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No Blueberry is an Island
Sad Blue



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Jan 28, 2012

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A Star is Fashioned

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Where the Berry Breeze Blows

"No Blueberry is an Island" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Blueberry thinks Strawberry is planning a tropical getaway and she shares this news with their friends, asking them to keep quiet about it. But when she finds out she misunderstood what Strawberry was doing, she tries to cover it up to avoid disappointing the other girls.

Episode Review

Lemon is busy giving many Ladybugs makeovers and talking with the others. All of the berry girls are chatting with one-another while they do their work or hang out. Orange is busy working in her store while Plum and Cherry are playing music.

Blueberry meanwhile, is carrying a stack of books when she stops to think she was hearing Strawberry say something and out of excitement she drops them. She panics when Strawberry comes outside to ask if she is okay, and Blueberry quickly runs off to Raspberry's boutique. Raspberry asks Blueberry why she is looking through Swimsuits when summer is almost over and asks if she is planning a swim party - but Blueberry quickly deflates the idea and claims not to have any need for one. Raspberry asks her to lend a hand while she prepares her fall fashions, and in the middle of this, Blueberry reveals what she heard to Raspberry after making her promise to not tell anyone.

The girls go to Lemon's Salon to ask for summer colors and over time, word spreads to everybody and they decide to hold a meeting. Blueberry tells the others they should pretend to be surprised when suddenly the other girls make a surprised, or shocked expression. She doesn't really understand until turning to see Strawberry standing there, who came to speak to Orange. She wanted to request some snorkeling equipment, and after she takes off, Cherry comments that she never learned how to snorkel before, so the others offer to help her.

Meanwhile at Strawberry's, its revealed she wore the snorkel equipment in order to chop onions due to them often making her cry.

That following evening the girls decide to spy on Strawberry and they see her ironing a tablecloth.

The next morning, Blueberry decides to practice her surfing skills when she suddenly hears Strawberry outside approaching. She hides everything as to avoid suspicion and pretends to have been sitting when Strawberry brings up something she had to do and was wondering if Blueberry could help her. She reveals she was writing something to enter in the Magazine, and she has gone over it so many times she would like an opinion - since Blueberry is the best person for the job. She was hoping to have some help answering some questions, then takes off; unknowingly leaving behind an upset Blueberry.

Later Blueberry tries to tell the others about her mistake when she sees them trying on their new beach, summer oriented outfits that Raspberry has made for all of them. She comes close until seeing how sad and confused they seem, so she accidentally makes a mistake in her wording - causing the entire plan to get out of control. They are led to believe the trip is still on and she tries to talk them out of it to reconsider, but when she sees them get saddened again she is quick to apologize and run off.

Back at Blueberry Books, Blueberry feels very horrible for the entire mess she's made and upon seeing Bosley Bookworm, she explains everything from the misunderstanding, to the lies she's had to tell to the others in hopes of keeping them happy but not letting them entirely down. Before saying anymore she hears a strange sound and goes outside to see the girls Pogo-sticks. They want to practice jumping for the upcoming trip in order to reach super tall items.

Orange suggests that Blueberry practices also, and Blueberry tries to tell them the truth again but its no use and she makes up another lie, this time claiming that Strawberry had to cancel the trip because of a big blue jay related problem. She also convinces them that the trip over to the island is very awful but this makes the other girls feel worse.

Later on, Bosley suggests that Blueberry just tells them the truth before this whole thing spirals out of control. However, Blueberry thinks she does not need to tell them the truth since they gave up, but she begins to hear another sound and looks outside to find them now practicing something resembling sky diving. They also make Blueberry try despite her protests.

As they load Blueberry into the device they built she once again tries to tell them the truth but struggles to before they fling her off into the distance! Blueberry accidentally lands on the top of a flower and tells them to just give up in trying to rescue her, then to herself she feels that she does not to deserve to be rescued given what she's
Blue Jay Flap
did. It's then she sees her friends flying on the birds and they quickly rescue her while telling her they would never give up on her, no matter what.

It's then Strawberry shows up and questions all of the blue jays but the girls are quick to lie about it. But Blueberry does decide to be truthful about everything now and she confesses to Strawberry how she overheard her a day or so ago and thought the essay was really a trip Strawberry had been planning for all of them. She continues on to say how she told the other girls and kept making things worse every time she saw how upset they got.

Blueberry then honestly tells all of the girls the truth as well and sees how sad they have all become when Strawberry points out that other then the blue jays, everything the girls did is what could be put into her essay and she asks them to write it with her.

So they work together while Strawberry wonders if maybe she should give up, since it lacks anything special or unique. She finds that the other girls have fallen asleep by now, and Blueberry attempts to lend a hand. She recalls how the girls sang together when they came to her rescue earlier and they decide to make the essay a song entry instead.

At Strawberry's Cafe the girls proceed to sing the song and they record it to send it in.

A bit later, someone reveals they won the first prize; a trip to an Island Resort.


  • Blueberry: (after crashing) I'm OK.... mostly...


  • Cherry: We'll take this flying thing a step at a time Blueberry, we want you to start small and work to complete free-fall!
  • (Blueberry lands on a flower)
  • Blueberry: HEEEEEEEEELP!
  • Lemon: WHAT DO WE DO?
  • Raspberry: I DON'T KNOW!
  • Plum: Think of something!


  • Strawberry: Thanks for not giving up Blueberry.
  • Blueberry: Well... I had some inspiration...


  • Blueberry: I really gotten myself into a pickle.
  • Bosley Bookworm: You're... inside a pickle?



  • Blueberry learns two harsh lessons about lying and eavesdropping:
    • First, she should have spoken to Strawberry before rushing to judgment to avoid upsetting their friends.
    • Then, she could have avoided the mess she created had she just confessed to her friends on the spot.
  • The Berry girls showed that obstacles - real or imaginary - can be overcome, with some creative thinking.


  • This is the first:
    • Blueberry's episode of season
    • Episode of the new year
    • Bosley's speaking appearance in season 2.
    • Episode in which the girls perform the song "Sunshine Girls".
  • This is the second and last episode whose title includes Blueberry's name, following "Where oh Where has my Blueberry Gone?" (unless "A Basket of Blue Berries" also counts).
  • The title is a pun on the proverb "no man is an island".


  • When jumping on a Pogo-Stick, the helmet Blueberry wears has hearts on it like the other girls' helmets. The helmet she puts on later on lacks the heart design.
  • Blueberry carries a stack of fourteen books at the beginning, and drops them all on the ground. She picks four, and drops at least two while running away from Strawberry's Café. If you look closely, by the time Blueberry reaches the bridge, there are seven books between the bridge and the point where she originally dropped the whole stack - although she did not pick that much. Also, the combined number of the books in the two stacks and those Blueberry carries is less than fourteen.
  • All of the Bluejays the girls rode on had their wings flap in sync, except for Orange's.

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