not fallen since the beginning of the episode.