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Starlight, Star Bright



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Nov 19, 2011

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"Starlight, Star Bright" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Strawberry's favorite singer, Cherry Jam performs at the Marketplace and the berry girls take this time to get to know her. 

Episode Review

While decorating the Marketplace, Strawberry suggests they do something special for the grand opening. Plum brings up performing a special dance for it, while Lemon mentions juggling could be fun, but Strawberry thinks bringing someone famous into Berry Bitty City would be a huge success and they agree. Raspberry mentions Cherry Jam and the girls think about a song she recently released known as "Anything is Possible".

Strawberry agrees, but Raspberry and Orange are a little concerned that Cherry Jam wouldn't bother coming to their little town- although they do agree to try anyway by sending an email, and quickly hear back and squeal with delight at the response.


A mysterious girl writes lyrics

A while later, Strawberry is out taking Pupcake and Custard for a walk when she hears someone singing. She happens to spot a girl in the middle of a picnic, practicing a song she's been working on- but she is troubled with the lyrics. Strawberry, being a fan of music can't help but chime in with something, unaware that the girl heard her. The girl compliments Strawberry, who introduces herself before apologizing for intruding. As the girl goes to introduce herself she quickly stops, then tells her that her name is "Buttercup". Strawberry asks her why she is there, and "Buttercup" explains that she has always wanted to pay a visit to Berry Bitty City for a quick picnic, but because she's so busy she really never gets the time. She has a tour she is currently on so she figured a quick stop wouldn't hurt. With that Strawberry takes off to let "Buttercup" enjoy the time she has left there before she leaves.
Magazine Bed

Later, while preparing Cherry is ambushed by a group of strangely dressed girls. She tries to tell them something but they ignore her and start following her around to ask her various questions- like asking if she has an entourage. She doesn't so they volunteer to fill that role. Cherry tries to tell them they don't need to do this and would prefer to be treated normally, then mentions her plans to camp out that evening. However, since they assume she only likes the best reveal they prepared a special camping bedroom for her. She isn't at all happy with it but says nothing until they take off, then she steps out of it and gets into her sleeping bag outside to enjoy the scenery.

The others return to find that Cherry is sleeping outside, which upsets them because they thought that she didn't think the camping bedroom they set up for her wasn't fancy enough.

The next morning they bring Cherry to Strawberry's Cafe and ditch her so that she can meet Strawberry in person, who they know to be her biggest fan. When they meet, Strawberry is shocked to know this Cherry, and she quickly apologizes to Strawberry for lying about herself earlier as Strawberry comments that she doesn't look like she thought she would, which is why she couldn't tell. Cherry goes on to inform her that she dresses up to please the fans, and they continue to chat, with Strawberry asking Cherry what she would like to do. When she decides she would like to take a walk on her own, Strawberry gladly abides by this and says farewell.

Cute Cherry
The Berry Girls have started to follow her once she leaves the path. They're not happy in the least bit, because it seems like she isn't happy or enjoyed anything they did for her, so they decide to pull out all of the stops. However, Cherry had no idea they were following her and she accidentally gets lost along the path.

As Pupcake walks along the path he happens to hear someone calling for help. He comes across Cherry and he is able to lead her back to her Van, and she claims to be okay; only to realize her throat is really sore from all the yelling she did. This causes her to cry and she runs into her van after finding a letter from the other girls, inviting her to a "Boomberry Pie Party" at the Cafe.

That evening the girls wait for Cherry, but she doesn't show up. This causes them to feel disappointed - but they decide not to waste the pie and they set it off. Then while cleaning up the shop they contemplate the issue at hand while going over what occurred with Strawberry.

Feeling that something may be up, Strawberry leaves them to finish cleaning and goes to speak to Cherry. She spots a note from Cherry, asking to be left alone but she ignores it and she knocks on the door. Cherry answers and resumes crying.

The next morning, Strawberry brings the other Berry Girls to the concert hall and Market. She explains to them that Cherry lost her voice and didn't want to upset them, which was why she didn't go to the party. She also points out that Cherry would like for them to help her with the performance and they agree, with the condition that they must treat her like a friend.

When evening arrives, everyone performs together while the residents of Berry Bitty City watch them.


  • Strawberry: (sings) When they hear the real music in you!
  • Cherry: That's it!


  • Strawberry: Sorry. I heard you singing and, well, the words just kinda came to me.
  • Cherry: Am I ever glad they did. Thank you. It's perfect. Would it be okay if I used your words in my song?
  • Strawberry: Of course. I'm Strawberry.
  • Cherry: Hi, Strawberry.
  • Strawberry: This is Pupcake and Custard.
  • Cherry: Oh, so cute.
  • Strawberry: And what's your name?
  • Cherry: Um... (looks at nearby flowers) Buttercup.
  • Strawberry: Nice to meet you, Buttercup. Are you... (sniffs) Do you smell cherry blossoms?


  • Blueberry: Excuse me, Miss Jam?
  • Cherry: Oh, no! Please call me Cherry!
  • Blueberry: The actual for real Cherry Jam wants me to call her by her first name!


  • Plum: We had our chance, and we failed!


  • Blueberry, Lemon, Raspberry, Plum, Orange: Surprise!
  • Blueberry: Presenting...
  • Blueberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Plum, Orange: ...Cherry Jam!
  • Strawberry: You're Cherry Jam! But you... (laughs) So that's why I smelled cherry blossoms when I first met you. Wow! You girls planned this? Oh! Thank you.
  • Blueberry: Our pleasure.


  • Strawberry: Uh... wow! Well, um, here, please, sit down, Buttercup. Um, Miss Jam.
  • Cherry: Oh, no! Please call me Cherry. I'm sorry Strawberry, I didn't want to give away the surprise.


  • Strawberry: I'm sorry, but it's not really me.
  • Cherry: (giggles) Not really me either. (Whispering) But don't tell?
  • Strawberry: I won't tell a soul! (giggles)
  • Cherry: (giggles) Thanks!


  • (wandering about, Cherry gets lost)
  • Cherry: Which path did I take? Hello? Help! Anyone? HELLO?! HELLO!


  • (Pupcake leads Cherry back to the village)
  • Cherry: (hoarsely) Thank you, Pupcake, for rescuing me.


  • (the cake explodes, makes a mess)
  • Plum: I told you we put in too much Boom Berries...


  • (Strawberry comes to the tour bus. She finds a note on the door)
  • Strawberry: Huh? (reads note) "Do not disturb. Getting my superstar beauty rest." Cherry, it's me Strawberry, can we talk a minute? (gasps)
  • (Cherry weeps)


  • Blueberry: She does?
  • Lemon: Our help?
  • Orange: What happened? Is she okay?
  • Strawberry: Yesterday, she lost her voice.


  • Cherry: (hoarsely) Who can help me paint the podium?



Even though Cherry is a celebrity superstar, she wanted to be treated like a normal girl and accepted for the real person that she is. Strawberry understands what she wants, but it takes a while for the other berry girls to understand since they all wanted to give her the best things to please her- believing she wouldn't like them unless they did that.


  • This is the first episode both to introduce Cherry Jam, as well as the first new human character and group member.
  • This is the first time to show email being used.
  • The images of Cherry Jam on the sigh are made from her 2D artwork.
  • When dressed up in the odd attire, the berry girls resemble different Lady Gaga-esque features.
  • Cherry Jam's photo is on the magazine Raspberry is reading while they send her the email.
  • During Cherry Jam's video, the credits are listed as:
    • Cherry Jam (Artist)
    • "Anything is Possible" (Song Title)
    • Cherry Jamz! (CD/Record)
    • Berry City Records (Recording company)
    • Director: Rock Berry Bob
  • Also in the Cherry Jam's video, she breaks the fourth wall by looking at the viewers while she is dancing and singing. Also, the credits may be a fourth wall break.


  • It seems odd that Strawberry couldn't recognize Cherry. She essentially looked the same as she did when performing and in various pictures, and as Strawberry is her fan it's unlikely she never saw any images of her at all before that point.