Talent Scout is one of the minor characters featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. She is a ladybug and a resident of Berry Big City.

She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball, who also voices Plum Pudding.

Top Talent

Cherry tells the girls that her publicist put a plug in Berry Big Glam and Glitz magazine about their talent contest, and a talent scout from Berry Big City is coming to see the show! They are all excited. Raspberry exclaims this is her big chance to be discovered and become a star at Berry Big City. During the show, the Talent Scout sits quietly among the audience, taking notes. After the show she approaches Raspberry and compliments her for her fabulous fashions. She gives Raspberry her calling card and asks to call her after the show.

A Star is Fashioned

Raspberry is both excited and nervous, unsure whether to call the Talent Scout. She shows the calling card to her friends. They encourage her to make the call, since this is her chance to become a fashion star. She does, and is invited to Berry Big City to start a new line of Raspberry glitter gowns.


The Talent Scout has a light pink face and purple hands. She has curled antennae, a thick dark black-purple hair, large green-blue eyes, red lips and a mole on her left temple. She wears an elegant green suit and glasses with large round lenses and a chain holder.


  • (to Raspberry) "I'd like to talk to you about your absolutely fabulous fashions. In my opinion, they were absolutely above and beyond the star of the show!"


  • Unlike most of the ladybugs on the show, the Talent Scout does not have wings.
  • In contrast to the obnoxious flamboyant Mavis Maraschino, who is also a ladybug from Berry Big City, the Talent Scout dresses and behaves elegantly.
  • She appears only in "Top Talent". On "A Star is Fashioned" she appears in Raspberry's flashback.


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