Patty Persimmon is a fictional character with her own book series in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. Blueberry Muffin is a big fan of hers, along with Strawberry ShortcakeCherry Jam and Huckleberry Pie.


Not much is known about Patty Persimmon, other then her currently in a long-running book series with at least one-hundred and thirty published.


While Patty has not been seen, a cutout stand of her reveals what she looks like. She has fair skin with slanted blue eyes and pink lips. She has long orange hair pulled into pigtails held by yellow ribbons and straight cut bangs. Over her eyes are crimson cat-eye glasses.

Her normal attire consists of a burnt orange and white trenchcoat with two rows of light green buttons, white and green leggings, and pink flats.


Patty has brilliant detective skills and a good memory for details. She is idolized and viewed as perfection by some, and she is a well-known, capable detective capable of juggling at least ten cases at once.


Patty Persimmon is first mentioned on "Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone?" when Blueberry is shown reading the book series. She finds herself infatuated with the story and began to emulate her book idol, though she demonstrates rather poor detective skills. Her friends convinced her that she was no longer herself, and helped her get over that obsession. Blueberry realized this and began to tone down her interest, deciding to sell off her extra books related to the series while remaining a fan.

In "Practice Makes Perfect", Blueberry lends Cherry one of Patty books "Mystery of the Missing Mozzarella" during her time off from stardom.

In "A Boy and his Dogs", Blueberry learns how much of a fan Huckleberry is for the book series. Due to this, they were able to build a friendship and even tapped into their own inner-detectives.

In the following episodes, Blueberry writes detective stories inspired by Patty's novels and sends them to "Berry Bitty Mysteries" magazine, thinking that whoever likes Patty novels will automatically like her stories too. Blueberry's stories are rejected for the very same reason: because her writing style is too similar to Patty novels. Huckleberry persuades her to write original stories.

List of Known Patty Books

  • The Case of the Missing Friend
  • Patty Persimmon, genius detective, and the case of the mean, nasty, berry naughty Glimmerberry thief
  • Mystery of the Missing Mozzarella
  • The Case of the Missing Mangles
  • Patty Persimmon and the Case of the Beach Burglar
  • The Secret of the Feathered Fish
  • The Mystery of the Purloined Parasol
  • The Creepy Cabinet Caper
  • The Thespian Theater Thriller
  • Tennis Caper Anyone?
  • The Mystery of the Haunted Cellphone
  • The Case of the Gone Gone Gondolier
  • The Half Explained Case of the Half Empty Milk Glass
  • Patty Persimmon's Curious Case of the Crumbling Cookie
  • The Mystery of the Mangled Macaroon


"It's time to get a clue or two!"

"I think I'm getting the better of this mystery before it betters me!"


  • Patty dislikes blueberry muffins.
  • She does not have a middle name.
  • She was born in Cricket Crossing and then moved to Berry Bitty Glade.
  • Her favorite breakfast is persimmon pancakes with pumpkin butter, coconut syrup and macadamia nuts.
  • She is the only character shown with her hair in pigtails as their normal style.
  • She is the first girl shown to need glasses.
  • Patty is the second orange-themed character, following Orange Blossom.
  • Raspberry and Orange have read at least one of Patty novels, as revealed on "Lost and Found". But unlike the others mentioned they do not appear to be devoted fans.
  • She has tons of merchandise, as revealed by Blueberry.
    • Behind one of the bookcases in Blueberry Books there is a hidden collection of Patty's mystery club detective hats and the official Patty's magnifying glasses.
  • Mr. Toad Simmons, the editor of "Berry Bitty Mysteries" magazine, appears to be a fan of Patty since her pictures decorate his office.
  • The author of the Patty Books is currently unknown.
  • The cover of Patty books is ornamented with a symbol of a persimmon with two branches, which is assumed to be her personal symbol.


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