Tad (also Butch, Stuart, Todd) is a frog that Orange temporarily adopts as a pet on "Fish out of Water".

When Orange and Strawberry are at the pond, they notice a tadpole and mistake him for a fish. Orange names him "Butch" and decides to take him home, despite Strawberry's opinion that he is fine where it is and may be troublesome when he grows. 

The berrykins and the other Berry girls come to see the "fish", and find him adorable. Orange calls him "Stuart", and then "Todd". He grows fast in size, that Orange has to replace the aquarium often. After couple of days, Blueberry informs Orange that her new pet is a frog, but she still refuses to turn her back on him just because he switched species, and calls him "Tad" (he is referred to by that name till the end of the episode). She devotes her entire time for Tad, even builds a swimming pool for him.

When Tad becomes a full-size frog, he becomes


troublesome, just as Strawberry predicted: he croaks loudly at night; ruins the Berry juice; eats Raspberry's fashions; interrupts Plum's water ballet classes. Orange makes amends to her friends for the damages Tad caused and trains him, but senses that he is unhappy. Finally she listens to Strawberry's advice and brings him back to his natural environment.


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