From left to right: Penny, Patti and Pinkie

Pinkie and the Ponytails is a fictional rock band, made up by Sour. It appears on "Berry Big Tale-Teller", as a part of Sour's tale about the adventure she and Sweet had.

The band members are: Pinkie the guitarist, Patti the drummer and Penny the pianist.


Pinkie, Patti and Penny are portrayed by Strawberry, Plum and Cherry respectively. Pinkie has a red lightning mark under her right eye; Patti has a purple five-pointed star mark on her left temple; Penny has a flower mark on her left cheek.

In accordance with the band's name, each of the girls wears her hair in a ponytail, held with a scrunchy, and wears a headband with an icon of the fruit her counterpart character is named after. Their tents are ornamented similarly. 


The band was not a successful one, playing in disharmony and discordantly. Only crickets, frogs and one rabbit (who kept requesting "Row, row, row your boat") came to watch them perform. At some point, the frogs stopped coming to the performances.

While Sour was wandering about at the dark forest, looking for help, she heard sounds of music, people bickering, and woodpecker tappings. She approached and saw the band: Pinkie scolded Patti for not keeping the beat day after day. Annoyed, Patti complained that woodpecker confused her every time she got good beat. Penny sat idly, reading a book, her feet resting on the piano.

Sour appeared. The girls were very pleased to see her, because they were short of audience. Sour tried to tell them she needed help, but instead they performed, after Pinkie told a foolish joke. They played very poorly, and Patti burst into tears because the woodpecker confused her again. Sour decided to leave, commenting that she heard better music when she pogosticked to town with an accordion tied to her head, but the girls insisted on performing further, claiming they were just warming up. They sang "Row, row, row your boat" - again, very poorly and in disharmony. The woodpecker did not interrupt that song, but the music quality did not improve even slightly.

Finally Sour has had it and ran away. However, after swinging over a chasm, she encountered

Helping Sour to save Sweet

the band... again. Again Pinkie told a foolish joke, and they started playing "Row, row, row your boat" - not better than before. Sour was in despair, ran out of ideas, but it was Sweet who saved the day: she cheerfully tapped wooden spoons on the dashboard. Her beat was louder than the woodpecker's, and exactly what the band was looking for. Patti listened and drummed excitedly according to the new beat. Then the band helped Sour to pull the sinking truck out of the quicksand pool, saving Sweet.

Eventually the band had a hit record. They became megastars, and they were so grateful that they changed their name to "Two Sweets and a Sour".


  • (as Sour walks through the dark forest, she hears drums beating, woodpecker tapping, and voices of people in argument)
  • Pinkie: No, no, no! It's Ba-dah ching, Ba-dah ching, Ba-da-pah, Ba-doo!
  • Patti: Pinkie, that's what I just played!
  • Pinkie: Please! Not even close!
  • Patti: OK, I'll try it again... 1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4...
  • (the band plays music)


  • Pinkie (scolding Patti): No, no, no! You did it again! She's doing it again! You hear that? She's doing it again! Day after day, week after week, year after year... why can't you keep the BEAT?!
  • Patti (scowls): It isn't me, it's that woodpecker. Every time I get a good beat goin', he messes me up!
  • (Plum beats the drums. The woodpecker interrupts)
  • Plum: See? (drops the drumsticks)
  • Pinkie: And I keep tellin' ya, ignore him! Stick your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la! If you don't find the beat, we don't get the gig. You want to spend the rest of your career playing for crickets and for frogs?
  • Penny (nonchalantly): Frogs stopped comin' a month ago, just crickets now... Oh, n' that rabbit who keeps requesting "Row, row, row your boat".


  • (the band notices Sour)
  • Pinkie, Patti and Penny (exclaim excitedly): An audience!!
  • (they welcome Sour and introduce themselves)
  • Pinkie: Hello, hello, hello.
  • Patti: We're "Pinkie and the Ponytails" (points at Pinkie) She's Pinkie.
  • Penny: I'm Penny (points at Patti) That's Patti.
  • (they offer Sour a seat)
  • Pinkie: Music, mirth n' merriment is our thing!
  • Patti: So... sit right there!
  • Penny: The show starts now!


  • Pinkie (speaking to the microphone): Is this thing on? Ha-ha-ha. Really good to see ya here. Last concert, no one showed up but frogs. The gig croaked!
  • (Patti beats the drums)
  • Pinkie: Ha-ha-ha.


  • Penny (notices that Sour is walking away): There goes your audience...


  • (after swinging over the chasm, Sour encounters the band again)
  • Pinkie (speaking to the microphone): This thing on? Ho-ho-ho. Y'know, we love to play the great outdoors. The other day, Patti pretended she was a tree. I said then: "Why don'tcha make like a tree and LEAVE"?
  • (Patti beats the drums)
  • Pinkie: Ho-ho-ho. And... 1, 2, 3, 4!
  • (the band plays "Row, row, row your boat" - again, very discordantly. Sour covers her ears)



  • The band's name is based on Pinkie Pie and the show "My Little Pony".
  • Each girl plays the same musical instrument that her counterpart character plays on the show.
  • Pinkie has a very lame sense of humor.
  • Penny doesn't care much about rehearsals until Sour showed up and was their one-person audience.
  • Patti actually tries her best to keep the beat on the drums.
  • The song: "Row, row, row your boat" is one of their biggest requests, they even had a rabbit requesting it a LOT!!
  • Penny seemed laid back when the band appeared in Sour's tale.


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