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"The Berry Big Harvest" is the 1st episode of Season 2, and 27th episode in the entire series. The episode first
aired on November 5th, 2011.


In the season 2 opener, Orange struggles to deal with an overflow of new products at her store.

Episode Review

Strawberry is humming as she places down many dishes along the tables surrounding her. Custard and Pupcake run around and almost trip her, but luckily nothing is broke! Strawberry continues by pouring many glasses of orange juice but upon realizing she still has plenty of time remaining before the Cafe opens, she decides to clean out her fridge. But she then recalls she has already cleaned it out, so she just decides to clean her oven...but its the same case. So she instead decides she'll just go out to shop for some strawberries and she follows after Pupcake who is too busy chasing a butterfly.

As she runs by, she greets her friends, stopping by Lemon's, who mentions she has made a new hair fragrance for Strawberry, who continues all the way until she reaches Orange Mart. She asks Orange if she needs anything while she's out shopping, to which Orange mentions needing a couple sunflower seeds. So Strawberry continues until she reaches Berryglen, where she tells both Pupcake and Custard not to budge an inch before she goes to retrieve the sunflower seeds.

At the very top of the sunflower, she picks a few before seeing the sunflower begin to shake! She falls down multiple sunflowers but luckily makes it down safely! Strawberry asks who could have shrunk the flowers and she is led to a mysterious path and gathers a few more items while noticing how tiny they are too! Continuing on her path she comes by tiny pumpkins and hears nearby Berrykins singing as they gather Tomatoes and flowers. She comes across Berrykin Bloom to see him working on an odd mixture and he explains that it will shrink objects and make them berry bitty sized. However, they got too much produce then he expected so Strawberry offers to take the extra stuff back to Orange Mart.

Meanwhile, Orange is gathering up the items a Berrykin needed when Berrykin Bill comes in to ask for some wood. He also asks for Sunflower Seeds, to which Orange mentions Strawberry will be bringing them back soon and she comes outside to see many boxes and containers of fruit left by Strawberry! Berrykin Bloom asks if Orange has enough room for all the fruit and Strawberry offers to help Orange make some room for it, but Orange insists she can do it herself and that she'll be fine.

The other berry girls meanwhile, are pretty confused and don't really understand what's going on. Fruit and vegetables are everywhere! Strawberry informs them that Orange keeps insisting that she can do it herself, and she has it under control. Only for Raspberry to show the others how "under-control" things are. With all of the Berrykins trying to get their orders. Lemon then asks Strawberry something related to the fruit, to which Strawberry tells Orange that the Peaches and Pears are beginning to wilt in the sun. And they begin to watch her as she runs outside trying to help and soon Orange has given them their own section consisting of umbrellas to shade them, pinwheels for a nice breeze, and perfume bottles filled with water.

So the girls decide to head to Strawberry's for breakfast, in order to give Orange time to work. Strawberry talks with Lemon over the phone and mentions how nearly everybody in town is at Orange's. Lemon goes on to say that Orange won't let them help, despite clearly seeming to need it. To which Strawberry explains that since Orange was the one girl who didn't show up at Breakfast, she gave them to Pupcake so they didn't go to waste. When Lemon mentions how close it is to lunch, Strawberry hangs up to go and takes a snack over to Orange.

On her way she stares in shock to see how many Berrykins are lined up!

Orange has built an elaborate system of tubes throughout her store, with the vegetables and fruits in order to
make things more smooth due to the sudden increase of customers. Strawberry hands her the sandwich she made but Orange makes it clear she's too busy to eat right now, and apparently has been up for a pretty long time. The two girls watch as Berrykins then proceed to get into the tubes, some getting stuck, some breaking the tubes. This causes food to spill everywhere!

All of the random chaos is then shown, such as berrykins rolling out of Orange Mart on the fruits, them getting splattered all over Raspberry's dress she is making, the birdy in a game of bad mitten getting hit by one, berry juice getting stuck to the floor of Plum's dance studio (though she liked how they danced) and one berrykin in a painting lesson. Strawberry and Orange rush outside to see all of the damage and mess that has been made and Strawberry offers to help her clean it, but Orange immediately turns down said offer.

So in secrecy the girls decide to help her clean at Strawberry's Cafe. Gathering the random vegetables that could be salvaged. They talk to themselves, saying how its not Orange's fault that her store is overrun. It's then Strawberry begins to form an idea and goes to see Orange

The building for the Market Place is then shown as the girls are together working on it and decide to stop for the day. Berrykin Bloom comes over and mentions that he's having trouble with the seeds when Strawberry goes on to say that they need to hurry then as they only got two weeks to finish.

The episode ends as Strawberry calls for her friends to come back. They need to hurry up if they plan to finish in time!


Strawberry: Hm, I smell something...

Plum: (sniffs) Uh, Mangos?

Strawberry: No, an idea.


Strawberry: So, as I was saying... I need to ask you a favor.

Orange: Anything.

Strawberry: Well, I have this dream of--Custard, no! Like I said--that's not a toy! This dream of opening a side business...

Orange: Yeah? *gasps* How fun! What kind of business?



  • Strawberry is humming the Berrykin theme song. They sing this a few minutes later in the episode.
  • The list of woods Orange has: Pine, Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Peach, Apple, Elm, Ash, Hickory, Ebony, Cedar, Poplar, Maple, Spruce, Sycamore, Teak, Rosewood, Rubber-wood, Cotton wood, Walnut, and Willow. She listed peach twice, and had a sale on Willow.
  • This is the episode that begins the Market Place and Apartment building. It also introduces Berrykin Bill to the series.
  • This is the first episode to end on a cliff-hanger.
  • This episode breaks the fourth wall when a tomato hits the screen causing it to slowly wipe down while it changes to black.
  • Orange begins to show inventing skills this season starting with this episode.
  • This is the first time to show a baby berrykin and parent together. Blueberry is showing the baby how to water paint when she assumes it painted a masterpiece, upon turning to see the splattered vegetables all over the canvas. She then suggests they enroll the berrykin into a special art school!


  • In this episode, Orange calls her store "Orange's General Store".


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