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On the Road
On the Road



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March 17, 2012

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On Ice

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"On the Road" is the final episode of Season 2 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


The girls train the Berrykins to run their businesses while they head out of town on a concert tour.

Episode Review

The episode begins as Strawberry is practicing a song with the girls and singing with Cherry. Berrykins watch their performance as they do so. As the song ends, all of the girls comment on how good they sound, and how much they sound like a band. They decide to form a band. They begin to discuss names, and finally accepting Cherry's offer "Strawberry and the Sweet Beats". Strawberry tells Cherry that she should be the main lead instead since she's famous, but Cherry tells her she's had enough of the lime light anyway. She tells the other girls that Berry Big City needs a band for the opening ceremony: they called Cherry, but she suggested Strawberry's band, sent them a tape, and they agreed. The Berry girls are delighted to hear that, but when Cherry tells them that they are going the next day, Plum, Lemon, Raspberry, and Blueberry run away in panic.

Orange then asks how the girls will get to Berry Big City, and Cherry informs her they'll just take her bus. But Orange still seems concerned for some reason.


Can you modify it?

The following day, Cherry takes her bus to Berrykin Bruce to get it checked. She then asks him to secretly put in something by tomorrow and he begins to panic. Meanwhile at Strawberry's Cafe, Strawberry is busy baking a mulberry pie when Berrykin Bloom comes in to ask for a slice, he then sees her packing.

Strawberry tells him she has to be going to Berry Big City when he asks about the shop. Orange meanwhile is sadly packing when three baby berrykins come in and ask what she's doing. She tells them they're leaving for a while when the berrykins ask how they'll get things if she's gone when Orange suddenly remembers they have their customers to worry about. So all of the girls, and berrykins ask about the City while the girls are gone. Strawberry suggests instead they ask the Berrykins to run things for them until they return and everybody agrees to this.

And so, Lemon is telling Berrykin Bill how to work the Salon, such as setting magazines, scent sticks, and so forth when she suddenly sees him put too much mud onto the ladybug. So she tells him he'll need more practice.

Strawberry practices with two berrykins preparing and serving a tossed salad, but they forget the plate. Raspberry meanwhile sees the dress the berrykins made and tries to find the proper word for it. Soon the berrykins seem to be getting it and everybody is a lot happier. Except Orange who seems annoyed.

She tells Strawberry that she won't be able to leave since they seem so "incompetent". Strawberry tells Orange they need her, so she can't just stay behind and Strawberry suggest that she shows the berrykins instead how to organize the store better. After sometime Orange sees that everything is set properly but she stills sounds upset.

Later the bus shows up and Strawberry is very happy to see that the bus was modified to fit their band. Cherry thanks Berrykin Bruce for the tune up and all of the girls celebrate. After some waiting, Blueberry says they were supposed to leave an hour ago and Orange still has yet to show up. It's then they see Orange with tons of equipment. Strawberry tells her they don't have the room and they look over the items to see what exactly she brought. They note how weird the items are but they decide to try to bring it on the bus anyway and that evening, near sunset they take off!

And so the Berrykins begin to do work everywhere. They all do a good job and soon it's storytime. Berrykin Bloom begins to tell the baby Berrykins a story about nursery rhymes but they tell him they don't want it. They suddenly give him a book about the "Slinking Slinker" and Berrykin Bloom tells them it sounds frightening. But they tell him to read it anyway and Berrykin Bloom soon grows flustered. He tries to convince them otherwise, but they don't listen and he keeps reading.

That night, the girls are still traveling and they notice Orange seems upset when suddenly she tells them to stop the bus!

Orange then remembers she forgot to bring tea. Plum tells her they can just get some but Orange tells them that its her own special blend and she can't get it anywhere else. Strawberry agrees that there is time to go back and the girls quickly head back. Meanwhile, Berrykin Bloom is still reading and he just manages to finish the book as the Berrykins ask him to read it again. Unfortunately, he will not do it and they sadly leave the bookstore.

On his way home, Berrykin Bloom is suddenly frightened by Berrykin Bill. Berrykin Bloom says that the creature from the scary story is everywhere, and it's a science book (which is what the baby Berrykins told him, maybe as a joke). Both berrykins begin to panic as the girls come to a stop. Strawberry and co begin to head back to Orange Mart as the berrykins begin to hear odd noises. Princess Berrykin says they shouldn't alarm the entire city as the girls get the tea and head back to the bus. As they go to leave the girls once again have to stop the bus...

Orange quickly makes up an excuse and they turn around.

The Berrykins then reveal their plans. They'll capture the monster that's supposedly threatening the town and they show Princess Berrykin how it works. And so the berrykins all drag the tricky trap in question to the right spot and all of them hide as the girls return. Strawberry tells them it's really late so they need to be really quiet. Orange spots the tripwire. Thinking the Berrykins put it there and forgot to take it, she pulls the tripwire, accidentally setting the trap, getting herself and the other girls caught.

Hearing that they caught the creature, the four Berrykins run out and stare out of surprise to see they only caught Strawberry and company. They ask why they returned and inform them that they were protecting the city from the Slinking Slinker. Blueberry informs them that it's just a story, not real. Strawberry apologizes for scaring them but it was only them. Princess Berrykin then asks if they trusted them and Strawberry tries to find a way to clear things over.

It's then Orange apologizes and tells them she was afraid of leaving the city. Plum then asks if she'll be able to sing and dress up with them as Strawberry manages to convince her that they won't be gone too long. With that in mind Berrykin Bloom runs off and returns with a snowglobe. A reminder of home so that Orange won't be homesick while she's gone. She thanks everybody and they go to leave again as Strawberry tells her they can just practice on the way there since it's so late now and the girls drive off into the night.


  • Orange: (yelling) STOP THE BUS!!!
  • Cherry: What Now?


  • Baby berrykins: Story time, story time, story time!
  • Berrykin Bloom: Have a seat, little ones, and we shall begin. (takes a book) Here's a nice book of nursery rhymes that I...
  • Baby berrykins: No! Not that one!
  • Red baby berrykin (takes another book and gives it to Berrykin Bloom): Read this one!
  • Orange baby Berrykin: It's a lot better!
  • Berrykin Bloom (becomes scared to see the frightening image on the book cover): Really? Well... eh... the case of the Slinking... Slinking Slinker. Oh, my! That sounds a bit... ehm... frightening.
  • Purple baby Berrykin: But it's science!
  • Berrykin Bloom: Well then: "Once upon a time there was a Slinking Slinker who... who..." oh dear! Well, eh, are we sure we wouldn't rather hear these quite charming little nursery rhymes?
  • Baby Berrykins: Slinking Slinker, Slinking Slinker!
  • Berrykin Bloom: "...a Slinking Slinker who had... long sharp glistening teeth... and a growl as loud as a foghorn... oh... sounds dreadful..."


  • Berrykin Bloom (finishes reading the story): "...and the Slinking Slinker slinked into the night, and nobody ever knew what happened to him". And that's all, the end.
  • Baby Berrykins: Yay! Read it again! Read it again!
  • Berrykin Bloom: No, no, no. It's past by.. er... past your bed time. Come along now, come along.
  • (disappointed, the baby Berrykins leave the store)
  • Berrykin Bloom: Up you go. Get to bed. Pleasant dreams. He... don't think about... (looks fearfully at the scary book) ....about that awful Slinking Slinker.



  • Berrykin Bloom learns the same lesson he and Mr. Longface learned on "Berry Bitty World Record": he should not believe everything he reads.
  • Orange learns how to get over homesickness.


  • It took the girls five tries to determine a name for their band. They were:
    • Strawberry and the Berryettes
    • Strawberry and the Berry Berries
    • Strawberry and the Sweetie Sweets
    • Strawberry and the Berry Beats
    • Strawberry and the Sweet Beats
  • Berrykin Bloom's fear of the Slinking Slinker is similar to Orange's fear of the Galumphalot ("Nothing to Fear but Berries Themselves"): the frightening thing is a character from one of Blueberry's books; particular noises at night makes Berrykin Bloom think that it roams nearby; his fear catches others; a trap is set to catch the Slinking Slinker, but someone else gets caught; eventually Berrykin Bloom is convinced there is no such thing.
  • Cherry has her bus modified in this episode.
  • It is the second episode, following "Trading Sizes", that the Berrykins replace the Berry girls in their working places.


  • How could Berrykin Bruce drive the bus, even for a short distance? He is too small to reach the pedals.
  • Orange noticed the tripwire easily. Why didn't Berrykin Bruce camouflage it? There is no point setting a trap if anyone can notice it.

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