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"You can't put a price on helping others."

Orange Blossom




Owns Orange Mart

Theme Colors

Shades of Orange, White, Pink


An Orange attached to a white and orange flower



Voice Actress

Janyse Jaud

Orange Blossom is one of Strawberry Shortcake's best friends and main characters in the series.


Brave, bold, and generous, Orange Blossom is a good friend always up for something new and exciting. This girl has a lot to offer - literally.


Orange Blossom has lightly browned skin with bright brown eyes bordering on orange. Her brown hair is slightly curled and worn loose with a flower that has half of an orange sphere sewn to the center. She has peach lips.

Orange wears a white shirt beneath an orange tank-top with a split colored design. The lower half of the chest is pink with a thin white line tracing the center. A small orange flower symbol is sewn to the side of her chest. The skirt resembles the inside of a sliced orange, lined in pink. She wore white and golden-orange striped leggings and a pair of pink boots accented in hot pink and golden-orange.

During adventures in S3 and S4, Orange could be seen with her hair pulled into a straight, low ponytail worn over one of her shoulders whenever the girls would go out on adventure. She wore a white top with orange sleeves and a pale orange dot print, an orange pleat skirt, white and pale orange striped leggings, and light orange flats. Her other outfit lacked the dot print and came with gold pants and a pair of white and gold sneakers accented with orange.


Orange is a perky and friendly girl often in a great mood. When others are happy she feels happy too. Wise, with a creative streak, Orange enjoys inventing new things and often comes up with ideas for all sorts of things. She is a true friend who does everything with her berry-best to ensure everything runs smoothly.

However, Orange is also a bit of a perfectionist. She prefers things to be organized and tidy, and can get distracted if something is thrown out of order. She is also stubborn and refuses to give up whenever she sets her mind to something, and she can be highly sensitive at times. If someone voices any concern in what she may decide or try to attempt, she tends to take it as a sign they don't have any trust in her. She struggles greatly when it comes to admitting she might need any help. 

While she is very brave, Orange is also known for being the type to jump into anything head-first.

Official Hub Profile

Orange Blossom runs the Orange Mart in Berry Bitty City, and she's always ready with a smile to help her customers. She always says you can't put a price on helping others.


Orange is seen by the others as a good leader, but she does not see this in herself at first. She tries to make things both fun and fair - but struggles in general. She is open to new ideas and is always willing to hear others out though, and because of her experience running her shop, she is very good at organizing. 

She is also known for being a talented list maker and has a great memory.

Brave and gutsy, Orange puts her bold instincts to good use if the girls wind up in dangerous situations.



  • "Thank you for shopping at Orange's General Store, where there's a place for everything, and a thing for every place."
  • "You can never be too organized".


  • Orange Blossom is the only main character who lacks light skin.
  • She plays music rarely: on "Practice Makes Perfect" she played a violin for a recital, and played a tambourine at two performances of "Strawberry and the Sweet Beats". She was also shown playing the keyboard.
  • In the pilot movie, Orange's eyes appeared to be orange.
  • This is the only series where Orange does not have an afro-inspired or puffy hair style.
  • Although she is said to be the bravest, there are two instances of Orange not being brave:
  • Orange was the only Berry Girl who wore boots normally, until Sour Grapes joined the cast.
    • She was also the only girl with a flower icon until Cherry Jam joined the cast.
  • Her voice actress was the voice of earlier G3 Pinkie Pie.
    • This makes her the second Berry Girl to share a voice with Pinkie Pie, following Lemon Meringue.
  • She is the only main character whose full name is not a type of food.


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