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From the episode "Practice makes Perfect"

Sweet Beats Studio is run by Plum Pudding, who also lives there with her puppy Pitterpatch. It is near the Berry Bitty Cafe.


Its door is the color violet and has a round window on it. It has 3 big windows. It also has a 3 step ladder connecting to a pair of posts supporting the roofs. Also, the windows each have a pair of posts. On the left side of it was a small patio with a green stripe covering and a big mirror which she uses sometimes when teaching her dance classes. In addition, it also has a small fountain outside.


Inside the studio is a big room with a wooden floor, and a pink wall with some violet under. It also has a blue lining on it. There is also a pair of dividers that has a vase on each of them, which divides the room in half. Inside the other half was a floor with a big circle, which has an illustration inside it of a plum surrounded by green leaves. On the corner is a table and small vase. There is also a door on the right side of it, that has a pink curtain. In addition, it has an entrance that has a 3 step ladder, and also another entrance without a ladder.

Okay Cherry! Hit it!


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