The Slinking Slinker is a fictional character in one of Blueberry's books.

On the Road

Berrykin Bloom reads stories for the baby berrykins. He is about to read them nursery rhymes, but they demand him to read "The case of the Slinking Slinker". The scary image on the book cover alone is enough to give Berrykin Bloom the creeps, but one of the babies, perhaps jokingly, tells him it is science (which is definitely not). Reluctantly, Berrykin Bloom somehow manages to read the whole book, and is very relieved to reach the last sentence "and the Slinking Slinker slinked into the night, and nobody ever knew what happened to him". The babies want him to read it again, but he has had enough, and tells them it is time to go to sleep. The babies leave the book store, disappointed.

Berrykin Bloom walks away from the Book Store, trying to stay calm, but every slight noise at night make him jump in fear. He meets Berrykin Bill, Princess Berrykin and Berrykin Bruce, and tells them what scares him. They are skeptical, but Berrykin Bloom's fear soon catches them, too. Berrykin Bruce builds a "Slinking Slinker Snatcher", and it catches the Berry girls, much to the surprise of the berrykins. Hearing about the Slinking Slinker, Blueberry chuckles and assures Berrykin Bloom that it is just a story. Berrykin Bloom is embarrassed, but also relieved to hear the Slinking Slinker does not really exist.


The Slinking Slinker has long sharp glistening teeth and a growl as loud as a foghorn.