Moody Hair

Moody Hair extension created by Lemon.

The Moody Hair is a cute little braid made by Lemon Meringue and Raspberry Torte in "High Tech Drama". It is blonde in colour and attached to a glittering bow. They also had fruit that matched to certain girl. They replaced moody nails because Lemon thought they weren't visible enough on the webcast.

At the beginning it, was Strawberry who was supposed to wear it. However, she told Lemon that the Grapes twins would be better candidates to wear them. But due to twins' storm of emotions, they came to life and caused chaos in the whole town. But they had a weakness for hats for puppies that Raspberry made, so Apple used them as a bait. Thanks to everyone's efforts, they were captured and Lemon locked them in a drawer. Unfortunately, the Moody Hair somehow managed to escape. At the end of the episode it turned out that Berrykins used them as horses in a horseracing.


Some colours that Moody Hair showed:

  • Purple - the initial color, before the twins got moody.
  • Multi-colors - for a moment, when Sweet first expressed her admiration of the Moody Hair.
  • Green - This colour showed up on Sour's head when she was envious of her sister's hairstyle and told Strawberry that Sweet's hair looked better than hers (Strawberry noted that Sour's hair was green with envy).
  • Red - This colour showed up on both the twins' heads when they were angry about something. On Sweet's head when she got angry because of Sour's behavior and she claimed that she never lied, and on Sour's head when she found out that there wasn't any flour inside Orange Mart (the Moody Hair also emitted steam).
  • Pink - This colour showed up on Sweet's head when she was a little ashamed for acting angrily (Orange noted that Sweet's hair was blushing).
  • Yellow - This colour showed up on Sour's head when she mocked her sister about being angry (also Moody Hair danced with joy).


  • The Moody Hair has some similarities with Apple's Groove Booties from "The Berry Bitty Dance Disaster":
    • They are made of Sparkleberry juice and electricity.
    • They soon become independent and get out of control.
    • They cause a lot of mayhem and havoc.
    • They are very naughty!


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