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The Berry Big Relay Race
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Mar 30, 2013

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The Berry Big Relay Race is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Strawberry and the other Berry girls hold a relay race while waiting for the Sparkleberry Juice system to be fixed.

Episode Review

Orange is playing fetch with Marmalade, who keeps running off and then returning without any of the balls she throws. After she chases Marmalade, she sees Cherry and Cinnapup leaving the Fresh Fashions Boutique. Orange explains to Cherry that she was trying to teach Marmalade how to fetch but it isn't working, so Cherry suggests that they show Marmalade how to play, as Cinnapup can fetch. They try this idea but before Cinnapup can return the ball, Marmalade takes off with it.

Cherry and Orange run after Marmalade and while searching for her, Cherry points out that Strawberry helped her teach Cinnapup how to fetch. Orange likes this idea and decides she will take Marmalade to see Strawberry. Once they get Marmalade back, the two girls head to the Berry Bitty Cafe.

Meanwhile, at the Lemon Salon, Lemon is busily attending to Strawberry, Plum, and Raspberry as Henna observes. Suddenly, everything goes hay-wire! In order to distract Strawberry and Plum from their messed up hair, Lemon puts
some herbal eye mask on their faces and re-does their hair quickly. It goes fine until Strawberry witnesses Lemon's hair dryer suddenly go crazy and everything begins to freak out in the salon. As Orange and Cherry come inside, hearing everyone's screams, Strawberry calls Berrykin Bruce and informs him of the problem. She is told that everything has broken into chaos back at the Berryworks and they have no clue what's causing it but he promises to send someone over.

After she hangs her cellphone up, the girls attempt to catch one of Lemon's strange boxes that the strange magic erupted from and they tape it to the floor. Along with every other appliance that behaved weirdly.

It's then the girls hear some noise outside and they go out to see a bunch of Berrykins digging and drilling at the ground. Strawberry tries to talk to them but finds it difficult with so much noise. He heads inside in hopes of finding the cause of all the chaos and manages to locate the problem in the Salon very easily. Unfortunately, it's going to be very, VERY hard to find the cause related to the problem. But he believes they can have it fixed by that evening if anything. The girls are then informed that it will be pretty noisy all over town, and that it will worsen later in the day. So before he leaves, he suggests they all just stop working until it's fixed.

Once Strawberry manages to quiet everything down, the girls take turns thinking of ideas for the day. Lemon thinks they should just wait all day in Blueberry Books, but Blueberry claims it not to be very practical. Plum suggests they just use their scooters to head to Berry Bitty Dale and back a few times, but Cherry points out they would need power for that also. It's then Strawberry gets a wonderful idea, she thinks this would be a good time to try to find something new and fun, and different and exciting, like a berry bitty big race.

Strawberry explains that they can divide into teams and use all sorts of locations to do this race. Like first over water, then on land, then in the sky. With this all decided, the girls run off to finish planning and preparing for the big relay race. But unknown to them, two nearby Berrykins who should be working, decide they want to sneak off to watch the race.

Once everyone is changed and ready, Strawberry explains the rules to Plum and Cherry, who will be going first for the two teams. On one team it's Cherry, Orange, and Lemon. On the other it's Plum, Raspberry, and Blueberry. Plum is in the lead
during the race but Cherry ends up ahead of her after her rope snags on one of the objects in the water. As they hand the batons to Lemon and Raspberry, the girls run off so that they can keep watch over the second part of the race.

Meanwhile, Berrykin Earl and Berrykin Ed struggle to find their way to the lake until they fall into the water. Then they are trampled by the frogs Raspberry and Lemon ride as they reach the end of the second part of the race. Raspberry and Lemon hand over their batons to Orange and Blueberry so that they may finish the final part of the race and the two girls hop onto their birds. When Orange realizes her baton has gone missing, Strawberry gives her a replacement stick and the two girls take off with their birds.

Unknowingly however, the berrykins are in the bush one of the birds happens to grab a hold of but nobody notices this. The
berrykins have a lot of fun and they gently float back to work before Berrykin Bruce realizes they're gone.

As both Blueberry and Orange come to the end of the relay race, Strawberry takes a photo to determine the winner, but in the end it turns out to be a tie. Which makes the girls very happy and they all head back on home. As they arrive, Strawberry tries to ask the berrykins why they haven't finished yet, but they claim that it's a bigger job then they thought, so they will probably have it fixed the following day. But the berry girls don't mind very much since this means that they can think of something else fun to do later on.

But for now they all need a good nap and go off to their own homes. Orange realizes that Marmalade has run off and wonders where her troublesome pooch happened to wonder off to. As the episode comes to an end, Marmalade runs off while carrying the baton from earlier.



  • (Strawberry and Plum's hair becomes messed up)
  • Raspberry: (to Lemon) Uh, if that's the new look you were telling me about, I uh... think I'll stick with the old... the last... I mean, I'll stay with what I have.


  • (the Berry girls hear sounds of marching and whistling from outside of the salon. Orange looks through the window)
  • Orange: If you didn't believe that, you're really not gonna believe this...
  • (the girls step outside. Berrykin Bruce and a large crew of workers arrive)
  • Berrykin Bruce: Aaaaand... halt!
  • (the Berrkins stop, except Berrykin Earl who continues marching. He notices that everyone else stopped, and hurries backward to the line)
  • Berrykin Bruce: Aaaaand... dig!
  • (the crew starts working)


  • Orange: I vote we spend the entire day bored...
  • Strawberry: No!
  • Orange: Okay, bored... and frustrated!


  • (Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl sneak to watch the relay race, using a bush as a camouflage)
  • Berrykin Earl: So, Ed, do you think we are at the lake yet?
  • Berrykin Ed: (grumbles) For the tenth time, Earl, we're not at the lake yet! You'll know when you get to the lake!
  • Berrykin Earl: But how? I can't see where're we going.
  • Berrykin Ed: Look down, Earl. What do you see?
  • Berrykin Earl: My feet.
  • Berrykin Ed: And what else?
  • Berrykin Earl: Your feet.
  • Berrykin Ed: (about to lose patience) WHAT ELSE, EARL?!
  • Berrykin Earl: Rocks?
  • Berrykin Ed: Right! Rocks! When we get to the lake, we'll look down and see... lake!
  • (they fall into the lake with a SPLASH)
  • Berrykin Earl: HEY! WE'RE HERE!



  • This is the second Season 3 episode in which Huckleberry does not make an appearance.
  • Berrykin Ed and Earl shirk their working duties in this episode. This is a very exceptional behavior for them.
  • The batons are painted with the theme colors of the respective group members.
  • The second and last time that Strawberry wears the referee suit, following "The Berry Long Winter".


  • After Cherry and Orange chase Marmalade, the tube of balls Orange has been holding vanishes.
  • In this episode Berrykin Bruce is green, while in Season 2 he is blue.
  • All the girls except Blueberry gather in Lemon Salon. When they step outside, Blueberry is among them.