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Team For Two



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Nov 12, 2010

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Team for Two is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Princess Berrykin gets help from Raspberry and Lemon decorating the brand new day care center for the Baby Berrykins, but after the girls are unable to work together they call the project, and their friendship quits.

Episode Review

The baby Berrykins are running cheerfully in the fields when they stop to greet Strawberry and Princess Berrykin, then continue running after a butterfly. Strawberry comments how adorable the babies are and the Princess shows her the new day care center and playground that the Berrykin workers have just finished building for them. However, it looks so dull and unattractive, but they're not exactly the best at painting, designing, and decorating. Strawberry suggests a few friends
who would be handy in this situation and runs off to locate Lemon and Raspberry.

She assumes they would be excited for this but is quick to notice their lackluster responses. The girls explain that they love their work, and they love the Berrykins- but they cannot work together, causing her to ask for a better explanation. The girls take out a pair of posters they each made for the Croquet Club a while back, and Lemon earnestly believed the motto she came up with, "You'll have a ball" was better than Raspberry's own "You'll have a 'wicketly' good time", along with their various color variations. While they are close friends it just can't be helped because they end up arguing too much and it usually ends with them both feeling terrible and one in tears.

Strawberry isn't very convinced by them, and she tries to express how important this is to the others and asks that they try to put aside their differences. Hesitantly, Lemon and Raspberry agree and quickly begin to get to work imagining various details until Strawberry suggests they tell the Princess first. She takes them back to her and to their surprise, they are given just two days to finish.

When they begin to work, Raspberry suggests that they focus on a color scheme to begin with, but Lemon believes what they have is fine. She suggests they focus on the hopscotch board first, frustrating Raspberry after Lemon explicitly takes credit for the idea and she points out that they are supposed to be working together. They begin to bicker, only to stop and quickly force a smile before they resume work.

Later, Lemon has been sprucing up the hopscotch board when she asks for some red paint. When she doesn't hear any response she finds Raspberry busy painting the steps. Raspberry believes that Lemon's painting style is a bit old-fashioned as Lemon goes on to again take credit for the hopscotch board, then she happens to stop upon noticing something odd. She makes a suggestion again, but when they resume arguing they quickly put a stop to it and focus on separate aspects.

After both girls struggle to work, with Raspberry having issues with a poster while Lemon has trouble putting on a frame, they try to ask the other for help. But they refuse to and given up, storming off in frustration not realizing the other already left.

Later, Raspberry dances with Plum, who tries to cheer her up and make her feel better. Raspberry remains saddened though, refusing to believe that Lemon actually cares about her ideas and therefore Lemon would be happier alone without Raspberry to argue with. Meanwhile, Lemon pays Strawberry, Blueberry, and Orange a visit to ask if they need any help. Strawberry asks why she isn't helping Raspberry, causing Lemon to quickly claim that Raspberry was too stubborn to listen to her and she just kept thinking her own ideas were better. Strawberry tries to encourage Lemon by singing a teamwork song, but she gets cut off short when Lemon changes the subject, not understanding what her point was.

Later, Raspberry and Lemon happen to run into each other. Raspberry asks how things are going, then asks if she finished yet. But to their shock, they realize neither of them was doing any work- they both left out of anger. They were so frustrated with each other that they didn't notice the other one left without informing the other. Just then Strawberry comes by to lecture the girls on the error of their way. She brings up the Berrykin Princess and that she will be coming soon, so they don't have berry much time to finish.

In a panic, Lemon and Raspberry rush back over, but stop to put blame on the other one for this entire ordeal until they realize they just need to work together and get finished. Putting blame on each other isn't going to help anything and to buy themselves some time the girls hurry up and try to locate the
Berrykin Princess. After finding her, Raspberry mentions that they need to pick out a tablecloth for the tables and claims they can't show her the day care center until she makes a decision. They bring her over to Fresh Fashions Boutique and while Raspberry shows her some swatches, Lemon heads back to do some cleaning.

She is only able to get a little bit done before she spots Raspberry and the Berrykin Princess again, but to the girls relief she has to head back over to the Berry Works, but she first wishes to take a moment to see the day care first. Lemon quickly brings up their need of Puff Flowers and asks her for help gathering some from a nearby plant (which is actually a Dogwood Tree in bloom), and while gathering the Peazel Puffs, the Princess lends a hand until she sees she has to return to the Berry Works. Raspberry and Lemon feign disappointment before almost beginning to fight again after she leaves, then they run off to pay a visit to Strawberry for some advice.

Right away Strawberry believes they needed to be honest, but they did manage to work together to avoid having the lie fall apart. They realize this and share a laugh over the lies they came up with while Strawberry expresses confusion until she asks if they believe they can work better this time. They make an agreement to focus on only one section at a time instead of trying to do multiple things at once, and they promise to talk to each other more.

The next morning, the girls stop by to find Raspberry and Lemon passed out in their work. They have finished and awaken just in time to have the Princess cut the ribbon they put up to announce the opening. The baby Berrykins all run inside to go play while she thanks the girls. Strawberry brings up that both she, and the Princess were impressed with their teamwork results. The girls yawn before voicing their own happy comments.


  • Lemon: Give them sunglasses to keep them from getting blind from those clashing colors.
  • Raspberry: (sarcastically) Oh, cute.



Strawberry learns that despite a good friendship, some people are just unable to work together and should be respected for this decision. But in return, Lemon and Raspberry learn that because of their friendship they should be able to put aside their differences to work together for the sake of others.


  • The episode title derives from the phrase "Tea for Two".
  • An idea similar to this episode is repeated in "Berry Double Trouble". It even starred Raspberry and Lemon again.
  • This is the second time (following "How You Play the Game") a butterfly wears a referee suit. In this episode, however, there was no apparent reason for a butterfly to dress like that.