This page is for listing the alternate outfits that Strawberry has worn. For information about Strawberry herself, view her character page.

Basic Outfits

  • For exercise, Strawberry wears a pale pink elbow length sleeved top with a strawberry icon in the center, a pink wrap to the side skirt piece and her normal stockings/pantyhose with pink slip on shoes and fuchsia leg warmers.
  • For bed time, Strawberry wears a pale pink top with magenta sleeves, her hair bow, and magenta pajama pants with strawberries all over them and slippers.
  • Another of Strawberry's rain outfits consist of a soft baby-pink jacket with green neck and cuffs, a strawberry bow matching her hair one at her waist, and magenta rain boots with polka dots. Her umbrella is strawberry themed with green handle.
  • When Strawberry went mountain climbing, she wore a white outfit with light pink outer coloring and a bright pink square in the center of her chest with a pink helmet and yellow gloves.
  • When she was a referee, Strawberry wore a white and pink striped blouse, a white skirt, her normal hat, Pink tennis shoes, and white socks with green lines at the top. She also used a pink whistle.
  • One of strawberry's rain attires consist of a long green coat with pastel pink inside coloring and neck flap held with a strawberry and two small green diamonds. Her boots are hot pink with green diamonds on the sides, and her umbrella is hot pink on the outside and green inside, to make it resemble a strawberry. The handle is a strawberry.
  • A strawberry patterned blouse with bright green shorts and hot pink shoes. She wears a white and pink themed hat and has her hair pulled into a low ponytail.
  • When portraying poor Berryella in Berryella and Prince Charming, Strawberry wore a white sewn top with elbow length sleeves and a thick green band around her waist. The skirt was long and pink.
  • A winter variant of her normal outfit consisting of a white long sleeved shirt with a short pink jacket-blouse that has a dot print and single strawberry button with a green leafy neck. She wears a pastel pink denim skirt with a green belt and her normal tights and shoes.
    • Another version of it comes with a pink top that has a magenta spot print and the same neck. The skirt is a fuchsia ruffle with a thin green belt clipped with a strawberry.
  • Strawberry has been shown in multiple beach attires. An early, commonly seen one consists of a top resembling a strawberry with a string tied around her neck, held by a strawberry. The skirt is light green with ruffled trim and a pink stripe going around the middle. On her hair is a pink flower with a strawberry.
  • In season 2, she gains a her green hair bow but with a pale pink strawberry center. The skirt is pink floral print with strawberries all over it and a strawberry clipped to the side. Her sandals are magenta on the bottom with pale pink straps with a tiny strawberry icon on each foot.
  • She can often be found with a long green jacket for winter with pink gloves and a scarf of magenta striped with white. Her boots are pink with a fluffy trim and strawberry zippers.
  • In another variant she has a magenta jacket with lighter coloring accent, her tights, cap, pink gloves, shoes, and a green and white scarf.


  • A magenta dress with a white vest top and very thin green belt with a strawberry striped ribbon on both it, and in her hair. She also wears hot pink/red Maryjane's.
  • As a princess in "The Littlest Berrykin", Strawberry wore a pink dress with small white sleeves and elbow length gloves. Around her waist was an ivy colored band around her waist. Her hair is the same but worn with a pale pink headband and gold and pale pink strawberry on the corner. Around her neck was a pale pink necklace with a strawberry gem in the center, and she also had earrings.
  • A multilayer light pink dress with a light green leaf styled neck, a small necklace, pink elbow length gloves, a strawberry themed tiara and red shoes with strawberries on the toe. The sleeves of the dress look like strawberries and the overall dress is very glittery.


  • To promote Cherry Jam, one of Strawberry's outfits consisted of a pink dress with ruffled skirt and hot pink sparkly chest segment separated by a white band with a single green stripe and a white bow on the left side of her chest with a tiny strawberry. Her leggings are green with very thin white sparkle stripes and light pink frills along the bottom. Her shoes are fuchsia flats. Jewelry includes chunky green bracelet, very thin red bracelet, a thin green bracelet, and a pink bracelet with strawberry ornament. Her hair has pink sparkle streaks and a green headband with a big pink bow and strawberry gem. A hot pink star is below her eye.
  • In a special music theme photo shoot released on the Hub, Strawberry was given 3 different images. One of them depicts her in an edit of Plum's drums shot but with her colors and with strawberries instead of plums.
  • Her second outfit consist of a hot pink tank top under a black glitter shirt-vest with puff sleeves, A ruffled white skirt with metallic pink belt and strawberry piece. And also gray pantyhose/leggings with strawberries on them, knee high pink and black striped socks and black tennis shoes with pink strings and fingerless, fishnet gloves. She gains black sparkle highlights and a black cap with small pink bow and strawberry.
  • Strawberry's third outfit consist of a gray sparkle tank top with a black multilayer frilled skirt and black with pink studs belt. Pink and black striped pantyhose with pink strawberries and black sparkling slip on shoes with strawberries on tiny white bows at the toe. Above the elbow white and pink striped fingerless gloves, the same highlights from above, and a big black bow with strawberry gem in the center. She has a special pink guitar with a strawberry in the center.
  • Raspberry designed a very special dress for Strawberry during a fashion show. Strawberry put her long hair into a very puffed bun and pulled her bangs back except for one curly strand on the side. She wore a pair of strawberry earrings and a pale pink headband with strawberry gems in the center. The dress was light pink with a magenta belt around her waist with a strawberry icon in the center. Over the skirt was a very pale, sparkly skirt-like piece and the skirt of the dress had small flowers and strawberries printed on it.
  • As Berryella, Strawberry wore a sparkling pink dress with a hot pink, fancy ribbon on the side of her waist and a strawberry themed cap on the side of her head with a big green bow on top.

Outfits not worn in series

(outfits that don't appear on the animated series but in official art, comics, or books)

  • A cute computer themed outfit consisting of Strawberry wearing a pale pink, elbow length shirt with glittery strawberry in the middle and a pair of gray jean shorts. Strawberry also has on pale green socks, black tennis shoes with glittery strawberries, gold laces, and pink underneath. On her head is a gold pair of heart shaped sunglasses with dark pink glittery lens.
  • A light pink top with magenta polka dots under a white blouse with magenta ruffles at the neck and a single strawberry button. Her normal hat, magenta jean skirt with green belt, her green and white striped pantyhose, and magenta Maryjane's.
  • A blue T-shirt with a pink flower on the front and a strawberry icon in the center, under a pink sparkly skirt with overall straps. In her hair is a sparkly magenta bow with single pale pink stripe and strawberry in the middle.
  • An adorable nerdy inspired look. Strawberry is wearing a white and black sparkly stripe top with one of the undershirt straps (light green) showing on her shoulder. She also has on magenta jeans, sparkly black tennis shoes with green sparkle laces and strawberry images on the side. She also has a sparkly yellow bow in her hair with a strawberry icon and a pair of black square-frame glasses.
  • A pink strawberry themed ballerina outfit with pale pink clear skirt and fuchsia ballerina shoes and her bow worn in her hair but without the strawberry emblem.
  • On one of the coloring books, Strawberry has pink sparkle highlights in her hair and wearing a thin green headband with a big white bow and strawberry in the center attached to the side. She wears a green sparkle top with a blue sparkling ruffle skirt and light pink jacket on top of this. She wears pink pantyhose and hot pink boots with strawberry straps.
  • A random artwork has Strawberry wearing a white bow with purple stripes and a strawberry in the center. Along with a blue dress with light pink plaid designs, strawberry buttons, and bow around her waist tied on the side. Her boots are pink with small strawberry spots.
  • Another has Strawberry with her hair in a ponytail held with a big purple bow with strawberry in the center. Her dress is blue with purple frilled sparkle sleeves and skirt. A thin belt-like string around her waist with a single strawberry clip on the side. Along with pink Maryjane.
  • A big white and purple striped T-shirt resembling a dress with a pink feathery hair clip with a strawberry gem in the center and pink flats.
  • A special ballet performance dress consisting of a pale pink shirt with feathery sleeves and a berry icon in the center of her chest, a pastel pink tutu, green and white striped leggings, pink ballerina slippers with strawberries at the toe, and a pink glitter headband with a big strawberry bow on the side of her head. Strawberry's hair has been pulled up into a messy bun.
  • Her normal outfit worn with a pale pink ribbon that has a strawberry in the center. As it is fall, she has on a very pale pink jacket with a strawberry in the corner.
  • A princess design that includes a pale pink dress with pink puffed sleeves with very thin gold designs on it, attached to tiny strawberry gems. On the chest is a big gold bow with another gem, she also has a plain gold necklace, above the elbow white gloves, gem strawberry earrings and a golden crown with multiple strawberry gems. For this, she has pulled her hair into a very fancy, low worn bow.
  • A gray top with a green 80 and dark purple lining. She also has fuchsia pants with white stripes down the leg, and white, fuchsia, and yellow sneakers. Her hair is worn in a low ponytail.
  • A pale pink blouse with flowers decorating it and a blue sparkly skirt, worn with a lilac belt that has a strawberry pinned to it. Her shoes are hot pink maryjane's with strawberry clasps. Her hair is worn down with a single braid that has a pink flower and a purple flower attached to it.
  • A very pale blue tanktop with a sparkling, pale pink skirt with straps over her shoulders and a strawberry badge on one of them. Also worn are dark purple leggings, lilac sneakers, and a sparkly pink and yellow piece with strawberries pinned on it.
  • Purple blouse with pink buttons matching the sparkly pink bow-belt, white denim shorts, fuchsia sandals with strawberry themed clasps, and a blue headband with a pink feathery strawberry piece. Her hair looks normal but has many loose curls.
  • A pale pink T-shirt with fancy white detailing and a fuchsia strawberry in the center, pale blue denim capris, a gold sparkly headband with a big bow on it, a white sparkly scrunchie, and fuchsia flats with yellow bows on each toe that have a strawberry on them. She is seen with a white cellphone and pale pink earbuds with fuchsia details.
  • A gray elbow sleeved top with very thin white lines, green short pants with white lines on the side that have little green marks on them, and fuchsia sneakers with white and ivy-green detailing. She has fuchsia colored strawberry shaped weights and has pulled her hair into a semi-neat bun.
  • A very pale yellow chiffon blouse with multi-layer ruffled sleeves and a white multilayer frilly skirt that is about knee in length, worn with a tan belt. She has pink-brown cowboy boots with strawberries on them and has pulled her hair into one big, low worn braid with a neon purple ribbon. Strawberry has many jewelry pieces consisting of multiple flowers attached to a spiraling pale pink headband, feather earrings, a dark teal ring, and six different bracelets.
  • For soccer, Strawberry wears a white top with pale pink and dark pink detailing and her usual shirt markings at the chest, a pair of green shorts with an 80 on it, almost knee length pale pink socks, and dark pink sneakers with white, pale pink, and green detailing. Her hair is worn in a ponytail.
  • A black sleeveless dress with multiple layers on the skirt lined in pink, low pale yellow-white socks, and black sneakers with pink detailing and strawberry emblems. She has a single purple bracelet on and has died a part of her hair pale pink with purple highlights, held with a black bow and tied in a braid.
  • A magenta-red top with a pattern design on it and elbow length sleeves and a single pocket. She also has jeans, brown boots with a strawberry icon on it center, and a tan-yellow cowboy hat with a pattern of strawberries going around the center. Strawberry wears her hair in a single braid held with a blue flower.
  • A pastel pink dress with white neck and three layers of ruffled skirt, the middle being pale pink to match her ribbon belt. She has pastel pink maryjane shoes with strawberry clasps and a pale pink hair bow tied into her side ponytail with a strawberry in the center.
  • Dark purple jacket with elbow length sleeves and thick white lines down each arm with a pink and white under shirt, pale pink capris with two thin white lines on each leg, and white sneakers with magenta detailing. Her hair is worn in a side ponytail.
  • A pink sparkling ball gown/dress with a magenta silk belt and a very long ribbon with a strawberry gem center. She also has on pink flats with strawberry gems on each toe, strawberry gem earrings, and a pink sparkling headband with a gold decoration holding another strawberry gem. Her hair is very fancy in this picture.
  • A pink dress with a big white neck and shoulder segment. On it is a magenta bow and lining, matching her magenta section at the waist, and pocket detailing. Her hair is worn down with part of it in a ponytail held with her normal bow.
  • A blue and white plaid dress with white neck and ruffles adorning the skirt, matching the thin white bow around her waist. She also has yellow rainboots with dark teal detailing and her hair is worn in a thick ponytail with yellow flower.
  • A gray jacket with white and green striped segments over a green skirt/top with a single white line on the side and strawberry in the center. She also has pale pink leggings, pink and fuchsia sneakers, white socks, and a pale pink walkman device on her right upper arm. Her hair is worn in a ponytail.
  • A pale pink dress with a pale blue sparkle ribbon around her waist and a tiny sparkle strawberry pinned to it, pale blue sparkling maryjane's with the clasp being a pale pink strawberry, and a very fancy, floral hair ornament consisting of purple flowers, pink flowers, pink sparkly roses, and strawberries.
  • A pale pink dress with lighter pink markings all over it and a double layer skirt with white frills lining each layer, under a denim elbow length jacket. She also has brown boots and multiple yellow flowers pinned to a braid, worn around her head.
  • An orange dress with straw bat that has a big blue flower on it and a purple bracelet. Her hair is tied into a big braid.
  • A pale pink silk dress with translucent white ruffles lining the bottom and sleeve sections. Along with a magenta belt matching her shoes and ribbon tied on her wrist. She has a silver crown with many gem strawberries.
  • A pale green top with a white ballerina skirt underneath a translucent pink and white striped one, matching the sparkly bow around her waist, ballerina slippers, bow holding her braid, and her hair bow that is also white with a big strawberry icon in the center.
  • A pink dress with puffed red sleeves and a red train/skirt that flows like a cape behind her, under the main layer of her skirt. It has golden lines shaped like strawberries all over it, matching the sleeves of her dress. The layer under it consists of white frills. Also worn are white elbow length gloves, pink net style pantyhose with red heels and fuchsia bows on each toe, and a golden crown with tiny emerald gems on each part. Attached to it is a small white flower with curly green strands, a tiny green strawberry, and a bigger pink one. Her hair is worn mostly in a curled bun with a loose curled ponytail to match the sides of her head. She carries a golden scepter with strawberry gem on top and a fuchsia ribbon on the bottom.


(Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere)

  • In the Glamicure episode, she wore light pink gloves with hot pink spots and green striped wrist.

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