The Queen of Berryvania is one of the minor Berrykins featured in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr in Canadian version and by Anna Apostolakis in Polish version.

The Queen is first mentioned (but does not appear on-screen yet) on "The Berry Best Taste Test": she reads Apple's not-so-accurate rave review about Strawberry's "Very Berry Spice Royale" cake. She calls Strawberry and orders the cake to the inaugural ball. The ball nearly turns into a disaster, but luckily Apple and Strawberry catch up with the delivery bees in time to replace the cake. The news report about the ball includes a proclamation made by the Queen herself, that the cake was the highlight of the evening and the best cake she has ever tasted.

The Queen makes her first on-screen appearance (but without speaking lines) on "The Berry Best Biscuit": she attends the annual croquet tourney at Berry Bitty City. She sits next to Princess Berrykin. As Apple pulls her second prank, the Queen is among the innocent bystanders who get sprayed with Sparkleberry goop.

On "Dance Puppy Dance", the Queen asks Cherry to write a special song for celebrating her reign. The writing is not going well, and Cherry become stressed out. At Apple's request, she takes a break for reproducing the song of the dancing dog show video, but this adds to the stress: the song "Dance Puppy Dance" becomes so popular that everyone play/sing/whistle/hum it nonstop; Cherry cannot write the new song for the Queen while listening to her last song, because it distracts her. Cherry throws a fit when hearing the song she has grown to loathe, and suddenly the Queen appears. She listens to the song and incorrectly assumes it is the one Cherry wrote for her, and she loves it so much that she declares it as the royal song.


The Queen of Berryvania is a "plum Berrykin", having a purple themed head with big purple eyes. She wears a light pink crown with red round jewels on its points, and holds a green-white striped sceptre with a large round jewel.


  • "Everyone, please let's put formality aside. Come join me as we get our bad selves down to the official royal song!"


  • The Queen was not known as a new character. The commercial just mentioned the Grapes twins and Apple.


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