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Partners in Crime



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Feb 23, 2013

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A Boy and his Dogs

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The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show

Partners in Crime is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Blueberry and Huckleberry become writing partners, but she rejects all of his story ideas, so he teams up with Cherry Jam to write a song in hopes of reaching her. However, this causes Blueberry to feel envious at the loss of their Friendship.

Episode Review

Blueberry is in the middle of writing her newest book idea while Scouty runs on a machine that flings books up to Bosley Bookworm, who is nearby on the shelf putting them away. Strawberry and Cherry come inside and Blueberry explains that she is trying to think up a good mystery for the heroine of her book to solve. While Strawberry is looking forward to reading the story, Blueberry reveals she has 200 copies of the newest Patty Persimmon's book "The Mystery of the Mangled Macaroon" explains two details but doesn't give out the ending before closing the book which shocked Strawberry and Cherry and offers to lend the girls a copy of it, but both of them claim to be very far behind in terms of the series, have not yet finished reading "The Mystery of the Haunted Cellphone", "The Case of the Gone Gone Gondolier", "The Half Explained Case of the Half Empty Milk Glass" and "Patty Persimmon's Curious Case of the Crumbling Cookie", so they shouldn't be reading the newest book yet.

Cherry then reveals they came in hopes of checking out one of the newest issues of "Berry Big Glitz & Glamor" magazine to see how Cherry's newest song is doing on the charts, so Blueberry takes this chance to show the girls Scouty's newest trick, which takes a bit of time to properly execute. However, Scouty decides he wants to play instead and she's forced to chase him around until the berry girls manage to corner him and take the magazine. Then Cherry and Strawberry leave while Blueberry laments her friends' lack of interest in Patty Persimmon.

But upon realizing someone does indeed like Patty as much as she does, she calls Huckleberry over the computer to video chat with him. She asks him to come back to Berry Bitty City for a couple of days before explaining that she's been working on a mystery story to submit to "Berry Bitty Mysteries" magazine, and figured he could help her a lot since they both love Patty Persimmon. She also points out that if he helps her, he could use this to help fund his pet shelter. He promises to come that evening and they end the messaging.

So that night, Huckleberry has come by and once again he took a wrong turn and his Pup-Mobile stalled, this time inside a giant log.

Blueberry receives a distress call from Huckleberry and the following morning, Berrykin Bruce and his crew use their saws and tools to free Huckleberry from the giant log he got stuck inside.

The two of them begin to work on the book that evening and go over their ideas, only to stop and quiet down the noisy puppies. She then resumes speaking about her ideas, about the girl she named Peggy Periwinkle, unaware of Huck's concern regarding how much the story sounds like the Patty Persimmon's stories. He thinks the readers would want something different but she thinks it's fine to copy such a good series, since it means her stories are bound to be good too. Huckleberry then tries to tell her of his idea but she doesn't listen and instead has him write down what she tells him.

That morning, Huckleberry has fallen asleep while Blueberry is printing out the story. He suddenly wakes up and claims he barely got to do anything, but Blueberry doesn't seem to think so and she tells him to meet with her later at the Berry Bitty Cafe before she takes her leave for the post office in order to send her story out.

Later on, she comes to the Cafe and sits down to eat while she mentions that everyone at the post office loved her story, and how much of a great partner Huckleberry is before finally noticing he isn't there. Strawberry informs her he came earlier to eat and was writing something of his own afterwards. This makes Blueberry curious but she says nothing of it and chooses to take Scouty on a walk. Upon hearing someone, she investigates to find Huckleberry and Cherry writing and discussing something. She then runs away after betrayal begins to set in.

At home and she resumes working on a sequel book when Huckleberry comes inside. She apologizes for being late that morning but Huck doesn't seem to mind and instead asks to borrow some pencils and paper. Trying to determine his weird behavior, Blueberry tries distracting Huckleberry with all of her amazing Patty Persimmon's merchandise but it's no use and he flees when he manages to snap out of the temporary amazement.

Blueberry decides she'll just have to find out why he's being so secretive and she manages to find him in the same spot with Cherry Jam and eavesdrops on them. But Scouty manages to accidentally catch attention of their puppies and when they notice her there, Tom Tom approaches Blueberry and she's forced to go into hiding with Scouty until Cherry and Huck notice the dogs causing a commotion. At this point, Blueberry feels even more upset and she goes to visit Strawberry before asking to borrow her guitar. A concerned Strawberry agrees to it, but does not voice her worries.

Later, Blueberry goes to Lemon's salon after seeing how horrible she is at playing the guitar. Blueberry tries to vaguely ask to have a stylish hairstyle, in the desire of having it styled like Cherry Jam's hair but Lemon struggles to understand it and eventually she realizes it's too late now and asks Blueberry to reschedule her appointment.

Back home, Blueberry miserably attempts to write more of her story when Strawberry comes in. She asks where Huckleberry is and Blueberry admits that she thinks Huck isn't working with her anymore and she mentions the song Huck and Cherry had been working on. Seeing how sad Blueberry is, Strawberry reveals to her this was supposed to be a surprise: Huckleberry was trying to write her the song to prove how good of a song writer he was in hopes of finding a way to tell her how he felt about their partnership, also in hopes of getting Blueberry to listen to his feelings.

Blueberry realizes how badly she messed up and later she apologizes to Huckleberry when he comes to Blueberry Books. After Huckleberry points out that she was the one who first told him to just be himself, they decide to give the story another try and she offers to let him start it while she sits down and types it up and together their partnership begins on the right foot.


  • Strawberry: Do you think they'll buy it?
  • Blueberry: Ah, not in its current form... no.


  • Blueberry: But that's just it... being me isn't good enough...


  • Cherry: Would you happen to have the new "Berry Big Glitz & Glamor" magazine?
  • Strawberry: We wanted to see where Cherry's latest song is on the charts.
  • Blueberry: Coming right up. Wait. Watch this. Scouty! Here, boy!
  • (Scouty rushes to Blueberry)
  • Blueberry: "Berry Big Glitz & Glamor" magazine! Fetch, boy!
  • (Scouty does not move)
  • Blueberry: No, that's "point". Fetch, Scouty fetch!


  • Blueberry: Uh, here you go, Cherry. Sorry about the, uh... slobber.
  • Cherry: No worries. (pets Scouty) Thank you, Scouty!


  • (Huck's Pup-Mobile, stuck inside a log, is lifted by butterflies and brought to the village)
  • Blueberry: Huckleberry, you're OK in there?
  • Huckleberry (from inside the log): Blueberry? Hi. Eh... any idea how long before I can get out of here?
  • Berrykin Bruce: Tell him not to be afraid. We'll have him out of there by dinner time.
  • (Berrykin Earl approaches, holding a chainsaw. Nervously, he starts the chainsaw, and the other Berrykins quickly get out of his way)


  • Blueberry: You had good ideas, I just wasn't listening. I'm sorry.
  • Huckleberry: I;m sorry about the whole misunderstanding about the song. Were you really going to change your hair style?
  • (Blueberry nods)
  • Huckleberry: But you're the one who taught me that you always have to be yourself. Then you know people like you for who you are, remember?
  • Blueberry: (slightly embarrassed) I remember.



Blueberry learns several lessons:

  • Not to rush to conclusions when she sees something that she doesnot fully understand.
  • She should just be herself and not to try to imitate others for her friends' attention - the same lesson she (ironically) taught Huck in "A Boy and his Dogs".  
  • She should have let Huckleberry's input and opinions be heard, instead of trying to do everything herself.


  • Cherry Jam doesn't seem to like Patty Persimmon anymore, given how she reacts to it when it's brought up.
  • This episode implies that Lemon's shop stays open at least until 11:00 pm.
  • Strawberry and Plum can be seen on magazine covers behind Blueberry and Scouty before the show goes on its first commercial break.
  • As of this episode, only Orange's puppy hasn't had its name revealed. 
  • The song that Huckleberry and Cherry are working on has the same music and tune from the song Blueberry made for her commercial during "The Big Freeze".
  • Strawberry lacks her hat in this episode - as she did in the previous one for most of it.
  • The girls on the hair magazine seem to be modified versions of Raspberry and Lemon.
  • Plum Pudding, Raspberry Torte, and Orange Blossom make no appearances in this episode.
    • This is the first episode in which some of the Berry girls are absent.
  • The only time that Berrykin Earl performs a task without teaming up with Berrykin Ed.


  • Berrykin Bruce's color is green, while he is blue in the former episodes.

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