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Pupcake is a cute little puppy that belongs to Strawberry Shortcake. A friendly little pup that loves to tag
along with Strawberry and her friends. He is very friendly and nice, and gets along great with Custard.


A curious pup with a lot of personality, Pupcake is very affectionate. Sometimes he can wind up in trouble, with or without his playful partner, Custard. He always tries to help out with anything, even if it is just licking up a spill.


A small puppy, only an inch or so bigger then Custard that is pure white with his ears, tail and big spot on his back being green colored. He has a green strawberry shaped patch on his right eye. The inside coloring of his ear consist of green and white stripes.

Around his neck he wears a pink collar with a strawberry attached to it, or sometimes a heart tag.



  • Pupcake's name is a combination of Pup/Puppy, and Cupcake.
  • Unlike the puppies belonging to the other main characters, Pupcake's color theme isn't completely similar to Strawberry's.
  • Pupcake is named after the original dog belonging to Huckleberry in the earlier Strawberry Shortcake series. While his green coloring was taken from that version, his white body was taken from the first series remake.


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