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The Berry Best Treasure



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Apr 6, 2013

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The Berry Best Treasure is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The Berry girls go on a treasure hunt to cure their boredom, but in that time they learn what really matters to them.

Episode Review

Cherry is in the middle of trying to work on a song for the Wailing Willows band, but finds it difficult to concentrate with all of the noise coming from the construction work outside. As she gets up, she points out that the Berrykins said they would be finished the day before, but apparently they aren't. Strawberry goes on to try to say something but suddenly everything goes nuts. They try leaving the Berry Bitty Cafe, but stop when Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl burst in through the floor, explaining that they have been trying to tackle the Sparkleberry power outage problem, but they accidentally crossed some cables under Strawberry's cafe. But they think they can fix it by the end of the day so Strawberry suggests that she and the other Berry girls leave town for today so that they avoid getting in the way.

As they leave, an upset Cherry comments on how much work time she is losing because of this, but Strawberry manages to turn her mood around when she claims they just have to make the best of the situation and she calls the others, explaining everything to them.

At first Blueberry is kind of irked until she hears Strawberry's plan and offers to bring some paper. But first she needs help.

After they manage to aid Blueberry, Lemon walks in with very messed up hair. She explains that the power in her salon keeps going crazy every now and then and her hair drying machine freaked out. So everyone regroups outside of Lemon Salon, where Lemon is attempting to fix the predicament.

After she does, Strawberry explains the rules of all of her friends before they begin their fun treasure hunt. Whoever finds all of their special items first, wins the jackpot, the banana chips she was preparing earlier. She begins to explain how the two teams work and that in an hour, everyone will re-group after they have hidden all of their clues and items, then they will go to find each others treasures. Team one includes Raspberry, Blueberry, Plum, and Lemon. Team two consists of Strawberry, Orange, and Cherry.

Back at the Berry Bitty Cafe the Berrykins think they may have fixed everything until Ed points out that he may have left behind something, so he goes to check as the Earl cleans up. As he does so, he sees some things around the cafe begin to act strange again, and a piece of toast chases him! He rushes to the hole in the floor and forces Ed to come back with him. But when they return, the stuff has stopped going crazy... Ed dismisses that as Earl's fancy imagination.

Back with the Berry girls, Blueberry and Strawberry exchange papers. Blueberry's team
takes off while the girls struggle to solve clue 1 until Orange realizes that the first treasure was hidden with the morning glory flowers. Strawberry checks and realizes the hint matches as Orange peaks into one to pull out a sailing cap. The girls go over the next clue until they realize their dogs are momentarily missing, just to find them hiding in a nearby little patch of flowers.

Meanwhile, Blueberry's group is trying to find a parsley plant when Plum points out that Berrykin Bloom grows that kind of plant by the meadow. Their dogs go in another direction.

Back with Strawberry's group, they realize their second treasure is hiding at the top of a tall tree in a bird's nest. So Strawberry climbs to the top to check. She sees the next cap and takes her leave, handing it to Orange. They go to the next clue, but they don't understand until Strawberry points it out.

The others managed to find their first treasure, a Strawberry when they notice their dogs have gone missing. Blueberry reads over the next clue and they realize they have to go to the beach and look for a sandcastle.

Back with the Berrykins, Ed asks Earl to go and get some nails, which he left over by the fridge. Earl is kind of nervous, given the strange and bizarre magic but since Ed gets impatient, he tries to attempt such a task.

Meanwhile, Blueberry's group goes to the beach and finds their next treasure inside a sandcastle, a patch of cloth, along with their
Lemon, Raspberry, Plum
next clue, to put their treasures and themselves together to figure out the next location. They figure out that by putting their treasures together, a strawberry and a patch, they get "strawberry patch", but are unable to figure out what the part of the clue means by putting themselves together, so Blueberry suggests that they try going to the strawberry patch first and go from there.

At the dock, Strawberry's group finds their next treasure, another sailing cap, on a platform in the middle of the lake. But as they set off to go get it, the dogs run off again.

Meanwhile at the strawberry patch, Blueberry suggests that if they each go to the north, east, south, and west points of the strawberry patch and put themselves together, they would end up in the center of the patch, so then they proceed to their respective areas.

Back at the dock, just as Strawberry's group proceeds back to the gazebo after collecting their final treasure, they realize that their dogs are missing, and decide that they should try to find them first before going to the gazebo.

Back at the strawberry patch, Blueberry's group makes it to the center of the patch, where Scouty senses something buried beneath the ground, and the dogs proceed to dig it up and find the last treasure, a box containing four bracelets. While the girls are eager to go back to the gazebo to claim the banana chips, the dogs are strangely not so enthusiastic to go back.

Meanwhile, back at Strawberry's group, Orange starts to fear that the dogs got lost, while Strawberry begins to wonder that perhaps it's themselves who are lost instead, with the girls realizing they're in quite a predicament and Cherry starting to fear that she'll never be able to turn in the song she promised to the Wailing Willows, ruining her work reputation. Strawberry then suggests that they play "I spy" to get their mind off their situation, which inspires Cherry to write her song about all the things she saw in nature today. After Cherry finishes her song, the girls find their dogs, who proceed to lead them back home.

Back with Blueberry's group, Blueberry starts
Girls are disapointed
to wonder if they're being led in circles before they meet up with Strawberry's group and agree to call it a tie and share the banana chips, only to discover that they're gone, eaten by the dogs. Strawberry insists that their treasure is not gone, that their friendship is the real treasure. She then suggests they go back to the cafe where she'll make more banana chips.

However, just as Ed and Earl are about to finish up back at the cafe, the kitchen appliances all start going haywire, sending the two fleeing past the girls, who are now looking forward to having to come up with another activity to do in the countryside as it will be quite a bit longer before the Berrykins are finished.


Berrykin Ed learns not to dismiss something others say as nonsense, even if it seemed impossible.


  • (opening scene: Cherry is in the café, playing a guitar. The loud drilling noise from outside keeps interrupting her)
  • Cherry: (sighs) Mangled mulberries! I can't concentrate. They said they would be finished yesterday. I mean, how much banging and shoveling and trenching can a person take?
  • Strawberry: (speaks loudly) The Berrykins are working on the Juiceberry pipes under my cafe. I've been trying to... make berry bitty banana chips, and I couldn't concentrate with all the... (sighs) ...noise.
  • (the drilling stops. Strawberry sighs with relief)
  • Strawberry: (giggles) Now, what were you saying?
  • Cherry: Pretty much what you said. I have to finish writing this song for the Wailing Willows band, but how can I concentrate with all this noise?


  • (the floor suddenly breaks open. Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl climb out of the hole)
  • Ed: Hiya, Strawberry! Hiya, Miss Cherry!
  • Earl: Top of the morning to you.
  • (Pupcake approaches Earl and licks his face. Earl giggles)
  • Earl: And good morning to you!
  • Strawberry: Hi guys! How are all the repairs going under the café?
  • Ed: Uh... well, you see, Miss Strawberry, uh, we, uh... we were trying to tackle this Sparkleberry power outage problem that's affecting the entire town and... and... we, uh, we kinda crossed some cables under your café.
  • Earl: Gotta, you know, uncross them.
  • Strawberry: How long will that take?
  • Ed: Well, we are estimating...
  • Earl: (interrupting) Guesstimating.
  • Ed: Guaranteeing...
  • Earl: Hoping.
  • Ed: Planning...
  • Earl: Speculating, skeptically speaking.
  • Ed: Calculating...
  • Earl: Crossing out fingers...
  • Ed: (irritated, to Earl) Do you mind?! (to Strawberry and Cherry) No doubt we will have this all fixed up by the end of day.
  • Strawberry: I see. So, probably best if the girls and I clear out of town for the day?
  • Ed: Say! That way, we wouldn't get in each other's way.
  • Strawberry: Okay.


  • Strawberry: Blueberry has a predicament she needs help with.
  • Cherry: What's a predicament?
  • Strawberry: Uhm... a... pickle?
  • Cherry: A pickle?!
  • Strawberry: A jam.
  • Cherry: Like a music jam session?
  • Strawberry: (giggles) Uhm... no... more like a difficulty, a problem.


  • (Lemon's hair is awfully messed up)
  • Lemon: The Sparkleberry power keeps coming and going in my salon, my hair dryer went crazy again! (squeals in panic) How I going to get my hair untangled?!
  • Cherry: It's definitely a predicament!


  • (a piece of toast chases Earl around. He rushes to the hole in the floor where Ed is working and tells him what he saw. They come out of the hole)
  • Ed: What are you talkin' about?
  • (they enter the kitchen. They don't see anything out of the ordinary, but Ed finds the piece of toast that chased Earl lying on the floor and then picks it up)
  • Ed: Were you eating toast?
  • Earl:! It attacked me!
  • Ed: (mockingly) Oh... you were attacked... By a piece of toast.
  • Earl: Well, Ed, I-I'm only telling you what happened. (whispers) I don't know how she can stand it...
  • Ed: (impatiently) WHO can stand WHAT?
  • Earl: Strawberry can stand working in a café that's... you know... (whispers) haunted.
  • Ed: (annoyed) Haunted? Haunted?! There is no such thing, Earl! Eeesh... you and your fancy imagination!
  • Earl: Well, Ed, I-I'm only telling you what...
  • Ed: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've got work to do. C'mon.


  • (following the first clue, Strawberry, Orange and Cherry approach the morning glory flowers. Several butterflies are on the petals)
  • Strawberry: Excuse me... pardon me... I beg your pardon.
  • (the butterflies fly away)
  • Orange: Morning glories!
  • Strawberry: You're right, Orange. They are open at the sunlight and they close at night.
  • (Strawberry peers inside one of the flowers. An annoyed buzzing comes from the inside. Strawberry steps backwards. A bumblebee flies out of the flower, clearly irritated for the disturbance)
  • Bumblebee: Mbmbmb!
  • Strawberry: (giggles) Sorry, Mr. Bumblebee.
  • (appeased, the bumblebee flies away, buzzing cheerfully)


  • (closing scene: the Berry girls return to the village. Ed and Earl run out of the cafe)
  • Berrykin Earl: Run for your lives!
  • (Ed and Earl run away screaming. The girls notice the inside of the Berry Bitty Cafe is going haywire)
  • Strawberry: Well, it looks like we're gonna have to think of something else to do out in the countryside.
  • Orange: Oh, that's too bad.
  • Plum: Aw shucks.
  • Cherry: Aw yeah. Too bad.
  • (they burst out laughing)


  • The premise of the episode used in most descriptions for it is a bit off: the girls decide to go on a treasure hunt in hopes of doing something new and exciting, and their dogs only vanish late in the episode.
  • This is the third Season 3 episode in which Huckleberry does not appear.