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The Berry Best You Can Bee





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Oct 19, 2010

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"The Berry Best You Can Bee" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Strawberry learns a life lesson while working at the Bumblebee Post Office.

Episode Review

The episode begins as Strawberry is finishing a letter to send to a friend of hers. Orange takes it to the mail slot as someone suddenly sneezes, and sends the letters all over the place. Inside the room, Postmaster Bumblebee is busy gathering them as the other bee seems terribly ill. They suggest he goes home, being too sick to work and he proceeds to sneeze his way outside as Postmaster Bumblebee tries to figure out what he can do. All of the other bees are on vacation and the only one there is sick.

Explaining that he is the only person to deliver the mail and explains that he must hurry since Mr. Clement Cricket's birthday is today and he had a special gift he wanted to give. A bit sad that it will be late, he goes to leave when Strawberry hurriedly offers to do the mail delivery for him.

She mentions her scooter, and that she has a day off from the Cafe. So she can help him and confirms she will do this when he hands over the hat all mail personnel must wear when on the job. Jadeybug then hunts for the right stamper, only to see it's missing. After a few minutes she finally manages to locate the right stamp and Strawberry leaves as Plum congratulates her and comments on the hat.

Plum and Orange are unsure if Strawberry can really do this but she assures them she can, since it's still morning out and that leaves her with plenty of time to get there and back. As she is on her way over, she is suddenly interrupted by Lemon who mentions having a problem at the salon. Rushing inside, the two girls discuss what happened to Blueberry and Strawberry is only stunned for a moment before adding that she needs to leave. She suggests that in order to fix it, Lemon should add Vanilla pudding, and then some avocado oil. She mentions that Blueberry will still come around, even if she can't fix it though.

Back at Orange Mart, Jadeybug informs Orange that a recent storm has caused the pathway to become blocked. Strawberry won't be able to get through, but when Orange tries to tell her she is too late.

Eventually coming to a pathway Strawberry sees a bunch of big logs blocking her path. She mentions they have to keep going, but just leave her scooter behind since there's no way around it that they have time to look for. So she climbs over the logs and twigs as Pupcake follows. On the other side now, Strawberry questions how much further remains. She sees a sign with a few different parts when suddenly the wind causes them to fall off. While trying to figure out the way she should go, two ladybugs suddenly begin to argue.

They resume arguing, then told Strawberry they need her help to figure out who is right, then go on to mention that to mention they lost their picnic basket and argue over who lost the basket and who is the hungriest. After mentioning it "grew away" the flower took their picnic from them, Strawberry offers to help them and proceeds to do so and after she gives them the food she goes on to continue, telling Pupcake they will try one of the roads.

Strawberry mentions she has to deliver a package, once the twins ask her if she was going to stay for their picnic, then bicker over which direction is right. After she thanks them, Strawberry heads along her way until she comes to the River they mentioned. It's then Strawberry falls through a hole.

With some help, she manages to get out and the two sit there in defeat while trying to figure out what to do when suddenly the bridge collapse on them! She then goes back to her scooter, rather upset that she failed and drives back to town to see Blueberry watering some plants. Strawberry explains of the many incidents, then leaves to go and tell the Post Master what happened.

Back at the Post Office, Strawberry explains what happened, Postmaster Bumblebee doesn't seem too disappointed and is rather impressed that she got as far as she did, knowing she feels bad about this when Blueberry suddenly comes by with her idea. After she gathers everyone in town. They show Strawberry the amazing new thing they put together: special modified version of her scooter (with many butterflies) and with that in mind, she heads back quickly in order to get to Mr. Cricket's house.

As she arrives the episode comes to an end as she gives the package to Mr. Cricket.


  • Strawberry: Uh... "Do not open until Christmas"?
  • Jadeybug: Of course, it'd be cheating...
  • Strawberry: Huh?...but, it's his....birthday.



Strawberry learns to remain persistant, and to reach for her goals - even when others are unable to help or believe she couldn't do it.


  • This is the first time Strawberry is mentioned having a personal day from work.
  • Kadiebug and Sadiebug appear for the first time with speaking lines, but they gain a proper introduction in the next episode.
  • This is Jadeybug's first appearence.
  • Custard does not appear in this episode.
  • The stamps on Clement Cricket's package say: "Do not open till Christmas", "Fragile", "This end up", "Return to sender", "Special delivery", "Don't drop this package" and "Sorry, doesn't live here anymore".


  • When Sadiebug says "No way", she sounds like Kadiebug.
  • It is shown in later episodes ("Manners Meltdown", "Glimmerberry Ball", "Good Citizens Club") that Sadiebug and Kadiebug can fly. Why didn't they simply fly and retrieve their picnic basket from the top of the flower?


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