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"When I win, I don't want to have to share the glory."

Plum Pudding




Owns Sweet Beats Studio

Theme Colors

Purple, Lilac, Pale Blue


A single plum with green or blue lining.



Voice Actress

Ashleigh Ball

Plum Pudding is one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends and main characters in the series.


A carefree dancer with a big heart - and a bigger competitive streak. Every step is filled with movement.


Plum is fair-skinned with purple eyes and matching hair pulled up in a slightly curled ponytail held with a blue scrunchie with two plum-shaped accessories attached to it. Her bangs are mostly brushed to one side of her face, almost reaching her eye with a few short, loose curls of hair in front of her ears. Her lips are pale violet.

Plum wears a lilac dress with pleat skirt and a single tiny plum design on the right side of it. Around the waist is a sky blue belt. She wears a light purple elbow-length bolero with a single plum sewn to the center of her chest with a pale blue ribbon hanging from it, matching the second layer of skirt. Comes with light purple ballerina flats with a single plum attached to each one, worn with purple leg warmers and white tights striped with lilac.

Plum does not change her hairstyle, except on very rare occasions ("Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves") - as it's already in a ponytail. She would wear a white or pale blue top with a single large plum at the center, worn with a sky blue pair of short-shorts, indigo leggings, and pale blue flats with lilac bottoms. For warmer weather she instead wore lavender short-shorts and a pair of purple and pale blue sneakers with white toe.


Plum is friendly and lively; full of pep with a perky spring in her step. Her energetic nature is enough to push anyone forward and keep them going, while her warm heart allows her to comfort any friend in distress or try to help them at the drop of a hat.

Plum is also known for being one of the goofier girls in the group. She finds amusement in many things, and enjoys pranks and jokes - but never ones that are meant to upset or harm someone. She may also try to rely on this to ease tense or scary situations. While she tries to stay brave and calm, Plum tends to get nervous or panic fairly quick.

Early on during the series, Plum exhibited a somewhat childish nature as well. Whenever she would get upset or angry with someone, she would lash out at others or seek revenge on the one who may have caused it. She could also be irrational at times and let her imagination get the better of her. 

While kind and normally thoughtful, Plum is also very passionate. She struggles when it comes to remaining an organized leader of things and is highly competitive, causing her to push her friends past their limits. She always means well, but can become blinded by her desire to win at all costs.

Official Hub Profile

Always on the move, Plum seems to hear a happy dance beat wherever she goes. Plum's kind heart and quirky ways makes her a favorite friend in Berry Bitty City.


The best dancer in town, Plum is highly graceful and flexible. She incorporates these talents into mostly everything she does, unless instructed otherwise. She knows many forms of dance, and even gives sessions to help one relax their muscles or calm down, as well as teaching exercise.

Plum also appears to be pretty good at sports and enjoys them on a regular basis with her friends.


  • Raspberry: They seem to be close and show up together fairly often. Usually when one of them has a problem, the other notices it and will try to help fix things.
  • Strawberry: They are close friends.
  • Blueberry Muffin: While they are friends, they do not seem to share much in common and rarely interact outside of group activities.
  • Orange Blossom: Another friend, who she can be found with fairly often.
  • Lemon Meringue: Same as above.
  • Cherry Jam: Plum idolizes Cherry and treated her as a celebrity, rather than a friend. But after she learned that this wasn't her true personality, she was quick to befriend her.
  • Huckleberry Pie: Plum befriends Huck when he auditions for Prince Charming in "Berryella and Prince Charming". She also teaches him to dance, despite how frequently he hurt her feet. In "Doggie Dance No-Show" she was grateful that Huckleberry offered Tom Tom for her performance and she gave him friendly hug.
  • Pitterpatch - A Dog she gains from Huck in season 3.
  • Sweet and Sour Grapes - A pair of Twins the girls meet and befriend in Season 4.
  • Apple Dumplin -


  • "Pupcake's the thief? It's always the cute ones..."
  • "And when I find out who has done this, they will have to answer to the wrath of Plum!!!"
  • "Pitterpatch doesn't need a leash."


  • In the previous series, Blueberry was a dramatic girl with an interest in dance, while Plum was the reserved and bookish type. In this series, their personalities were switched.
    • Ironically, they rarely appear together outside of the group.
  • Plum is the only girl who wears her hair up at all times, except on rare occasions ("Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves").
    • She is also the only girl to wear leg warmers on a regular basis.
  • Despite how much she dances, practices, and twirls, she easily gets dizzy.
  • It is revealed in "Too Cool for Rules" that she loves Gooseberry Pie.
  • In "Berryella and Prince Charming", the ringtone of her cellphone is the song "Anything is Possible".
  • Plum's voice actor also voices Rainbow Dash and Applejack; but of the two she sounds exactly like Rainbow Dash.
    • She is the second Berry girl with a current my little pony voice actress.
  • In "The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster", Plum was teaching the girls to dance for belts.
  • She suffered from stage fright, but unlike Huckleberry, she got over it ("Practice Makes Perfect").
  • She is mainly a dancer, but is also a drummer.


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