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"The Berry Best Vacation" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. It first aired on February 18,
2012 and is the 9th episode of season 2, the 35th episode all together in the series.


The girls' vacation gets interrupted when a TV reporter stops by to interview Cherry.

Episode Review

The berry girls are in the middle of going over the items they will all need for their vacation to make sure they have gotten everything ready by then. Strawberry tells Berrykin Bill that he and the berrykins can vacation here also, since they had all helped to build it and they begin to wonder what is keeping the others from showing up on time. Raspberry has trouble with her parasol, Blueberry is too busy trying to go through a stack of books she "needs" on the vacation, Lemon wonders what's wrong with her special sunscreen she's been working to make, and Orange has trouble walking as she wears her snorkeling attire due to being unable to fit it with her other items.

Suddenly as Blueberry and Orange converse, they see Raspberry fly out of her boutique when her umbrella collapses on her once more. They soon come across a distressed Plum wearing her mermaid costume, as she wished to get some water ballet practice in. She is stuck in some vines so they are quick to help her while Cherry and Strawberry find them shortly after. Then they all begin to worry that something bad may happen....

Then Mavis Maraschino shows up...

She gets out and explains to the berry girls that she is making a Cherry Jam oriented television series. A purple berrykin named Bertram suddenly comes out and begins to record the scene going on while Cherry tries to tell her that she isn't interested, but Mavis does not listen. Cherry tells her that they won't be going to Berry Breezy Bay, in which Mavis cuts the recording all too quickly before she gets worked up. They all begin to explain that they will be going to the resort they made themselves, though they do not inform her of the location...

Until she challenges it by claiming it' probably not very good. The berry girls get offended and upset, and they go to prove to her that it is just as good as any five star resort.

At the beach the girls show Mavis while she goes on to say that they may still be able to do this show with some edits so she tells the Berrykin to resume filming before claiming that they are at the Berry Breezy Bay resort, But Strawberry goes on to say that its the Berry Bitty City's resort instead. An annoyed Mavis states that the audience want glitter and glamor, before she walks off.

Everyone is beginning to grow upset since they think Mavis will ruin their fun time and Cherry promises to fix it, since Mavis only came to see her. She quickly hides under Raspberry's collapsed parasol with her, which makes her get the idea of hiding from Mavis every time she comes by and they quickly hide on the beach, with each girl hiding under her hat with only her feet sticking out. Then when Mavis goes each hat one by one she gets fed up and walks away, revealing that Cherry hid under a blanket and an empty garbage basket.

Later on, Mavis is still on the search for Cherry. She refuses to give up so Cherry offers to just give the interview she wants so much in order to make her leave. So in a little while, Mavis comes by the girls in the middle of a barbeque and she yanks her away, shoving Blueberry out of her chair. She then insincerely apologizes for tossing Blueberry off, then roughly sits down Cherry. As Mavis begins to insist that Blueberry leave to get Cherry a drink, Cherry instantly says she can't do this since she does not want her friends to do things for her, when she can do them herself.

Mavis then decides to check in as Raspberry and another berrykin bring over some items. Orange points out that next summer they will probably have a lot of guest due to a great review. Cherry then suggests that she just politely asks Mavis to leave. However, Strawberry is a bit concerned since they have never asked anyone to ever leave Berry Bitty City. After Raspberry points out she would never want to leave, due to the comfort its then Cherry gets a brilliant idea!

That evening, Mavis resumes filming as Strawberry goes over the plans with the small berrykins dressed as crabs. They begin the plan and Cherry runs across the beach to tell Mavis that a whole bunch of crabs have begun to attack and a "Lizard monster" appears! Then they have a pretend storm occur and Mavis panics as a bunch of dust being blowing around furiously. She runs and smacks right into Lemon, who seems to have acquired chicken pox and Mavis runs in another direction until she finds a spot to hide.

Cherry and Strawberry approach and suggest to her that she leaves if she is upset now. Mavis suddenly is inspired to make a different show instead, based on what just happened. A show about exciting adventures and hazardous moments. She informs them that she plans to stay permanently now.

The following day, Blueberry meets with the other berry girls at Strawberry's Cafe in order to speak with the others. Apparently Mavis wants to take a lunch on her trip while she goes around to explore the new ground. Cherry once again gets another idea and she asks for the original draft Strawberry wrote for her entry in a contest, along with some writing skills from Blueberry.

When Mavis comes by Cherry shows her the new magazine she recently got and Mavis becomes very angry and leaves as Cherry voices her concern, beginning to feel badly for tricking Mavis. Strawberry and Cherry then go to admit that they lied and explain that Blueberry made the magazine, and it isn't a real one. Hesitantly, Cherry also explains that they just want to spend vacation having fun, not filming some sort of television show. But Mavis refuses to listen and leaves to go and explore uncharted lands!

As soon as she leaves and is out of sight the girls all begin to cheer! Now they can enjoy the beach!

It then begins to rain....

Gathering some umbrella's the girls all crowd underneath of them while sitting or standing by/on the beach chairs. They all feel sad that they cannot spend the day playing on the beach when Cherry begins to laugh about all of the silly things they did to get rid of Mavis. Strawberry adds that while it may not have been the vacation they wanted, it was still a lot of fun. Shortly after, Cherry notices the rain has stopped so the girls quickly go to enjoy a nice round of volleyball when Lemon begins to scream!

Apparently her face has now turned Orange due to too much papaya in her sunscreen as the episode ends...


  • Plum: Oh! Morning, Rapsberry!
  • Raspberry: Morning, Plum!


  • Strawberry: Hi, Mavis!
  • Raspberry: Hi, Mavis!
  • Blueberry: Hi, Mavis!
  • Orange: Hi, Mavis!
  • Plum: Well hello, Mavis!


  • Both: (Giggles)
  • Strawberry: Great idea Cherry!
  • Cherry: (She giggles) It worked!


  • Lemon: (Screams) Too much papaya!


  • Raspberry's umbrella closes on her 5 times
  • Lemon barely appears in this episode, but this is probably due to being embarrassed so she didn't want to come out of the room she was staying in on the beach.
  • This episode reveals that Berry Bitty City has things like hamburgers. But they could be made out of fruit or a vegetable, despite the coloring.


  • At the opening scene Strawberry addresses Berrykin Bill by his correct name, but while they play the prank on Mavis she calls him "Berrykin Bruce".


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