This page is for listing outfits worn by Orange Blossom. For character information, please visit her character page.


  • Her exercise outfit consist of a peach long sleeved shirt with an orange depicted on the front, a bright neon orange wrap-skirt, her same leggings but as pantyhose, and burnt orange leg warmers and peach slip on shoes.
  • The beach dress Raspberry made for Orange includes a single strapped bright orange top with white lining bathing suit over a yellow-orange floral with oranges themed wrap skirt with thick pink-peach lining held shut with an orange blossom icon, matching her typical hair worn one. Her sandals were pink on the bottom and had orange toed straps. She also had a pair of orange sunglasses and in another episode orange themed snorkel gear.
  • When playing Badminton, Orange wore a white T-shirt under an orange tank top, white skirt with orange coloring in the ruffles, orange socks worn with white and orange colored shoes, Orange leggings, and an orange visor with the band being white with a light orange middle-stripe. On the side was her orange blossom clip.
  • During the relay race Orange wore a white top with a pair of neon orange mid-arm sleeved top. Along with a pair of neon orange pants leggings. Her shoes are peach and red colored flats while her helmet was orange and golden-yellow. For this, Orange pulled her hair over her shoulder, worn in a ponytail.
  • One of Orange's rain attires is a bright neon orange jacket with multiple buttons, a small flower charm, and strap around the waist, orange cuffs and neck, orange rain boots and her normal flower clip. Her umbrella is orange themed with a green handle.
  • On "Nice as Nails", she wore a special dress almost resembling her normal dress but with some differences. Later in the ep she used white oven mitts with green lining and oranges on them.
  • An alternate fashion Orange is rarely seen wearing consisting of an orange, loose dress with long sleeves with two white stripes on the lining and a big orange wedge at the chest, knee length orange and white striped pantyhose and bright orange boots with a single yellow orange clasp.
  • In one of the books during a costume party she came dressed as a tabby cat. Wearing an orange striped dress with cat ear headband, tail, and boots styled like cat paws.
  • On "Fish out of Water", Raspberry drew an image of Orange riding her frog wearing an orange and peach frilly outfit with a special helmet.
  • On one of the comic covers Orange is dressed for vacation! She has a cute orange themed floral dress on, a purple flower necklace and matching hair ornament, her normal peach striped leggings and orange sandals with a single flower at the toes.
  • A neon orange top with pale colored pants and orange shoes. On her head is a white cap with orange markings. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail.
  • During the play Plum decided to put on, Orange wore a princess dress to audition. Her hair was worn about the same, but less curly with a shimmering pale orange headband with two orange flowers attached. Her pale orange dress has white designs along it in glitter, while around her waist was an orange colored bow. She had small orange slice earrings.
  • For her role in the play, Orange wears a peach dress with long sleeves and white shawl, matching her white belt. She wears a bright orange cap on her head, and her normal leggings and boots.


  • When Cherry Jam joined the Berry girls, everyone gained performance designs. Orange's hair is the same but flares just slightly with two orange sparkle highlights on her bangs, worn with a thin orange sparkly headband with her symbol attached on the left side and an orange star below her left eye. Orange wears a glittering yellow top with white lining and a glittery peach vest with puff sleeves over it. Along with orange ruffle skirt with a white belt with single orange stripe and orange flower clip on the side. She also has peach leggings with a star pattern and orange and yellow striped flats with orange blossoms at the toe and short, white platform segments. For jewelry Orange wore a necklace with orange charm and on both wrists a chunky yellow-orange bracelet with thin green bracelets.
  • For a special black themed band image, Orange used an orange wedge themed keyboard while her hair has black and orange glitter highlights. She wears a big gray and black cap on her head with an orange blossom. Her outfit consists of a white T-shirt with an orange blossom on the chest and a sparkly black vest, knee length gray jeans with small silver chains, orange and black striped flats with black straps with orange blossoms near the toe. And on her wrist she wears multiple bracelets.
  • When the girls dressed up to be Cherry's groupies, Orange lengthened her hair to ankle length and very frilled along the edging, worn with a giant orange blossom flower clip and yellow sunglasses with small white spots and small orange lenses. She wore an orange tanktop with yellow spots and short shoulder pad styled sleeves, above the elbow gloves with orange bracelets, and a ballerina styled tutu orange skirt, orange pantyhose/leggings with yellow spots and short peach boot/shoes with orange at the top.

Outfits not in the series

  • A pale pink dress with princess puff sleeves and multiple layered skirt with lighter pink-white ruffled lining to match the collar of the top. Around her waist is a pale orange, sparkly ribbon on a belt, and she wears sparkling peach maryjane shoes with a small orange on each clasp. On her head is a floral crown consisting of many small buds, green leaves, pink roses, two orange blossom icons, and many other little flowers. She also has a strawberry ring, pearl bracelets, smaller pearl bracelets with oranges on them, and pink pearl bracelets.
  • A bright orange sleeveless top with yellow detailing and a long pull zipper in the center over a gray tank top. Along with neon yellow leggings with pale green-blue markings and a pair of pale orange, light green, yellow, and white sneakers. Her hair is worn in a curled ponytail and she has her blossom flower hair clip.
  • A pale sparkling orange ball gown with very pale peach sleeves and middle segments of the top and skirt itself. She has a fancy gold necklace ornament, simple orange stud earrings, and a very thin gold crown with tiny orange studs adorning it. Her hair is pulled back somewhat into a bunch in the center of her hair, while the rest is curled.

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