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"I'll tell you one thing Strawberry, don't quit your day job!"

Sour Grapes
Meet the twins (8)
Sour with her twin, Sweet Grapes




Runs a food truck with her sister

Theme Colors

Acid Green, Purple, Black


Green Grapes


Voice Actress

Diana Kaarina

Sour Grapes is one of the new Berry Girls introduced in Season 4 of Berry Bitty Adventures. She is the twin sister of Sweet Grapes.


Like her name, this Berry Girl isn't initially the nicest of the bunch. But when the chips are down and she gets to know you, she can be a true friend. She'll wow you with her unique creations.


Sour Grapes is a fair skinned berry girl with lavender eyes with an acid-green gradient towards the bottom. Near her left eye is a beauty mark. She has short hair worn in a spiked, loose bob-cut of purple with acid-green streaks through it. Her bangs spike towards the right of her head, while her forelocks are shoulder length. She wears a black and grey headband with green grapes on it. Her lipstick is pale pink while she wears acid-green eyeshadow.

Her outfit consists of an acid-green and purple diagonal-striped dress with elbow length sleeves in black to match the belt circling her torso. She wears a black string necklace with green grapes hanging from it, along with white tights with thin black stripes and black leather boots with acid-green bottoms.

For adventure or camping out, Sour would wear a top that matches her dress with a pair of black short-shorts accented with acid green, and black sneakers accented with purple and white and a cuff of acid-green. She doesn't do anything with her hair due to its length. 


Generally she appears to be in a foul mood and is genuinely unpleasant. She keeps people further than arms length and is very sarcastic with a blunt outlook - making offensive comments or acting rudely. She has no problem accusing Sweet of trying to do things she doesn't support and bickers with her consistently, she also struggles to admit anyone else did anything besides her, and really won't give credit unless she gets called out on it.

Deep down, Sour does love Sweet, and would do anything to see her smile.

After realizing how nasty she was actually being, Sour promised to try to tone it down and has kept to her word.


Like her sister, Sour is a great cook, but she prefers to make non-sweet dishes. 

She has rich imagination and a talent for tale-telling, as seen on "Berry Big Tale-Teller".


Strawberry Shortcake

At first, Sour had no problem mocking Strawberry for her various screw-ups or struggles; after she got past her initial gratitude for allowing her to live in the Cafe. After she began acting friendlier, Sour does voice her concerns or frustration to her.

Sweet Grapes

While Sour was a bit mean to Sweet at first, her love for her twin is evident. When delighted, she has proven to be very affectionate and kind to Sweet.

Apple Dumplin

Sour likes to mock Apple, especially in "The Berry Best Biscuit", but she began to like her and they become very good friends. On "Hot Sauce Cook Off", together they encouraged Berrykin Bloom to join the contest and assisted him greatly.

Raspberry Torte

Plum Pudding

Lemon Meringue

Blueberry Muffin

Sour mocks Blueberry most of the time, to which she ignores.

Orange Blossom


  • "​But we're nothing alike!"
  • "​I'm smiling on the inside!"


  • She is the only Berry Girl to have streaks in her hair.
  • Like Sweet, she is the first Berry Girl to have eyes of two colors.
  • In her official artwork she wore purple lipstick.
    • This makes her the first Berry girl initially not to have lipstick in a form of pink.
  • Sour is the second Berry Girl with work that involves food, she ties with her sister, Sweet. The first is Strawberry.
  • She is the first Berry Group member with a confirmed sibling, as well as the only with a twin.
  • Sour Grapes' name comes from an antagonist who appeared late in the original series, Sour Grapes. Besides their name, they also both wear purple and green and start with a nasty personality. 
  • Sour Grapes is often found to the left of Sweet.
  • Her favorite sandwich is bok choy and mustard.
  • Sour had a counterpart in "The Berry Bitty Great Race".
  • She is one of the two Berry girls, alongside Cherry, to have two vehicles: a scooter ("The Berry Best Biscuit") and the food truck.
  • She and her sister are the only Berry girls who do not have pets.
  • She and her sister are the only Berry girls who never played music in the show.
  • Trail riding is her favorite sport ("A Berry Merry Birthday").
  • Sour's voice actress also voices Aria Blaze from My Little Pony: Equestria Girl: Rainbow Rocks. This makes Sour another Berry Girl with a MLP G4 voice.
  • Sour is the one shown driving the food truck on the two episode it is in motion. It is unknown if Sweet can drive or not.
  • She is the only Berry girl whose hairstyle never changes.
  • She is the second Berry girl who wears boots normally, following Orange.


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