Pitterpatch is the fun Russell Terrier of Plum Pudding. He was adopted by her after the events of "A Boy and his Dogs".


Pitterpatch likes to follow Plum's lead in dancing or a special stunt. He is an energetic puppy ready to play any time of the day.


Pitterpatch is a white pooch with lilac markings on his body. He has a brown nose an bright purple eyes, with indigo-purple inner-ear markings. Around his neck is a purple collar with a plum tag. He has a small amount of loose hair on the top of his head.


Originally Pitterpatch was owned by Raspberry Torte, who named him Coco. However he didn't like the sweaters that Raspberry sewed for him, since these sweaters were biting him because his fur was too thick for them. 


  • Of all the dogs, Pitterpatch appears to be the biggest.
  • Pitterpatch bears a resemblance (not in colors) to Scamp from the Disney film "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure".
  • Pitterpatch is THE best dancer in the show!
  • He appears often on Season 3. On Season 4 he appears only in the last two episodes.