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On Ice
On Ice1



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March 17, 2012

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The Big Freeze

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"On Ice" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


When both Raspberry and Berrykin Bruce make plans for an event at the same location - Strawberry suggests they try to merge their events.

Episode Review

One nice, winter evening Blueberry is reading a story to the baby berrykins.

One spring day Raspberry is planning a fashion show, she wishes to hold it near the fountain in town when suddenly Plum interrupts her. She struggles to say "spectacular" as the four girls walk away. Meanwhile, Berrykin Bruce tells Princess Berrykin and Berrykin Bill about the spring water show extravaganza he plans to hold at the same place. He asks them to keep it secret, having told about only to them and to Strawberry.

At another place in town, Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl are doing some work on a very big, colorful object. They discuss the odd-ness in the current season and how Earl wishes Winter would come back. Since he loved to ice skate on the skating rink, he suddenly suggests to glue ice cubes to the Icy Skites, but Ed lectures him about his idea when suddenly Berrykin Bruce comes by. He has a surprise but he refuses to tell them just yet.

Meanwhile at her fashion boutique, Raspberry is making a dress for Strawberry and puts a fake crown she had made onto her head, for the full effect. It's then Postmaster Bumblebee comes inside and hands Raspberry her mail, along with Strawberry's. After stating they will both make the City proud, he leaves. Strawberry opens the letter to see that it's an invite for her fashion show. Suddenly Strawberry informs her she forgot that Berrykin Bruce had already made plans there...

As he approaches, both girls explain that Raspberry had planned her fashion show on the same day as his water show. Raspberry then asks if there is anyway he can change the date to his Water show, and even mentions he would be invited to her Fashion Show. He agrees to it and Raspberry thanks him.

At the Berrykin mechanics, Berrykin Bruce tells his workers he'll be back in a few hours and he leaves. Earl wonders if his surprise that he's working on but Ed tells him not to worry about it.

At the fountain, Raspberry is having her three friends work on their fashion show's plan. Bruce comes by to talk in private with Raspberry and tells her he needs to rehearse his water show and she suggests it to be practiced during the night. But he informs her this isn't any good since it'd make too much noise.

Unfortunately due to their talk about it, the others accidentally overheard and asks what the surprise is. The other three come by to ask what it was and Berrykin Bruce is forced to tell them what it was. It's then Berrykin Earl arrives, stating that Bruce forgot his lunch. He overhears what Bruce says about the show but promises not to tell anybody either. Bruce sighs, realizing that the surprise he planned is no longer a surprise. They then go to Strawberry who manages to make a compromise in terms of timing.

The following morning, Raspberry is becoming flustered as they notice that the entire place is soaked so they can't really do much.

At the Mechanics, the berrykins wonder where Berrykin Bruce is and the one berrykin leaves to go and find Berrykin Bruce. Earl manages to find him hanging from the decorations Raspberry and the girls had set up earlier. He is beginning to have doubts now as well so he goes to speak with Strawberry in hopes of having an idea. He then tells Earl to go back to work and leaves. As Earl stands there, he begins to dismiss his previous idea of just putting up umbrellas.

Both Berrykin Bruce and Raspberry speak with Strawberry. She suddenly gets an idea, stating that sometimes ideas that don't make sense end up making sense in another way. She then suggest that they should just combine the ideas. It's then Berrykin Bruce then suggest that so that the models don't get wet they can use umbrellas in order to keep the fashions dry also. So the girls practice with umbrellas as Berrykin Bruce practices with the water.

Later, Lemon is busy painting the sails for the upcoming Regatta. Meanwhile at the Mechanics, they inform to Berrykin Bruce that they fixed up the object that would help improve work at the berryworks. He suddenly asks his helpers if they have any ideas on how to make his water show more impressive, considering the fact he's a bit worried that nobody will pay attention to it with Raspberry's fashion show in front. So during the evening they sneak back and adjust the fountain to apply more pressure. They leave, not noticing that something hit their machine, causing water to shoot out.

Blueberry continues on with her story, telling the berrykins how the weather continued getting colder and colder, and the wind kept blowing.

Pupcake slips to see the ground has become frozen that next morning! Strawberry does the same, along with the other girls as they notice the frozen statue there suddenly. After they all
On Ice4

Everyone is upset

slip, they note how cold it is as the Berrykins come by. At Strawberry's Cafe, she has made them some warm drinks and everybody sits down. Everybody is a bit upset now, considering the fact that now winter is coming back.

It's then, Earl gets an idea. But the other two try to make him tell them his idea and eventually he agrees to it and admits what his idea was, after Strawberry and Raspberry manage to convince him. So he hesitantly tells them his idea. On the ice, they could have a winter, ice-skating fashion show. And they could also put the frozen fountain on the ice, like a center piece. Raspberry likes this idea, along with Berrykin Bruce.

They then try to figure out what they can do about the Regatta. They can't sail their boats on the ice until Earl mentions that if
On Ice5

"What a great idea, Earl!"

they can borrow some Icy Skites then they can sail then. So later, the girls sail on the boats while modeling their winter themed dresses.

Blueberry finishes her story shortly as the episode ends while panning outside to reveal the wintery evening.


  • (Berrykin Bruce got entangled in the paper decorations that the girls hung above the fountain. Berrykin Earl helps him down)
  • Berrykin Bruce: Thank you! How am I supposed to practice my water show here with all these paper decorations?!
  • Berrykin Earl: Oh, maybe we can put umbrellas over them!


  • Strawberry: Sometimes, the ideas that don't seem like they make very much sense - end up making sense more than you think.



It is preferable to listen to any advice, even one suggested by the most timid and shy person in the group.


  • When Raspberry and Berrykin Bruce discuss the "surprise", someone exclaims "what surprise?!" before the commercial break. The voice sounds like Lemon, but Lemon is not there, just Cherry, Plum, and Orange.
  • The first appearance of Berrykin Ed and Berrykin Earl in the show.


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