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Nice as Nails
Lemon nails



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Nov 9, 2010

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Glimmerberry Ball

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"Nice as Nails" is an episode of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.


Initially everyone loves Lemon's brand new nail creation - but soon they grow tired of it. They don't, however, have the heart to tell her the truth.

Episode Review

One day, Lemon suddenly bursts out of her salon and runs all over town proclaiming she's finally done something amazing. She tells the girls to come by her Salon whenever they get the chance, and once they are all gathered she shows them her new sparkly, bejeweled, musical manicure she has made. She calls it a "Glamicure" and wishes for them all to get one too. The girls are very excited and express their admiration of the nails, then after she gives them to each girl she runs around town to see how they are doing.

At first the girls are having a lot of fun. But eventually they begin to struggle and cause problems.

Strawberry accidentally ruins Mr. Longface's concert when she moves her hands, causing the music to play over his own. Then later, as she bakes she follows the beat of her nails and accidentally puts in too much vanilla.

The other berry girls (other than Lemon) also have
Plum swimming
problems as well. The manicures are too noisy, too bright, too distracting, and can't be washed away because they're waterproof. Blueberry suggests that they just tell Lemon that they don't like the Glamicure. But they're worried she will be unhappy, and maybe even leave if they tell her the truth. They also believe that Strawberry would just put up with it, because she's too polite. 

So for now, the girls decide to just grin and bear it.

As time goes by, Lemon begins to worry that she's purposely being avoided by the others, considering they're not showing up at the Salon, or to the picnic she was going to hold that day. She goes to Strawberry, who she finds pruning plants by the Gazebo. Strawberry suggests that even if Lemon is afraid of the answer, she should go and ask them about it anyway. But in the end, Lemon can't find the courage to do this and asks Strawberry to come on a picnic with her first.

In the nearby bush, Raspberry and Orange are hiding as they witness this scene and praise Strawberry for being brave enough to endure the Glamicure with Lemon during a picnic.

As the picnic finishes, Lemon is a bit nervous and Strawberry agrees to come with her for support. First they go to Orange Mart, and Orange begins to blame her business as to why she couldn't come to the picnic. It sounds reasonable at first but then Lemon hears the same story from every girl. She feels satisfied but she also thinks that something is a bit wrong. It seems that Strawberry knows the truth but she decides to just keep quiet to let everyone figure out what to do.

She calls a meeting at the Cafe and the girls are shocked to see her without the Glamicure. They ask how she rid of it and Strawberry reveals that she just honestly told Lemon that the Glamicure was causing her problems. It wasn't working out, so Lemon removed it. The others, surprised that Lemon wasn't upset or angry about this are soon told that Strawberry thinks being a good friend means having to be able to give and take constructive criticism.

The girls realize that by trying to avoid Lemon, they only hurt her feelings. Strawberry suggests they go to Lemon and confess the truth and the girls agree, so they head right over. They hesitate a little until Strawberry lends a hand. The girls confess their true feelings and ask Lemon to remove the Glamicure, but to their surprise, she agrees within seconds and gets to work. She only asks why they didn't tell her the truth sooner and she tries to think up some improvements she can make to the Glamicure. She asks her friends for some opinions and advice and the girls all begin to suggest various ideas, but they all agree on one: add an On/Off Switch.


The Berry girls learn that sometimes honesty is the best policy, as long as they give their true opinions. It may hurt the person, but it will be for the better. They shouldn't have to force themselves to be happy.


  • Raspberry: That's the most incredible manicure ever!
  • Lemon: But, there's more... (giggles after music plays) ...THEY'RE MUSICAL!


  • (all the girls make the Glamicure play the music. Lemon cannot stand the noise)
  • Lemon: (covers her ears) Stop it! Stop it! STOP!



  • Glamicure is a mixture of two words: Manicure and Glam.
  • Out of all the girls, Plum and Strawberry seemed to have the most trouble with their Glamicure.
  • Postmaster Bumblebee and Kadiebug and Sadiebug have cameos in this episode.
  • The only episode is which Mr. Longface plays music.


  • As Orange moved her hand at the swimming area with Plum, her nails didn't make noise when they should have.
  • Lemon painted her nails green, although yellow is her theme color. All the other girls had their nails painted with their own theme colors.

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