Scouty is the smart little pooch who belongs to Blueberry Muffin after the events of A Boy and his Dogs. He was adopted by her when Huckleberry Pie decided to reside in Berry Bitty City.


An energetic, playful pup, Scouty loves to play. Especially when it involves some form of mental training, although he ends up becoming distracted sometimes.


Scouty has bright blue fur with white markings down the middle of his face, chest, stomach, tip of tail, and paws. The fur on his tail and chest is thick, to make up for his lack of hair on his head. He has mauve eyes and a black nose, while the inside of his ears are dull, ivy-green and white stripe. He wears a shiny lavender collar with a blueberry tag.


Originally Scouty was owned by Plum Pudding. However he wasn't the best dancer since he preferred sniffing and looking for things.