Princess Berrykin is one of the Berrykins in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.

She is voiced by Andrea Libman, who also voices Lemon and Sweet, in Latin America by Rocío Mallo, and in Brazil by Flávia Saddy.


Princess Berrykin is a "Strawberry Berrykin", having a pink themed head with big green eyes. She wears a pink tiara with a strawberry sticker, and holds a green-white striped sceptre with a red round jewel and a green star (mostly in her right hand). Princess Berrykin has a British accent.


She is a berry important Berrykin, who rules the Berrykins with pride!


  • "Oh, how, unbecoming!"
  • "Strawberry? Are you here? There's a problem, I fear" (gasps)


  • She is introduced on "Sky's the Limit".
  • She appears occasionally in seasons 1-3. In season 4 she appears seldom, and without speaking lines.
  • She had a different tiara in "A Basket of Blue Berries".
  • She does not like pineapples.
  • She has a different sceptre in "Manners Meltdown".
  • She and Berrykin Bloom are the only minor characters who appear in all four seasons.