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"I just figure, 'what's the point of doing something unless it's the best?"

Raspberry Torte
Pose cute




Runs Fresh Fashions Boutique

Theme Colors

Fuchsia, Mint, Purple


A Raspberry



Voice Actress

Ingrid Nilson

Raspberry Torte is one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends and main characters in the series.


A friendly fashionista with a fresh outlook on all things creative. A little meek and shy, but a total sweetheart who loves to design things for her friends.


Raspberry is fair-skinned with pale pink lips and eyes of pink-violet. She has long raspberry-colored hair with short forelocks tucked behind her ears and two large bangs that stick down to her eyes. She wears a mint headband with a single green striped in the middle with a raspberry shaped ornament sewn to the side.

Her normal attire is composed of a pink dress with a green band around the top of the chest to match the long sleeves attached to it. Beneath her chest is a design to match her headband. She wears a short purple bolero on top of her dress, and a pair of pink and white stripped leggings beneath it. Her shoes are purple flats with three raspberry spheres on each toe and a pale pink strap on each foot. Sometimes she will accent this outfit with a raspberry-colored bead bracelet or a purse.

During Season 3 and 4, Raspberry could be found with her hair in a straightened ponytail held with a raspberry clip. She wore a pink and white striped shirt with two raspberries on it, one white, one pale lilac with purple lining, along with fuchsia denim short-shorts and pink shoes.


A kind and nice friend with a gentle nature and general shyness. She lacks confidence and sometimes has a hard time coming out of her shell to speak honestly or reveal an idea she has until encouraged by the others to do so. She can hesitate to open up, since she instantly thinks others won't like her ideas. However, she is very warm and friendly and has the ability to sense the strengths in others.

While patient and generally passive, she is a bit sensitive and can be fussy or flustered when confronted by others or feel as though someone has caused an injustice.

She is also surprisingly headstrong, in that she prefers to work on her own and often claims to be fine when others sense something is wrong. She has a tendency to overwork herself and has a perfectionist streak. While she is aware her decisions may worry others, she feels that she has to be this way to complete anything.

Official Hub Profile

Super stylish Raspberry Torte loves giving fashion advice to all the girls in Berry Bitty City. Raspberry's friends know they can always count on her for the berry latest styles--and true friendship, too!


Raspberry knows a lot when it comes to creativity and designing, and her time is usually spent on making layouts, creating something new, designing things like clothing or decor, etc. She is very talented with a needle and thread and can even produce six fancy gowns with less than a day's notice. She also has a great palette and can tell what goes well with whatever else.

Raspberry also seems to enjoy painting and beginning with season 2, picked up an interest in playing a keyboard or piano.

Like Lemon she prefers to think "outside of the box" with her new ideas.


  • Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry is one of Raspberry's best friends. Whenever she sees Strawberry's efforts, it can leave Raspberry feeling more confident in her abilities. They both have a tendency to point out the good in the other and boost each others confidence.
  • Blueberry Muffin: A good friend, Blueberry often confides in Raspberry and is often the first to tell her news. Raspberry knows Blueberry very well and they seem to have a great deal of trust in each other.
  • Orange Blossom: When Raspberry feels unsure of herself, Orange is there to help her jump into something new - whether she wants to or not. However, they work pretty well together, and some times the role will be reversed, with Raspberry being the one to encourage Orange.
  • Lemon Meringue: Her best friend, they both share a love of creative and feminine exploits - but they are also rivals who clash with each other some times. Whenever they put their different opinions aside they are able to create wonderful things.
  • Plum Pudding: Another of Raspberry's close friends, they usually go the extra mile to see each other cheer up. Their personalities work to foil one-another, with one girl being loud and expressive, and the other being quiet and reserved. They can often be found together.
  • Cherry Jam: After Raspberry was growing famous through the help of Mavis Maraschino, Cherry had been pretty concerned for her. They were able to relate through their creative personalities and somewhat mature nature, and through this they were able to better understand each other. They trust each other almost completely.
  • Huckleberry Pie: The little interaction they have together is warm and friendly. Huck was told that all the girls appreciate what he does for others and help him not strain himself with worrying about what others think of him. Huck admires them and strives to learn from them.
  • Chiffon: A small pink puppy Raspberry gained from Huckleberry. She loves to dress her up and due to her small size, is normally found held by Raspberry or in her purse.
  • Apple Dumplin:
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes: Along with Lemon, Raspberry met the bickering twins first when they arrived to Berry Bitty City. At first, the way they tend to feud is reminiscent of the way Lemon and Raspberry some times would - allowing them to understand their feelings a bit better.


  • "It's going to be dreamy, magical... dreamagical!"
  • "Did we...? Did you...? Is there...? Oh my...? What did we catch?"


  • This is the only Strawberry Shortcake series where Raspberry does not have an antagonist personality.
  • This is the first series where she has an interest in fashion.
  • Raspberry has certain flower allergies, even fake flowers can cause her to sneeze.
  • Raspberry has a habit of combining words when excited.
  • The quilting club is Raspberry's favorite.
  • In one of the comics, Raspberry gained a temporary pet Chipmunk.
  • Raspberry often has picnics with Jadeybug and Princess Berrykin during their time off.
  • Raspberry loves crate paper.
  • Raspberry is the only girl who did not receive a new official image on the Hub Page. While it was given a background, the pose is exactly the same.
  • In 2D based drawn images of the girls, Raspberry can usually be found with a slightly modified outfit, a purse, or a bracelet.
  • She is a pianist.


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