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The Berry Best Biscuit





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August 15, 2015

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The Berry Best Biscuit is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Apple and Sour have a little prank war and end up in trouble, which turns into the two girls becoming friends, much to everyone's relief until Apple starts behaving mean like Sour.

Episode Review

At the cafe, Sweet and Strawberry prepare dog biscuits, and Apple wraps them in packages. Apple comments they look more like cookies. Strawberry chuckles and says they can eat those biscuits as well, since they are made of ingredients that people eat. The only difference is that the biscuits are not sweet but savory-flavored, since that's what dogs like, and their icing is made from sweet potato, without sugar. Apple tastes one, just as Sour enters. Sour yells "AHA!", then makes fun of Apple for eating dog biscuits. Apple covers her face, embarrassed. Strawberry assures Sour there is nothing wrong about eating those as they are made out of all the same ingredients of a sweet potato cracker, and she and Sweet tasted them too, and offers her one. Sour is disgusted at the idea of eating dog food... like some people she knows. Strawberry gives Sour a package to send, chides her for teasing Apple too far, and suggests that she apologizes. Sour "apologizes" in a very non-apologetic manner, snickers mockingly and leaves.

At Blueberry's store, Blueberry, Lemon, Cherry and the twins discuss a mystery book. Apple enters, bringing muffins and spiced hot cider from Strawberry. Sweet thanks her. Sour, continuing the joke, does a dog imitation. Sweet facepalms, but the other girls have no idea why Sour acts that way: Cherry asks her if she is turning into a werewolf. Sour reveals that Apple ate dog food. Again, Apple lowers her head in embarrassment. Sweet explains the other girls that Apple only tried the sweet potato dog biscuits. Sour bursts into laughing, very rudely. Blueberry is angry at Sour for being impolite, and warns her that she should be nice, otherwise she will be expelled from the book club. Again, Sour "apologizes". Offended, Apple leaves. The four girls glare at Sour.

Next morning, Cherry gives Apple a music lesson. Sour passes by, and barks at them. Cherry chides Sour for interrupting the lesson. Sour "apologizes" and leaves. Apple exclaims furiously "That's the last pineapple!" and walks away, saying that in the Berry Big Outback, after being insulted three times - you have to defend your honor. Cherry comments she is unsure if it applies to Berry Bitty City.

Next day, Sour, Orange, Cherry and Apple are in Lemon's salon. Lemon washes Sour's hair, while the other girls wait for their turn. Apple chuckles. Sour compliments Lemon on the new shampoo. Lemon is confused, for she has been using the same shampoo for weeks. She smells the bottle and frowns: it smells like sandalwood, but is supposed to be lavender! Apple chuckles. Lemon takes another bottle with a dog label on it, smells it, then exclaims angrily: how did a dog shampoo get into the bottle she has just used to wash Sour's hair?! Cherry gasps, realizing who is the culprit. She looks at Apple accusingly. Apple says mockingly that Sour likes to have her hair washed with dog shampoo - followed by a good dusting of flea powder! Sour gasps and screams with a rage.


What is Sour up to?

That night, Sour does something with a little saw. She chuckles slyly as she finishes.

The next morning, Apple comes to the cafe, asking for her usual. Sweet points at the table. Strawberry says that Sour prepared a special table, and that was nice of her. As Apple sits, a hand puppet comes out of the plate. Apple recoils in fear and falls off the chair. Sour emerges from under the table, the puppet on her hand, laughing at Apple. Apple lifts the plate whose bottom is missing, revealing a hole in tablecloth - and a matching hole in the table! Strawberry is shocked at the damages Sour caused to her property.



Next day, the annual croquet tourney is held. Sour is competing with Sweet, Orange and Plum. The other girls, several Berrykins and Princess Berrykin watch the game. The Queen of Berryvania sits next to the Princess. Apple emerges from behind a bush. She connects a barrel to the watering system, then presses a switch on the control panel... one of the sprinklers emerges from the ground and sprays Sour and Sweet with Sparkleberry goop. Apple is so smug that her prank worked (although Sweet did her no ill), that she leans her hand on the panel, unintentionally turning the pressure knob to maximum. As a result, the other sprinklers come out of the ground and spray the goop all over the field. When Apple realizes what she did, she tries to shut off the sprinklers, but it is too late: all the girls and berrykins get soaked, including the royal guest. Strawberry, Plum, Blueberry and Cherry find Apple by the control panel and glare at her.

Sour and Apple are put on trial. Strawberry announces the charges, and the other seven girls officiate as jury. Strawberry  thanks the princess and the queen (who are busy wiping their faces) for their testimony how they got covered with the goop at the croquet, then describes what happened at the croquet, and the damage to her property - all because of the feud between Apple and Sour. Strawberry asks the jury if they reached a decision. Cherry declares the verdict: Apple and Sour will spend the weekend camping at Berry Beautiful Meadow... alone, together. Apple and Sour are shocked.

Before the two culprits leave, Sweet begs them to try get along. They do not get along: once they reach the camping site, they mark a line in the ground as a border, and each stays in her part. Later, Sour fixes herself a meal, while Apple has nothing better to eat than a snack bar. Sour has difficulties setting up her tent and blowing her mattress, while Apple does it easily. Next morning, Apple's stomach rumbles, while Sour has a backache.

At evening, Sour cooks food, when a rustling in nearby flowers frighten her. In fear, she accidentally throws the meal on the ground. Apple approaches from a different direction, not laughing. Sour blames her. Apple apologizes. Sour shrugs and makes another meal. Apple hesitates, Sour encouraging her impatiently to speak, and finally suggests a bargain: she will set up Sour's tent and blow her mattress if Sour makes a meal and dessert for her. Sour thinks it over and agrees. They eat separately, but compliments each other. Later they sit by the campfire, speaking about the mutual pranks. Sour takes responsibility for starting the feud and apologizes - this time, sincerely. They agree that they should make up for the damage they caused the other girls - by not playing any more pranks.

Apple and Sour return. Strawberry, Sweet and Cherry, who have been waiting for them, are surprised and delighted to see them walk together, giggling. Strawberry comments the punishment worked better than she thought.

Next day, Apple comes to the cafe. She apologizes to Sweet and Strawberry for not being around to help with the dog biscuits, and for the troubles she caused. Strawberry is glad that she and Sour worked things out. Apple says Sour is OK, wishing she could cook like her. Strawberry suggests that Apple helps them by baking her own biscuits. Sweet say they will help Apple with the basic recipe, and she can add whatever ingredients she wants that pups will like.

Apple gives Tea Time a carrot-flavored biscuit that she made herself, her own recipe. That night, Apple packs biscuits for Scouty, Marmalade and Chiffon, she notices Tea Time walking outside. She follows him and watches how he drops the biscuit into a hole. Next morning, she tells Sour tearfully what happened, that she must be a terrible cook, and cannot gives the pups the biscuits she made for them - they probably won't like them either. Sour offers to give her crash cooking lesson, but she must follow orders. At first Apple fumbles with the cooking, Sour keeps chiding her (later Apple chides herself), but finally manages to cook tasty biscuits. Sour compliments her "you are a natural chef". Though Apple may not be aware of that, she uses the same expressions Sour does to show discontentment "Oh, great! Just great!" and contentment "I knew it! I'm brilliant!".

At the book club meeting, Sweet asks "How could sweet Pat Primrose be so... so beenish?". Sour says that people always have a dark side. Lemon comments that Sweet does not have a dark side, and they smile at each other. Apple enters, bringing a cider and a basket of popovers, her face wearing similar expression to Sour's. She asks in a tone that sounds suspiciously like Sour's "Who done it?". Sour answers sourly that they are only at chapter four, and some people do not like to skip to the end. Blueberry frowns at the quip that was meant for her. Apple says that the big mystery is: why do they sit every week wondering about it, instead of finishing the book at home? The girls look at her puzzled, and Sour bursts out laughing "Ouch! That was pretty good!". Apple offers Cherry a popover, declaring she made it herself with Sour's help, who taught her everything she knows. Sour looks smug to hear that. But when Cherry reaches to take one, Apple pulls the basket back and says "Psych", laughing in Cherry's astonished face. Then she says "Just kidding" and give Cherry a popover. Cherry eats
and compliments Apple. Apple exclaims "I knew it! I'm brilliant!". After making several more unpleasant comments, she leaves. The girls look accusingly at Sour. She asks "What?". Sweet whispers to Lemon that she was right about the dark side... they demand to know what Sour did to Apple. Sour says she just gave Apple a cooking lesson, and she has natural talent. Blueberry says there was nothing natural about the way Apple has just behaved. Sweet tells Sour that Apple acts like her! That makes her... Sour Apple!

At Lemon's salon, Sour complains her nail polish chipped in one day. Lemon reminds Sour that she told her to wait till it was dry, but she was too impatient. Apple speaks rudely to Lemon. Lemon gasps, Sour likes it, but Strawberry and Cherry do not. Strawberry asks Apple what's got into her. Apple answers: she learned to cook in one day, but Lemon needs to go back to beauty school for like... forever! Lemon gasps again, and even Sour is shocked. Apple says rudely that she's had it with that chop shop, and leaves. Sour chuckles nervously, feeling uncomfortable.

Apple gets a call from Lemon, offering her a free make-over. Apple agrees and heads back to the salon. Sour and the other girls tell her they do not like her new behavior: she used to be sweet and nice, but now she says mean things that hurt people's feelings. Surprised, Apple tells Sour she thought she liked her more. Sour says she likes being friends with Apple, but she does not want Apple to act like her... just cook like her. She too misses the old Apple, and adds jokingly that one meanie at Berry Bitty City is enough! Sour suggests that maybe the old Apple can give her a crash course... in friendliness. They hug. Everyone is glad that Apple is back to her normal self.

As they exit the salon, Sweet sees Henna and Marmalade bury the biscuits she made for them. She is sad, thinking the pups dumped the biscuits because they did not like them, like Tea Time did. The other girls assure her the pups bury the biscuits for later - and that means they like them, which is the best compliment dogs can make. Sour adds that Tea Time likes Apple's cooking, even before Sour showed her everything she knows, and they all laugh.


  • Sour: (laughing at Apple) Oh gross!


  • (at the Book Club meeting, Sour teases Apple again by making a dog imitation. Cherry, Blueberry and Lemon have no idea why Sour acts that way)
  • Cherry: Sour, are you turning into a werewolf?


  • (Cherry is teaching Apple to play a French horn)
  • Cherry: That's coming along nicely, Apple. Once more, please.
  • (Apple continues playing. Sour stops her scooter nearby. When Apple notices her, she plays a wrong note, lowering  her gaze)
  • Cherry: That's OK, try and relax.
  • (Cherry turns backwards to Sour)
  • Cherry: Hi, Sour. Can we help you?
  • (Sour makes barking sounds, then bursts out laughing)
  • Cherry: (glaring) Sour! Stop your teasing. Can't you see we're having a lesson?
  • Sour: (sarcastically) Sorry! (normally) Just kidding!
  • (Sour continues on her way)
  • Apple: (angrily) That's the last pineapple!
  • Cherry: You mean "the last straw"?
  • ​Apple: Uh, yeah, sorry, on Berry Bountiful Island, they say "last pineapple," but straw... pineapple... whatever! It's on, now!
  • (Apple packs her belongings and starts walking away)
  • Cherry: Apple, where are you going? You were doing so well with your arpeggios.
  • ​Apple: My arpeggios can wait. In the Berry Big Outback, if someone insults you three times, you're required to defend your honour!
  • (Apple walks away fuming)
  • Cherry: Uhh...I'm not sure what is required in Berry Bitty City, but I don't think it's that.


  • (Cherry gasps)
  • Apple: (Chuckles for a bit) Didn't you all know? Sour likes to wash her hair with dog shampoo, followed by a good dusting of flea powder.
  • (Sour gasps before screaming in rage)


  • Apple: (whimpering) He doesn't like my biscuits. I must be a terrible cook. What'll I do? I can't give the other pups biscuits I made them. They won't like them either.
  • Sour: What if... I gave you a crash course in cooking?
  • Apple: Really? Would you Sour?
  • Sour: But you have to be serious and pay attention and follow orders.
  • Apple: I promise!


  • (Sour gives Apple a cooking lesson)
  • Sour: First, a cup of flour.
  • (Sour pours the flour into a bowl)
  • Sour: Then, a teaspoon of salt.
  • (Sour pours salt on the teaspoon)
  • Apple: (memorizing aloud) Cup of flour, teaspoon of salt.
  • (Sour turns her head backwards. The salt shaker slips from her hand into the bowl, its entire contents is spilt)
  • Sour: (angrily) Oh, great! Just great!


  • Apple: Cup of oil... (pours oil into a bowl) ...teaspoon of paprika... (pours powdered paprika into a bowl). ...teaspoon of lemon juice... (squeezes slice of lemon and it slips from her fingers) oh, great! Just great!


  • Sour (tastes a soup she made): I knew it! I'm brilliant!


  • Apple (tastes a brownie cake she made): I knew it! I'm brilliant!
  • (Sour also tastes it)
  • Sour: Mmmm! You are! You are a natural chef Apple!
  • Apple: Really Sour?
  • Sour: But I thought you everything you know!
  • (Apple and Sour burst out laughing)


  • (at Blueberry's Books)
  • Sweet: Oh no. I mean... How could Sweet Pat Primrose be so... so... fiendish!
  • Sour: People always have a dark side Sweet.
  • Lemon: Sweet doesn't have a dark side.
  • (Apple enters into a bookstore)
  • Blueberry: Hi Apple!
  • Lemon: Glad to see you!
  • Apple: Whatever. Brought you cider. So who done it?
  • Sour: Who knows. We are only at chapter four. Some people don't like to skip to the end.
  • Apple: You wanna know the real mystery? Is that you all sit here every week wondering about it instead of finishing the book at home.
  • Sour: Hahaha! Ouch! That was pretty good!
  • Apple (to Cherry): Have a popover. I made them myself. Sour helped me. She taught me everything I know.
  • (Sour smiles smugly. As Cherry reaches for the basket, Apple pulls it back)
  • Psyche!


    Apple: Psyche! (bursts out laughing in Cherry's astonished face) No, here, just kidding (giving Cherry a popover)
  • Cherry: (eating) They're... really... good, Apple.
  • Apple: I knew it! I'm brilliant! (puts the basket on the table) Catch you later. Gotta go visit with my REAL friends.
  • (Apple walks away chuckling)
  • Lemon: See you!
  • Apple: Not if I see you first!
  • (Apple leaves. Lemon, Sweet, Cherry and Blueberry look accusingly at Sour)
  • Sour: What?
  • Sweet: (whispers to Lemon) You were right about the dark side.
  • Lemon: (to Sour) What did you do to her?
  • Sour: Just gave her a cooking lesson. And she is a natural.
  • Blueberry: There was nothing natural about that! Nothing naturally... Apple.
  • Sweet: (points at Sour) She's acting like... like you! Oh no! She's a... Sour Apple!
  • ​(Everyone but Sour looks at each other with shock)


  • (at Lemon's salon)
  • Sour: You know, the last time Lemon my polish chipped in one day. Maybe a free makeover is in order?
  • Lemon: (talks to Sour while applying polish on Apple's fingernails) Well, I did want you to wait to dry, but you rushed out of here.
  • Sour: I don't have time for slow-drying polish.
  • Lemon: (sighs) It's normal drying but...
  • Apple: Hey! Beauty Betty! Are you paying attention to what you're doing?
  • Lemon: Wh... what did you say?
  • Apple: You got polish on my fingertip. Do you think you can keep it on the nail or do we need to get you connecting dots?
  • (Lemon gasps, shocked and speechless at Apple's rudeness)
  • Sour: (smiles) Wow...
  • Strawberry: Apple, what's gotten into you?
  • Apple: What's gotten into ME? Hmmm, I think I learned to cook in one day, but Lemon needs to go back to beauty school for like... forever.
  • (Lemon is even more shocked. Even Sour is displeased with Apple's behavior)
  • Sour: Apple...
  • Apple: I've had it with this chop shop. Good luck, good riddance and goodbye!
  • (Apple leaves. Sour chuckles nervously, feeling uncomfortable)


  • Sour: (laughing) Don't you think one meanie in Berry Bitty City is enough?


  • (the final scene: Apple, Strawberry and the twins exit the salon. They see Marmalade and Henna burying biscuits in the ground)
  • Apple: Hey! That's what Tea Time did with my biscuit. (saddened) He didn't like it.
  • Strawberry: Ho, no. They're saving them for later.
  • Sweet: To a pup, that's the highest compliment.
  • Apple: You mean...?
  • Sour: Yup. Tea Time loves your cooking, just the way it was, even before I taught you everything you know.
  • (they burst out laughing)



  • Apple should have asked the other girls to make Sour stop teasing her. Her idea to pay Sour back only made things worse, similarly to what happened in "Too Cool for Rules", and it caused great inconvenience to the other girls and the Berrykins too.
  • Sour sees her own behavior mirrored in Apple. At first she likes it, but when Apple insults Lemon very rudely, Sour does not find it amusing anymore, and she and the other girls make Apple return to her normal self. Sour learns that her behavior can be offensive and hurt other people's feelings, and that prompts her to improve her behavior, as seen in the next episode.


  • Orange, Raspberry and Plum have no speaking lines.
  • The first appearance of the Queen of Berryvania.
  • The final appearance of Princess Berrykin, Henna, Marmalade and Tea Time Turtle.
  • The only season 4 episode in which Henna and Marmalade appear.
  • The first and only time that Sour and Apple ride scooters.
    • That makes Sweet the only Berry girl who does not have a scooter.
  • Sour and Apple agreed to make up for their deeds by refraining from performing any further pranks. That was not enough: making up for damage must be an active deed, not passive avoidance from doing more damage. They should have thought of a way to compensate Strawberry for the damage to her property, and to compensate the other Berry girls, Berrykins and the royal guest for the public embarrassment.
  • The first time that Berry girls are put on trial.
  • The only episode in which Apple plays music.
  • Tea Time's fifth appearance on season 4.
    • He appears in the season more times than all the other pets, who appear only on two episodes at most.


  • In view of Apple's unpleasant behavior, Sweet whispers to Lemon "you were right about the dark side". It was not Lemon but Sour who commented earlier that "people always have a dark side". Sweet should have said "Sour was right about the dark side".
  • In the final scene, Sour tells Apple that she was wrong about Tea Time - burying the biscuit Apple made for him did not mean he didn't like it. Why didn't Sour explain that to Apple before, when Apple first told her what happened?

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