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"That is so sweet."

Sweet Grapes
Meet the twins (8)
Sweet next to her twin sister, Sour Grapes




Runs a Food Truck with her Sister

Theme Colors

Lilac, Powder Blue, Purple


Purple Grapes


Voice Actress

Andrea Libman

Sweet Grapes is one of the new Berry Girls introduced in Season 4 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. She is the twin sister of Sour Grapes.


Sweet is her name - and personality. With a heart of gold, this Berry Girl will amaze you with her sweet creations and generosity.


Sweet is fair-skinned with eyes of lavender with a pale pink gradient towards the bottom. She wears pale pink lipstick and a pair of black glasses over her eyes. She has long, curly hair in an ombre color style, with purple on top, followed by violet, fuchsia, and light pink. On the side of her head she wears a double bow hair accessory, one pale blue, the other lilac and white striped with purple grapes sewn to it.

Her normal attire is composed of a white and purple striped top with sequins and a powder-blue strap revealed by her right shoulder. A purple grape design is on the lower corner. This comes with a frilly powder-blue skirt with lilac accent on top of a white layer, lilac and white tights, and white flats with purple bottoms and a grape accessory.

When the girls go out, Sweet would pull her hair into low, curly twin-tails held with two bows. Her attire consisted of a white top covered with a grape pattern design, light blue short-shorts, and blue and purple shoes with white toe.


Sweet is a gentle and delicate, somewhat quiet girl who is as sweet as her name. She loves her twin and tries to make her happy - even at the cost of her own happiness. Although she is honest and attempts to remind her to be friendly and kind to others. She can get flustered fairly easily and may admit to something she didn't mean to as a result.


As she is a chef with her twin sister, she is talented when it comes to cooking and baking. She loves to come up with new recipes and focuses on sweet-based dishes.



  • "Sous chef?!"
  • "Oh really? Then if you are wearing mine, you won't mind if I put some of this parsley puff on my apron!"
  • "Well... we might be expert chefs but we are not expert sisters."
  • ​"Let's share it together."
  • ​"That's a SWEET camera you got there Apple! (Chuckles) Get it? Sweet?"
  • "Neat, says Sweet" (Chuckles)


  • She is the first (and only) Berry girl who wears glasses regularly.
  • Sweet's style is a cross between Hipster and Lolita.
  • Sweet shares Fluttershy's voice actress in the current My Little Pony.
    • They share this in common with Lemon and Pinkie Pie.
    • This makes Sweet the fourth Berry Girl with a My Little Pony G4 voice.
  • She is the first character with ombre eyes and hair. They start out purple and fade to light pink.
  • Sweet is the second Berry girl whose work involves food, alongside Sour, following Strawberry.
  • She is the first Berry girl who has a sibling, as well as the only with a twin.
  • She is an original character created for this series, unlike Apple Dumplin and Sour Grapes.
    • She is the second original character in the show, following Cherry Jam.
    • This also makes Sweet the only character personally created for Season 4.
  • Sweet is often seen on the right hand side.
  • In "A Berry Merry Birthday", it reveals that her favorite cake is Angel Cake.
  • She finds sous chef to be an insulting term.
  • She is the only Berry girl who does not have a scooter.
  • She and her sister are the only Berry girls who do not have pets.
  • She and her sister are the only Berry girls who never played music in the show.


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