This page is for listing anything worn by Plum Pudding!


  • For dancing in recitals or special events plum usually will put a light pink-white skirt.
  • A special beach dress made for everyone with Plum's consisting of a lilac and white thick strap bathing suit resembling the one mentioned below, underneath a purple with dark and light blue floral print and plums wrap-over skirt with dark blue lining held shut with her Plum icon. Her sandals were very light on the bottom while the straps were dark and matched the coloring of her plum icons seen on them.
  • One of her winter outfits is of her normal outfit, but with a purple long jacket over with a fur trim.
  • On Nice as Nails, she wore a light purple and white striped dress-like bathing suit. She also had on a pair of purple and white striped gloves/mittens.
  • For a special costume party, Plum was dressed as a fairy. It was her basic dress, but with a blue-leafy styled skirt, wand, and pixie wings.
  • When performing the Flamingo and Humming Bird play in Top Talent, Plum wore a dark purple long sleeved shirt with purple beak, blue mask and purple head feathers. She had big blue wings attached to her hands, and a multilayer skirt.
  • During the relay race Plum wore a cyan tank top with a light purple skirt and purple-blue leggings. Her shoes were basic cyan Mary-jane flats and she also had a lilac life jacket. Her helmet was light purple with cyan indents and dark purple markings. Her hair was worn in a tight little ponytail
  • For bed Plum wears a lilac colored top with a plum on it and purple sleeves and neck. And light purple pants with plums on it, and purple slippers.
  • When playing Badminton, Plum wore a white T-shirt under a lilac vest, white skirt with lilac coloring in the ruffles, very pale purple socks worn with white and purple colored shoes, dark purple leggings, and a lilac visor with the band being white with a dark purple middle-stripe.
  • For a very cute fun beach toy, Plum is wearing a cute blue one piece with the top resembling a T-shirt and the bottom resembling shorts. On top of this is a neon purple skirt with magenta pink in the center. Her hair is worn with two blue flowers with purple middles.
  • For a tropic comic cover, Plum was dressed as a hula girl! She wore a pale blue tanktop and green leaf skirt with small flower on the side. She had on a bright yellow flower necklace and a flowery pink bracelet. Her hair was held with a pink flower themed clip.
  • One of Plum's rain attires consist of a cute light purple jacket with purple plum dangly charms at the neck and dark purple pocket. Over her head is a translucent hood with a big hole in it for her ponytail. Her rain boots are icy blue with plum charms and her umbrella is dark purple with green rod with a dark purple handle and plum charm.
  • A special ballet performance dress consisting of a soft blue shirt with feathery sleeves and a plum icon at the center of her chest, a purple tutu, blue and white striped leggings, lilac ballerina slippers with plums at the toe, and a blue bow with a big plum in the center. Plum's hair has been pulled into a curly/braided bun.


  • For a special band black and white theme on the Hub site, Plum has been given a special purple and white drum set and black highlights in her hair. She wears a double-plum white ribbon, and white and purple striped shirt with a black and plum bow.
  • When the girls acted like groupies to Cherry Jam they wore very odd clothing. Plum had straightened her hair, wearing it down with bangs framing her face and part of it tied as a bow at the top of her head. She wore big round pink sunglasses, a blue vest over a tanktop and ruffled lime green skirt with a thick purple segment at the top and multiple necklaces. She had on purple pantyhose and lighter purple boots.

Not in the series

  • Plum wears an outfit identical to Strawberry's (and vice-versa). It consists of a blue top with dark blue lining and a fuchsia 08 on it. Her pants are purple with white stripes on it, and sneakers consisting of dark blue, sky blue, and fuchsia. Her hair is kept it's normal way.
  • A purple sparkle tank top with an above the knee, lilac sparkle skirt worn with a thick silver belt with plums adorning it. She also has white heels resembling sandals with straps around her ankles and plum gems above her toes. Her crown-headband is silver with plum gems, and her hair is actually worn straight down.
  • On a special Strawberry Shortcake App, Plum had gained an outfit that looked to be a recolor of Cherry Jam's stage outfit. It consists of a powder blue dress with sparkling purple at the top, a lilac opened blouse with purple sparkled segments on both sleeves, multiple purple bracelets, purple leggings, and lilac boots with pale blue markings on the side. Her hair gained powder blue glitter streaks throughout it.

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