Girls are practising a ballet

Exterior of the Dance Studio.

Sweet Beats Studio is run by Plum Pudding, who also lives there with her puppy Pitterpatch. Official dance competitions are often held there, as well as lessons.

It is near the Berry Bitty Cafe and Orange Mart.


The base is purple with a violet front door and rounded windows. The awning is plum to match the giant plum decorating the top, along with the accent and stairs. Spiraling columns of lavender hold the upper portion of the building up. An outside area sits to the left, where Plum often hangs out to do some dancing outside or holds lessons at times. A small roof rests there in a light green and pale mint stripe. In addition, a small fountain sits to the side of the front. Large flowers surround the studio.


The flooring is made from wood with pink and violet walls accent by blue lining. Dividers are located in the room to split it into multiple sections with a vase on each of them. The other half of the room has a big circle for a floor, which has an illustration of Plum surrounded by several leaves. A table and small vase rests in the corner. To the right is a door with pink curtain. In addition, it has two entrances, one with a short ladder.


  • In "Practice Makes Perfect", Cherry used Sweet Beats Studio in order to stop the awful sound made by Berrykin Bloom and his bassoon, and also taught music class there.
  • In some media, the studio is also called the Sweet Steps Studio.