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Pupcake is a cute little puppy that belongs to Strawberry Shortcake.
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A friendly little pup that loves to tag along with Strawberry and Co. Much like Custard he is very nice and kind to others.

An affectionate little dog who loves to go on adventures!


As stared, Pupcake is a small puppy. And as such, he is pretty curious and likes to go and explore. He often does this on his own with no worry. Custard sometimes accompanies him however. Such as when they both felt ignored and ran away.

Pupcake tries to help when he can, even if its just licking up a mess!


A small puppy, only an inch or so bigger then Custard that is pure white with his ears, tail and big spot on his back being green colored. He has a green strawberry shaped patch on his right eye. The inside coloring of his ear consist of green and white stripes.

Around his neck he wears a pink collar with a strawberry attached to it, or sometimes a heart piece.

Past self

Old pupcake
ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
Like many of the pets originally, Pupcake looked to be a toy that had come to life, rather then a real dog. He was brown colored, with a stubby tail, big mark on the back of his leg, one paw, and both ears that were green striped with white. Around his eye was a darker brown marking and he had a big brown nose. Pupcake was also owned by Huckleberry Pie.

When the series was remade, Pupcake had gotten a major
Pupcake 2
ChrismhAdded by Chrismh
edit in his appearence. He was a pure white puppy with many blue colored spots, a long blue tail, and blue ears that curled upward. He wore a green collar with a strawberry looking heart attached and had a small blue nose and yellow-ish eyes. He had a strawberry-like marking aroung his left eye.


  • Pupcake's name is a combination of Pup/Puppy, and Cupcake.


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