This page is for alternate outfits worn by Raspberry Torte. For information please view her character page.


  • For formal attire, she wears many different dresses and what not. But her more common piece is a Light pink dress with ruffled/flowered lining going around where it closes at the center, revealing a light green layer underneath of it, light pink gloves, and a short purple jacket resembling her normal one, but much shorter.
  • During winter, Raspberry wears her normal dress with a belt matching her headband, underneath a neon-purple colored jacket worn open with pale mint green fur trim. She also has on pale pink gloves, her normal leggings, and neon purple winter shoes with pale mint green fur trimming on top.
  • Raspberry's exercise outfit is light pink and hot pink colored.
  • During the relay race Raspberry wore a white and pale pink striped tank top with a pink bow on the corner. Along with fuchsia short-shorts, short white socks, and multicolor green sneakers. Her helmet was pink with green and fuchsia coloring. Her hair was pulled up into her helmet while she left her bangs the way they are.
  • Her special bathing suit during the beach vacation the girls all held. Her own consisting of a bright neon-pink bathing suit with very thin minty-green straps. A pale pink skirt with pink-purple floral markings and raspberries all over it and neon pink ruffle lining held shut with a raspberry icon, her normal headband, and neon pink themed sandals with her raspberry icons on them.
  • On "Nice as Nails", she used white oven mitts with raspberry spots on them and a pink lining/rim.
  • Rarely, Raspberry can be seen in a pink dress with a light green skirt/underneath section with a purple shirt like jacket over it with ruffled sleeves above the wrist. Her usual pantyhose and purple Maryjane's with pink straps and raspberry segments at the toe.
  • For bed, Raspberry wears a very light mint green, almost white top with a raspberry on the front with pink sleeves. Pink-purple pants with raspberries on it and matching slippers.
  • For Badminton, Raspberry wore a pale pink tank top over a plain white T-shirt, a white skirt with pale pink coloring on each ruffle, fuchsia leggings, very pale pink shoes with odd colored shoe-laces and pink underpart and toe, a magenta bracelet, and a pale pink visor with white band and single green stripe in the center. On the right side was her Raspberry clip.
  • In A Star is Fashioned Raspberry had taken a new identity as "Rawr Rawr Raspberry". She pulled her hair back into two rolled buns held with a raspberry clip with a big feather on the side. Her dress was neon/fuchsia colored with a skirt resembling a very stiff tutu and pale pink puff sleeves. A pair of purple sunglasses, A bracelet, ivy-green ruffled skirt below her main skirt, pale pink sparkly leggings, purple flats with pink bows on the toe. To fit her kitty persona, she also was given a feathery tail.
  • In a special coloring book image, Raspberry was shown with her hair in pigtails during a slumber party.
  • For the Good Citizens Club, Raspberry made a special uniform for the occasion consisting of a green elbow length top with a purple vest and a pale pink-purple neckerchief with small strawberry badge in the center, a bright pink fuchsia skirt, her same pantyhose and shoes, and a green hat with the same strawberry badge.
  • When she auditioned for Plum's play, Raspberry wore a cute pale pink dress with a pink chest segment and dark pink belt around her waist. The sleeves of the dress were small puffs, while she also had very pale pink-purple elbow length gloves. Her hair was worn up in a bun with a raspberry tiara, matching her raspberry earrings.
  • A blue denim top with neon pink buttons and a pocket on both sides of her chest. She has a sparkly gray pair of jean shorts, a pink belt with her raspberry icon, and tall purple sparkle boots with raspberries attached to small sparkle pink bows. Her normal headband is worn, but it's sparkling.


  • To promote the Musical theme, Raspberry wears a sparkly purple top with a green belt and raspberry clip, a pink pleat skirt and right arm sleeve with a big Raspberry on it, while the other sleeve is green with very thin white stripes, raspberry earrings, a very thin green headband with a raspberry clip, purple sparkly highlights in her hair, a star mark below her cheek, multiple pink and green bead bracelets, green with very thin white stripe pantyhose, and purple boots with a raspberry on both.
  • When Cherry Jam came the girls dressed as groupies. Raspberry wore a yellow tank top under a bright green vest like shirt and above the elbow dark green gloves. A translucent pink tutu like skirt, pale pink pantyhose with hot pink designs and hot pink and purple slip on shoes. Her hair had straight cut bangs and was worn straight down and she also had on purple future-style sunglasses.
  • For a fashion show, Raspberry designed three dresses. For hers she pinned her hair back in a bun and puffed up her bangs somewhat with a butterfly clipped on the side. She had raspberry earrings and her dress is bright neon-pink, almost fuchsia colored with the skirt opening slightly on the bottom to show the purple under layer. She has flowers, raspberries, and a few butterfly clips along the skirt that brightly glow. The over layer piece of skirt is soft pink and very glittery.
  • As the daughter princess in The Littlest Berrykin, Raspberry wore a fuchsia themed dress with dull mint green segments at her chest and skirt. Along the outer skirt of her dress was very thin green detailing resembling flowers. The sleeves of her dress were small white puffs. Her hair was worn the same. Around her neck was a gold necklace attached to a raspberry clip on her chest.
  • Raspberry has on a pink dress with lilac puffed sleeves and a golden ornament at her chest with a raspberry in the center, along with a plain gold necklace. She also has very pale pink above the elbow gloves, tiny earrings, and a huge amount of ruffles and frills all over the skirt. Her hair is pulled into a fancy, low worn bun and a glittery lilac headband with a raspberry pinned to the side.

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