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Novels or Reading

  • The Snow Dance - The berry girls hold a winter dance and since Plum is the best dancer she will lead it. But the day before the performance she gets hurt! Will the others still be able to put on a show?
  • We Love You, Strawberry Shortcake - Since Strawberry always does sweet things for her friends they all want to do something sweet for her. But all Orange has to offer is a hug, will it be a good present?
  • Ballet School - Strawberry and her friends all take ballet lessons but what's Lemon to do when she gets upset because she can't perform as well?
  • A Fresh-n-Fruity spring - Orange Blossom is put in charge of delivering First Day of Spring Bouquets all over Berry Bitty City and she stubbornly refuses any help.
  • A Picnic Adventure - The berry girls get lost while doing on a nature hike!
  • The Butterfly Ride - The girls spice things up by taking a butterfly ride out of Berry Bitty City but Orange has so much fun she doesn't want to go back. Will Strawberry be able to convince her friend to come home?
  • Best Friends Forever - Readers meet Strawberry's berry best friends and discover all the fruitastic things they like to do together, like having picnics, dressing up, practicing ballet, and more.
  • School Friends - The girls play school with the Berrykins and all of them have a subject to each except Raspberry!
  • My First Sleepover - All the berry girls plan to have a slumber party but Raspberry has never been to one and is very nervous and she refuses to go.
  • Lost and Found - Based on the episode of the same name, Pupcake and Custard go missing!
  • Meet Cherry Jam - Cherry Jam is a popstar from Berry Big City looking for real friends. Has she come to the right place?
  • Berry Bitty Bakers - Strawberry Shortcake and her friends are entering the Berry Bitty City Baking Contest. All the girls work berry hard to make their sweet treats perfect, but Lemon Meringue waits until the last minute to start baking. Will Lemon's recipe be good enough to win?
  • Strawberry Shortcake's Spooky Night - After telling scary stories at a camp out before bed all of the berry girls get scared by the night-time noises.
  • Easter Surprise - Blueberry sets up a special easter basket scavenger hunt!
  • Makeover Madness - Loosely based on the episode "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow", Lemon Meringue decides to get a high-tech beauty gadget to help with her work. But the Salon-o-Matic does all of Lemon's work so quickly that she wonders if her friends still need her. Can Strawberry convince Lemon that friends love you for who you are, not what you do for them?
  • Berry Sweet Friends - Meet Strawberry Shortcake's friends in this colorful, easy to read rhyming book with easy to under tabs.
  • Babysitting Blues - Based on the episode of the same name, Strawberry Shortcake volunteers to watch over a troublesome Baby Berrykin.
  • The Valentine's Day Mix-Up - Strawberry feels left out when she doesn't get a single valentine from her friends on Valentines Day. Did her friends really forget about her?
  • Berry Little Princesses - A special sticker book, Strawberry and her friends pretend to be Princesses for a day.
  • A Berry Bitty Christmas - Based on the episode "Happy First Frost" except instead of Blueberry having present problems its both her and Strawberry.
  • Super Sweet Treasury - A special collection of stories for the Holidays.
  • A Berry Bitty Ballet - The ballet has come to Berry Bitty City, and the berry girls have all been cast. But Strawberry is sad since she was only cast as Cherry's understudy but what happens when Cherry Jam gets sick a few days before the show?
  • Strawberry Shortcake's Costume Party - A special sticker book, All the berry girls dress up for a special costume party!
  • Welcome to Berry Bitty City! - Strawberry gives the readers a tour of Berry Bitty City.
  • Gymnastics Fun - The berry girls learn gymnastics when the Sweet Beats Studio is used for a two-week gymnastics camp, but Plum gets upset when she doesn't perform as well as the others.
  • A Day at the Apple Orchard - The berry girls harvest apples at the orchard in preparation for the Autumn Festival, but Strawberry can't think of anything original to make. Will she be able to come up with something in time?
  • Puppy Love - When Huckleberry Pie's Pup-mobile breaks down near Berry Bitty City, the berry girls offer to watch over the puppies while the pup-mobile gets fixed, and Huck in return lets the girls adopt them.
  • Fun in the Sun - The berry girls relax by spending the day at the beach but find that Lemon is afraid of swimming in the ocean.
  • A Berry Lucky St. Patrick's Day - When Lemon has string of bad luck while preparing for the St. Patrick's Day festivities, the girls plan to help her by planting a four-leaf clover for her to find. Will a four-leaf clover really improve Lemon's luck?
  • A Brand-New Look - Orange needs glasses, but she's worried about how the others will think of her wearing them. Can Strawberry show Orange that friendship is about who you are on the inside, not what you look like on the outside?
  • Camp Berry - The berry girls go to a summer camp run by Mr. Longface and each earn berry patches for activities they are best at, ending with Raspberry getting her patch by helping a baby bird that fell from its nest.
  • Happy New Year - Strawberry is throwing a New Years Eve party at the cafe, but Blueberry is worried she won't be able to stay awake until midnight and that everyone will make fun of her for it.
  • The Butterfly Parade - To celebrate the arrival of spring the berry girls decide to do a butterfly parade, but Raspberry is so busy with everyone else's costumes she doesn't have time to make one for herself. Will she still be able to participate?
  • Show-and-Tell - It's show and tell day at the berrykin school and one of little berrykins doesn't know what to bring. Can Strawberry and the girls help her come up with something?


Keep in mind most of the coloring books feature the same images but with few special ones or more/less activities. So instead of purchasing them all unless its very important, just pick whichever theme you would prefer.

  • Fun in the Sun coloring Book - A special beach themed coloring book that comes with 10 pages of beach based pictures, and a total of 100 pages to color.
  • So Very Raspberry! - A coloring book of the girls in adorable outfits and fun activities!
  • Picture Perfect - Fancy gowns and dresses appear in this one!
  • Playin' Pretty - Cherry Jam first appears in this one! Features some new pictures and musical inspired coloring pages.
  • Sweet Style
  • Big Best Book: Friends Are Sweet! - A special coloring book with stickers and crayons.
  • Favorite Book to Color
  • Just Dance!
  • Sweeter all the Time!
  • Berry Fresh
  • Berry Boutique
  • Sweet and Special Days
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Growing Sweeter Through The Years - A special 400 page coloring book!
  • Berry Friendly
  • Sweet Harmony
  • Sweet Music
  • Hooray lets play!
  • Petal Perfect
  • Jump Into Fun!
  • Casual Cuties
  • Plum Pudding
  • Fresh New Style
  • Just Sweet
  • Fruitastic Fun

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