On the Road
Strawberry and the Sweet Beats
is the musical band the Berry girls form in "On the Road".

Strawberry, Cherry and Lemon are the guitarists; Raspberry - the pianist; Plum - the drummer; Orange and Blueberry - tambourine players.


After a successful performance of "Invincible", the girls decided to form a band. They came up with various suggestions for a name; Cherry's suggestion "Strawberry and the Sweet Beats" was accepted as the official name of the band.

Cherry told the other girls Berry Big City Games needed a band for the opening ceremony: they called Cherry, but she suggested Strawberry's band, sent them a tape, and they agreed. The Berry girls were delighted to hear that, but became worried a bit to hear that they were going the next day. Orange asked how they were going to get there, and for how long; Cherry answered they would take her tour bus, and the tour would be for long time.

Cherry asked Berrykin Bruce to modify her bus interiorly and exteriorly, to match the band's name and to make it comfortable for all seven Berry girls, and he did very well. Orange was unsure about leaving Berry Bitty City. At her request Cherry drove them back twice, but finally they were on their way.


  • (after performing the song "Invincible")
  • Strawberry: Wow! Oh, we sound berry good together!
  • Orange: We're better than good!
  • Cherry: Oh, we sound like a real band!
  • Blueberry: I can see us now: names in lights, a world tour... fans everywhere!
  • Raspberry: (talking to an imaginary microphone) Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for "Strawberry and the Berryettes"!
  • Plum: How about "Strawberry and the Berry Berries"?
  • (Cherry, Strawberry and Orange chuckle)
  • Orange: "Strawberry and the Sweetie Sweets"?
  • Raspberry: "Strawberry and the Berry Beats"?
  • Cherry: How about "Strawberry and the Sweet Beats"?
  • (the other girls agree enthusiastically)


  • It is unknown how the band was accepted at Berry Big City, and how long the tour lasted, because there is no mentioning of that in the following episodes.
  • The seven girls performed a song in the opening of "A Berry Merry Birthday", as a part of Strawberry's birthday video, but it is unclear if the band was back together again. Since Sour says "Alright, Sweet Beats!", it appears so.
  • On "A Berry Merry Birthday", Raspberry and Cherry switched their musical instruments: Raspberry played a guitar instead of a piano; Cherry - the other way around. The remaining five Berry girls played the same instruments as they did on "On the Road".
  • The band's name may be a reference to Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.


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